Best Electric Tillers 2021


Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch


Soft ergonomic grip handles

Powerful 8.5-Amp motor

4 durable steel tines

Lightweight and portable design

Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch


Cultivate up to 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep

Six angled steel tines provide durability and performance

The foldable handle makes storage a cinch

Sun Joe Electric Tiller 14-inch 6.5-Amp


Powerful 6.5-Amp motor

4 steel tilling blades

14-inch cutting width

Rugged and durable construction

Greenworks 10-inch 8-Amp Corded Tiller


80-Amp powerful motor

Adjustable tilling depth

4 8-inch forward rotating tines

Two rear wheels

Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Cultivator


29cc 4-cycle engine

Foldable handle design

6 premium steel tines

Spring Assist jumpstart technology

WEN TC0714 7 Amp 14.2-Inch Electric Tiller and Cultivator


The powerful 7-amp motor generates up to 380 rotations per minute

Four reinforced steel tines boast a total of 16 blades for easy cultivation

Features two removable 5-5/8-inch wheels for easy transportation and storage

Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller


3 working speeds

540W motor

Two ergonomic handles

9-inches cutting width

BLACK+DECKER LGC120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Garden Cultivator/Tiller


Tilling Width: 7 inches

Tilling Depth: 4 inches

Weight: 11.73 pounds

Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

Earthquake 20015 Versa FTT


Smooth pull recoil

Tool-less removal

Two large wheels

Ergonomic handles

TAZZ Viper Mini Cultivator


Powerful 33cc engine

A 2-cycle mini cultivator

Scope of application

Premium quality durable built


Are you a gardener in search of a good electric tiller? This guide is the right place to be. This guide is aimed at showing the best electric tillers. As you read through, take note of the main points.

A tiller is an ideal tool for aerating your lawn. You have gas-powered, electric, and battery-powered models ready to ensure your grass gets the water, air, and nutrients it needs to stay green and luscious throughout the entire growing season.

The electric tillers have been highly recommended because they are equipped with powerful motors and batteries for longer runtime. Apart from this, the electric tillers also feature steel tines, which make them till deeper and wider.

They have ergonomic easy-grip handles, which makes them ideal for convenient and reliable services. Furthermore, they have lightweight designs or wheels for easy maneuverability.

Uses for Electric Tillers

  • Breaking Ground: An electric tiller can tear up last year’s garden and add mulch, and can also plow through hard soil that has not been previously broken when starting new projects from scratch.
  • Tending: Existing gardens require ongoing attention. Electric tillers can turn the top levels of the soil to ensure all of the nutrients are reaching the roots of your plants.
  • Weeding: Maintaining a garden clear of unwanted plants is key to productive, healthy growth. The small compact build of electric tillers allows them to get in between rows and pull out the undesirable vegetation.
  • Composting: One of the best ways to create hearty fertilizer and healthier soil is by using your electric tiller to turn your compost heap as it decomposes. An electric tiller can redistribute heat, worms, and activators throughout your pile as it breaks down.


Number of Tines

Electric tillers are created with two, four, or six tines. Tines dig into the ground and help prepare it.

The quality and number of tines equipped with the machine will greatly determine how efficient it can till. You, therefore, need to check out for a powerful machine that has about 4-6 steel tines.

Such a tiller delivers the great tilling experience needed when tilling. You can also use such machines on different terrains for reliable and convenient services.

Cord Lock 

It might not seem important when shopping, but consider how annoying it is when your vacuum comes unplugged at home. Electric tillers can allow gardeners to walk up to 100 feet away from the electrical outlet. If the cord comes unplugged often, you’ll spend a great deal of time walking back and forth to plug it back in. A cord lock eliminates this problem.


Does the tiller you’re considering have wheels? Wheels make tilling a whole lot easier. Just having wheels shouldn’t be enough to satisfy shoppers. Take a look at reviews and make note of any that mention the wheels. What do users have to say about the wheels? Are they sturdy? Do they come loose? Fall off?

Rotational Speed

The rotational speed is measured in RPMs. Ideally, gardeners looking to till their yard or garden will want an electric tiller with RPMs of about 180 RPMs to 200 RPMs.

Variable Speed

If you need to till deeply sometimes and lightly other times, you’ll want an electric tiller with variable speeds. Variable speed options allow the user to control how hard and deep a tiller can go.

Battery Life

With the cordless types of tillers, you need to ensure that it comes with a powerful battery for long runtime. The battery life will determine how long you can use the machine when tilling. You, therefore, need to consider machines with 1500mAh and above lithium-ion types of batteries. Such will offer up to 4 hours of runtime.

Your Budget

Your budget is also a defining factor when purchasing your garden tiller. While a tiller is by no means an expensive machine, they vary in price from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, it’s important to note that price should not always be your deciding factor.

Cheaper models other than the ones listed in this review are available for purchase. However, many of them feature design and construction with inferior components, reducing the service life of the machine.

Choose the best tiller you can afford with your budget. This review has a machine that’s suitable for every price point and any gardening budget.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Always ensure that any machine you buy comes with a manufacturer’s warranty to cover any unforeseen faults or breakdowns that aren’t your fault. Standard manufacturer’s warranties on garden tillers are typically 2 to 3-years.


Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch


Designed for small to medium lawns, the Earthwise TC70001 can cut through weeds and dig up the soil, even clay with absolute use. With the top 8.5 amp motor coupled with a deep 8’ range, these cultivators’ sharp tines are adjustable, providing a tilling depth of 11-16 inches. Finally, they’ve paired it with a corded design for max runtime.

Needless to say, the performance is truly spectacular here. On light soil, the tilling experience was excellent. It was speedy, the torque was good & controlling it was a breeze.

  • Adjustable tines for custom, effective tilling action
  • No side shielding
  • Easy push start for max convenience
  • Not suitable for harder, brittle soil surfaces
  • Lightweight, and easy to control
  • Electric, corded design

Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch


With a powerful 13.5 amp motor with 370 RPM’s, the best garden tiller doesn’t just till the ground; it pulverizes it! Equipped with a digging range of 8’ deep and 16’ wide, the tool works great to cultivate almost all soil types, from soft to super brittle.

In fact, it’s also quite capable as a good weed cutter & a soil aerator – thanks to the six tough, razor-sharp tines. The handles are quite grippy & overall, handles like a dream.

Easy to control, the 3-level, height-adjustable rear wheels make it highly easy to maneuver wherever it’s needed – and its collapsible handle makes it a cinch to store when it’s not. You get a 2- year warranty too with it.

  • 6 Durable, long-lasting steel tines for maximum reliability
  • At times, it can be quite jumpy
  • Triple adjustable wheels for easy handling
  • Single-speed
  • Sleek, modern, lightweight
  • 2-year warranty

Sun Joe Electric Tiller 14-inch 6.5-Amp


Here is a powerful and efficient tiller that has been equipped with a 6.5-Amp motor to deliver quality services. With this, it offers the superior tilling experience needed. It has a tilling width of 14-inches wide, which ensures that it perfectly tills larger space at once. Additionally, the machine can till up to 7-inches deep.

Featuring 4-steel tilling blades, the tool assures maximum performance and durability. They are rust-resistant plus doesn’t need constant sharpening. The rugged construction of the tool also ensures that it serves longer just as expected.

  • Delivers maximum performance and durability
  • Relatively heavier
  • Easy to maintain
  • Powerful and superior

Greenworks 10-inch 8-Amp Corded Tiller


When you need to till like a professional, this is a classic tiller that has been equipped with adjustable tilling width. You can adjust the width from 8.25 – 10-inches for a quick and convenient tilling. Secondly, the machine features two easy-grip ergonomic handles, which assures easy control. It has a powerful 8-Amp motor that brings about a reliable and efficient tilling experience. With the easy start, it does away with the need for mixing gas or managing the recoil cords.

Since it has foldable handles, the tool is easy to store and transport to any place. The two rear wheels make it moves easily on all surfaces for convenient tilling.

  • Delivers an excellent tilling experience
  • Annoying cord
  • Simple and convenient to store
  • Easily moves on all surfaces

Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Cultivator


When you need a durable cultivator that will serve you for years, then it is necessary to look out for the construction. This is a highly durable tools thanks to the rugged built with up to six premium steel tines. This explains why it is rust and corrosion-resistant. It starts easily without having to pull a cord as it utilizes the SpringAssist Jumpstart technology.

Designed with two wheels, the machine easily maneuvers on all surfaces. This makes it a convenient tool that you can use in the garden or larger lands. It has a foldable design to allow for convenient storage of the machine when not in use. Lastly, it is equipped with 29cc 4-cycle engines for superior tilling.

  • Delivers superior services
  • Doesn’t run for long
  • Convenient to store
  • Easily adjustable

WEN TC0714 7 Amp 14.2-Inch Electric Tiller and Cultivator


The WEN TC0714 Electric Tiller features a 7 Amp motor that rotates its four steel tines up to 380 times per minute to break up and turn over your soil. This little cultivator is capable of tilling 14.2 inches wide and 8.7 inches deep. The dual handle system helps maximize control during navigation and turns.

The 5-5/8-inch wheels can be used to roll the machine where you want but this tiller is light enough to simply be carried. The wheels are removable to allow the tines to dig deeper. Overload protection automatically stops the motor during contact with hard rocks, concrete, and other immovable objects, preventing damage to the tiller and the blades.

  • Clean electrical power keeps going as long as you plugged in
  • Meant for maintenance work, not breaking up hard ground
  • Great for use in between plants and vegetable rows
  • 7 Amp motor rotates tines at 380 RPM

Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller


This multi-use machine offers the gardener a tiller, cultivator, and weeder, all in one unit.

Mantis has one of the best ranges of garden power tools, and this tiller is no exception. This electric tiller features a 540-watt motor that provides the machine with plenty of power to the 9-inch cu8tting width.

While the cutting width might seem somewhat short for this powerful model, it can drive the steel tines into the ground at depths of 10-inches. The active design of the tines makes them self-sharpening, allowing for a long service life of the tines.

The adjustable cutting depth goes as low as 3-inches for those more sensitive areas of your lawn that may have sunken electrical or water lines in the ground.

  • Ideal for smaller gardens and lawns
  • Corded operation
  • Triple-operating speed functionality
  • Electric operation
  • Affordable

BLACK+DECKER LGC120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Garden Cultivator/Tiller


The Black+Decker LCG120AM 20V MAX Cordless Tiller is an extra lightweight model that’s perfect for weeding in between vegetable rows, mixing amendments into the soil, and other small gardening jobs that would usually require you to be on hands and knees with a hand tool.

The dual tines and rugged transmission break up soil and can grind up weeds easily. This cultivator is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery, with a decent runtime and charge retention with the ability to cultivate up to 325 square feet per charge. Keep in mind that while Black+Decker calls this tool a tiller, it’s actually a cultivator so while it’s really good at what it’s intended for, it’s sort of like picking up a cordless string trimmer and expecting it to mow your lawn efficiently.

  • Long-lasting 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery (covers up to 325 square feet per charge)
  • Limited tilling depth, at only 4 inches
  • Compatible with other Black + Decker cordless lawn tools
  • Lightweight, at 11.73 pounds
  • Easy to assemble

Earthquake 20015 Versa FTT


This is a powerful convenient machine that operates quietly and easy to start. This is because it features a smooth pull recoil for an easy start. Moreover, it also suits a wide range of activities like the removal of the outer tines and also shielding turns versa from a tiller. With the two wheels, it easily maneuvers on all surfaces for convenient tilling.

It is a very stable and sturdy machine thanks to the lowest center of gravity. The blades have been designed from quality steel material and, therefore, rust and corrosion-resistant for long-term use.

  • Ideal for long-term service
  • The tine bolts may not last
  • Widely applicable machine
  • It is very convenient and stable

TAZZ Viper Mini Cultivator


This is another powerful and efficient mini cultivator that you can use for easy tilling. The product is very powerful and with a 33cc engine, this product is a fine option that will handle all the cultivation tasks. To add more, it has on-board wheels for smooth and effortless movement on every ground. The product has a lightweight design, which makes it simpler to push when cultivating.

The cultivator is also simpler and easier to control and with the powder-coated finish, it is a piece that will withstand prolonged use. Again, it is simpler and safe to use this a pick to try out.

  • Offers smooth effortless movement
  • Too expensive
  • Easy and simpler to use
  • Available in most styles


These are the best garden tillers in the market if you’re looking for a garden cultivator. And much as the decision ultimately lies with you, you’ll want to consider purchasing an electric garden tiller that will deliver excellent results within the shortest time. The best garden tiller has a powerful motor and additionally features unique tines that will handle even the toughest gardening job. Aside from these features, consider purchasing an electric tiller that is affordable and meets your individual needs.