Best Fencing Pliers of 2022


IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Fencing Pliers


Constructed from durable nickel chromium steel.

Machined jaws for maximum gripping strength.

Anti-pinch, non-slip ProTouch Grips provide comfort, control, and less hand fatigue.

Channellock Fence Tool Plier


Multi-function wire stretcher, splicers, and 2 cutters

Staple feature staple starter and puller

Channellock blue grips for comfort

DEWALT DWHT70273 Fencing Pliers by Jensen


Used for Handtools & Tool Organizers, Pliers & Cutters

The product is manufactured in Switzerland

Extremely durable

Can easily bend wires

TEKTON 34541 10-1/2-Inch Fencing Pliers


Features slim and nonslip handles for extra comfort and ease of use

Comes with powerful shear-type wire cutters that easily snip braided and heavy-duty wires

Seven tools in one including a hammer, staple starter, staple claw, crimpers, wire cutters, and gripping jaws

Crescent 10″ Heavy-Duty Solid Joint Fence Pliers


Comes with comfortable non-slip knurled grip handles

The tool also features two staple grips on the nose for extra versatility

The head is polished to offer that sleek and modern look

Allied Tools 30576 10-Inch Fence Pliers


Features a sleek design with a polished head and unique green handles

You get a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer

Comfortable cushioned grips for ease of use

Sturdy construction for longevity

Malco Products FP2 10 Inch Fencing Pliers


High-Leverage 10-Inch Length

Durable Hardened Steel Construction

Textured Handles For Sure Control

Compact Rounded Nose

Maasdam 8090 Round Nose Fence Pliers


Resistant to extreme temperature changes


Fencing Plier 260mm



Soft-touch handle grip

Carbon-steel body

Bates- Pliers


Minimizes rust-formation

Plastic covering prevents heat-buildup

Has more grip


Have you struggled with putting up a wired fence in your garden? It must have been difficult because you did not have the right tools for that job. A fencing plier is just the tool you needed for the job, and that difficult task would’ve been so easy.

In this guide, we would be reviewing the best fencing pliers. This is a must-have tool for all DIY gardeners. You should read through this guide to find out what to look out for in a fence plier.

A fencing pliers feature a wire cutter, hammer, and staple puller. The wire cutter section is used for cutting fencing wire whereas the hammer section is used for driving fencing staples into the fencing logs.

On the other hand, the staple puller is used for removing staples.

With a fencing plier and screwdriver set, fixing little things at home like door sweeps and coat racks is made easy.



Good performance is the obvious expectation of every user. Nowadays, fencing pliers are used for multiple functions. For instance, they come with a circular hammer, can be used to put in nails, cut wires, etc.

You must know what you want from ten too? Should it cut wires effortlessly? Would it be fine if it removes staples easily but consumes time in cutting the wire?

The ideal case is that you find all functions in one tool and enjoy all the benefits from the same fence pliers.

Comfort & Ease

Without comfort and ease, a tool losses its value no matter how expensive or advanced it is. That’s why always focus on this factor and opt for the right tools that feel comfortable and easy to hold. It shouldn’t be too heavy so your hand never feels any fatigue and you can work easily for long hours.

The handles of fencing pliers play an important role in making it comfortable. Good companies design sleek handles which are easy to hold and they cover the handles with non-slip rubber so it never slides off during work.

The best way to check the comfort level is to personally examine the comfort of tools while holding them in hands. However, in this pandemic, when visiting shops personally isn’t possible and online shopping seems the best option, you can rely on the customers’ reviews.

Durability & Endurance

Suppose you buy an expensive tool that also works well but gets damaged after a couple of projects. Would you repurchase the same tool? I am sure your answer would be “NEGATIVE”!

The durability of a tool depends on several factors but mainly on the material used in the manufacturing process. Fencing installation and repair are tough jobs that include the cutting of hard wires. Only a strong build can withstand high pressure and work effectively without bending.

Prefer steel-based pliers as they last for many years and never break down under extreme pressure. Fencing pliers are made of steel. They are also rust-resistant as come with anti-rust coating. The anti-rust feature prevents corrosion and prolongs the durability of the tool by maintaining the original quality.

Choose the tools which are made of sturdy steel and handles are covered with rubber. So, the product lasts for a long time.


Handymen don’t have time for tools’ cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning tools after a couple of days and after a week isn’t an easy task. To prevent this headache, opt for the best fencing pliers which require minimum to no maintenance.

Such tools are easy to keep and easy to use. Don’t forget to check the description or ask the dealer about the maintenance so you don’t have to regret it later.


Fencing pliers are not very costly but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to consider the price. The best way to buy the right tool is by making a list of two to three products that give you the expected functions and features.

Compare the prices of every tool and then buy the one which seems the best. However, spending a few extra bucks on a quality product can prove a wise decision in the long run.

Cutting the Wires

Fencing wires are made of heavy gauge metal to ensure durability and strength. Fencing pliers are very useful in cutting these wires. These wires are of different sizes so they also need different levels of pressure.

To cut a fencing wire, you simply have to place it between the wire cutters which are present at the sides of the pliers. Press gently and the wire would be cut instantly. Always hold the wire gently and apply pressure on the handles of the pliers to cut it off easily.


IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Fencing Pliers


It features a grooved hammerhead that you can use to pound nails and staples into timber logs when fencing. The opposite side of the hammer features a sharp claw end that can be used for pulling out staples or nails from fence posts. The claw end is sturdy enough to pull out even the toughest nails.

The pliers boast of having grips with exclusive ProTouch technology for comfortable handling. Thus, you’ll find it easier and more comfortable to hold the pliers in your hands. Furthermore, you can hold the tool for extended periods without your hands feeling fatigued.

Another feature that these pliers have to boast about is their 1.25 inches jaw capacity. These jaws are ideal for cutting extremely thick and tough fencing wire. The jaws are designed in such a way that they grip fencing wire with maximum strength.

  • Offers a non-slip and anti-pinch grip
  • A little challenging to grab staples with the pinching tip
  • Features an ergonomic handle design
  • Ideal for use on both wooden and metallic posts

Channellock Fence Tool Plier


These Channellock fence pliers come with all the key features needed to install or maintain wire fencing.

To start with, these fence pliers measures 10 ½ inches long. It’s designed with a curved grip that allows for maximum pressure when gripping wire fencing. Besides, the handles that come with the pliers are well-designed for enhanced leverage and comfort when working the pliers.

The pliers come with two differently sized cutters. You can easily cut high tensile fencing wire with the cutters. Furthermore, you can take advantage of their different sizes to cut both thinner and thicker fencing wire. To add to that, the cutting shears are specially treated with laser heat to make them effective for a longer period.

Another great feature that comes with these pliers is their wire stretcher. You can easily use it to stretch fencing wire during fence installation or maintenance.

  • Top-quality design and strongly built
  • The inside jaws are a little too wide
  • Comes with an effective wire splicer
  • Extremely versatile

DEWALT DWHT70273 Fencing Pliers by Jensen


This steel alloy is extremely strong such that it’s able to handle strong fence wires with ease. Besides, the alloy is durable and won’t wear out any time soon.

The handle features a bi-material cushioning that makes it extremely comfortable to use the tool, even when handling the toughest fencing wire and staples. Besides, the handle cushioning allows for a strong grip such that you’ll easily apply maximum pressure when gripping staples or cutting fence wire.

Another feature that these pliers have to boast about is their staple puller and starter. You can use it to hold staples or pull them as needed. It’s able to grip staples tightly for easier removal. Its two wire cutters are ideal for cutting fencing wire of different sizes.

Additionally, the pliers serve as a wire splicer and stretcher. It’s able to splice even high-tensile fencing wire with ease for your convenience.

  • Solidly built
  • The gripper between the handles is a little too wide
  • Multi-function design
  • Comes with a reliable hammer face

TEKTON 34541 10-1/2-Inch Fencing Pliers


The TEKTON 34541 is a multipurpose fence installation tool that features some amazing specs. First, the tool is extremely versatile. It can perform a total of seven different functions.

The plier also features strong shear-type wire cutters that can snip even heavy gauge wires in a second. The TEKTON 34541 also feels very comfortable to hold thanks to the slim non-slip handles.

The plier is constructed using heavily strong chrome vanadium steel. It will deliver excellent service for a long time, giving excellent value for money. The TEKTON 34541 is also one of the more affordable pliers on the market. It is designed for someone looking for a cheap plier that still offers some of the features you get on higher-end brands.

  • Firm and sturdy pivot
  • The staple claw is not pointy enough
  • Slim but strong handle design
  • Features a highly effective staple starter

Crescent 10″ Heavy-Duty Solid Joint Fence Pliers


The Crescent 10″ Pliers is a heavy-duty multi-use tool that will be perfect for any DIY enthusiast. The plier is made using a durable steel alloy. The tool is also strong enough to cut through any type of wire.

It will also last for a long time. The plier also features a sleek polished head and knurled handle grips that feel very comfortable on the hand.  You also get two staple grips on the nose for extra versatility.

The Crescent 10″ Pliers is one of the more affordable tools in the market too and looking at its features, it’s a bargain. The pliers are designed for people looking for a durable and flexible tool.

The plier offers excellent versatility in its multipurpose functionality. You will also love that it’s so easy to use. The tools are also available in red and black handles as well.

  • Resistant to tear, wear, and impact
  • Not ideal for users with small hands
  • Heavy-duty and meticulously designed
  • It’s ideal for both professional and DIY use

Allied Tools 30576 10-Inch Fence Pliers


The Allied Tools 30576 fencing pliers are also some of the more affordable tools you can go for. But don’t let the price fool you, these pliers come packed with some exciting features.

First, the pliers have strong cutting hooks designed to offer precise snips for any type of wire. The tools are also very comfortable to hold and use. The grips are cushioned with a soft non-slipcover and have a curved design that easily grips the hand.

This tool is quite versatile as well. It can be used for all fencing jobs including nailing staples, pulling wires, removing staples from posts, amongst a host of other roles.

  • Greatly sized and very solid
  • No notable issues
  • Versatile design for most fencing needs
  • Its price range is ideal for anyone on a tight budget

Malco Products FP2 10 Inch Fencing Pliers


It’s a Malco FP2 10inch fencing pliers that you can use to twist and bend any fence that you want. Made with hardened steel, it comes with strong textured handles that give you added leverage for working swiftly. Just like the predecessor, it also comes with a rounded nose however, it’s a bit less rounded.

Its 10-inch (254mm) length helps the fencer with heavy fencing wires. Calling it a masterpiece among the rest won’t be wrong at all. This tool comes with three distinct serrated jaws that have different uses. The first one is for gripping, the second jaw is for pulling and the last jaw is for tying the wire. Isn’t it awesome?

  • Durable hardened steel manufacturing
  • The nose is a little squared which makes it a bit hard to tie
  • Tapered nose for tight working areas
  • Textured handle surface

Maasdam 8090 Round Nose Fence Pliers


This Maasdam 8090 power fencing pliers with a round nose, are most definitely, the fencer’s best friend.

Coming in with forged steel construction, the extended nose of this product lends the fencer added swiftness. This set of pliers has found its uses in several areas where the temperature is quite near to the freezing point since severe temperature conditions don’t affect this tool.

Maasdam fencing pliers come with an integrated wire-cutter which lessens the burden of carrying a separate wire-cutter in your tool belt. Well, who needs a separate cutter when you are getting one already!

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Price is a little higher
  • Ease and convenient handling
  • Only deemed perfect for professionals
  • It’s the best round nose fencing pliers

Fencing Plier 260mm


The sharp side is also slightly curved. So, when you try to pull a staple, it will grab on it instead of getting unhooked. The hammer side is also wide enough actually to make a difference and distribute pressure evenly. It does have small edges on the surface, so you have to be mindful of that.

And of course, it has more than one slot to execute any sort of plier work with perfection. Two slots are in the middle of the head, while there is another at the side, which can help in cutting.

It is a comfortable product in the sense that it will not cause any wrist pain. The soft-touch handles also provide extra grip and enable less straining. More grip also means better control over the product.

This plier has a carbon steel head with a smooth finishing. So, the chances of accidentally poking yourself are minimum.

  • The curved hook can easily pull staples
  • The head might deform over time
  • Can perform several tasks
  • Wider hammer surface

Bates- Pliers


It’s another great option that fulfills your most fencing needs. It gives excellent performance and never bends even when excessive pressure is exerted. The head of the tool is made of sturdy steel and works as a multipurpose tool, i.e. use for cutting, splicing, and bending the wire.

Neither it damages easily not it lets weather circumstances corrode its surface. The rust-resistant material protects the tool against all sorts of issues and ensures you get the expected performance whenever you use it. That’s why we call it one of the best tools and recommend it to everyone who wants to install the fence.

  • Well-polished head and sleek design
  • Overpriced
  • Carpenters, handymen, and DIY enthusiasts can rely on it
  • Unsatisfactory performance in cutting wires
  • Equally useful for fence installment, repair, and maintenance
  • Worth buying tool for everyone working with fencing pliers fence


As you see, the best fencing pliers will help you do your job faster and more comfortably. Your fences can be as minimal or decorated, but your hands will always be stress-less. These pliers will also save up on the expense as they will last longer, and you will not have to pick a new one now and then!

These reviews are going to be as informative as the one you just went through; the best speaker stands, tray tables, and butane torches. Read through them with keenness.