Best Hedge Trimmers of 2022


BLACK+DECKER (LHT2220B) Cordless Hedge Trimmer


Trims up to 3,000 sq. ft. in one charge.

Ergonomic grips and low vibration help you go the distance in comfort.

Powerful 20V MAX lithium Ion battery delivers power and run-time for most trimming jobs.

Features a 22-. dual-action blade to ensures less vibration while trimming.

Earthwise CVPH41018


Weight: 7 lbs

Cutting capacity: 3/4 inches

Blade length: 18 inches

Power source: Corded-electric



Dimensions 6 x 31.5 x 7.5 inches

Weight    1 lbs

Cutting capacity 3/4 inches

Blade length 18 inches

Power source Corded-electric

Toro 51490


Cutting capacity: 9/16 inches

Blade length: 22 inches

Power source: Corded-electric

Motor: 4 AMP max

Troy-Bilt CORE TB4400 40V 22-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer Kit


CORE technology features a unique motor design that delivers maximum torque without the need for gas

Cuts through the brush at 3,300 strokes per minute so that you can get the job done fast

40-volt lithium-ion battery system provides great performance and runtime

Backed by a limited lifetime motor warranty

CRAFTSMAN V60 24” Cordless Hedge Trimmer


Part of the V60 Cordless System

Part of the VERSATRACK Wall Organization System

24inches Laser Cut Blades – Dual Action

Power Saw Innovation – Cut up to 1 1/2inches thick branches

Ego Power+ Hedge Trimmer HT2400


The electric motor power rating of 56 volts

Cutting blade size of 24 inches

5-year long warranty

Excellent build quality for peace of mind

Worx Hedge Trimmer WG261


Cutting blade size of 22 inches

3-year long warranty

Great build quality for longevity and reliability

Lightweight construction for ease of use

Black Decker Hedge Trimmer BEHT100


Cutting blade size of 16 inches

2-year long warranty

Decent build quality for the given price

Small and compact form factor

Craftsman Cordless Hedge Trimmer CMCHTS820D1



power saw innovation

quick cuts

maximum maneuverability


Trimming the flowers in the garden has never been an easy task, especially if the garden is large. However, with the invention of a hedge trimmer, this demanding task now is made easy, with less effort, and time.

In this guide we would be reviewing the best hedge trimmers, sit and read through this guide, it’ll be helpful.

A hedge trimmer, shrub trimmer, or bush trimmer is a gardening tool or machine used for trimming (cutting, pruning) hedges or solitary shrubs (bushes). Different designs as well as manual and powered versions of hedge trimmers exist. However, this guide is focused on the powered version.

Hedge trimmers allow you to get your hedges and shrubs looking just right without it taking up too much time or energy. The right hedge trimmer makes the work efficient, safe, and fast.


Hedge trimmers can have one of two power sources: electricity or gas. Your first big decision in choosing a hedge trimmer is which type of power you prefer.


For most home users, electric hedge trimmers will be the best choice. They’re more lightweight and thus easier to use. They’re more affordable. They’re quieter. And they’re easier to start and maintain than gas models.

The main area where electric hedge trimmers fall short is when it comes to power, for especially big or tough trimming jobs, the work will be slower and more difficult than with a gas hedge trimmer.

Electric hedge trimmers come in either corded or cordless options. With a corded hedge trimmer, you’ll have to do deal with extension cords as you work and stay within a set distance from the outlet the whole time, which is inconvenient.

Corded hedge trimmers make the work easier as you can go as far from the outlet as you need, don’t have to trail cords behind you, and can use the trimmer for as long as the battery charge lasts.


If you have a larger yard with big hedges, then a gas hedge trimmer may be worth the buy. They cost more, weigh more, and are harder to use (especially for beginners), but they can take on tougher jobs faster.

If you’ll be using your hedge trimmer for commercial purposes, or if you have hedges that are particularly large, thick, or unruly, then a gas hedge trimmer will make the work easier.


Power Type

While some hedge trimmers out there are corded models; others might be cordless. Due to this, even though all of them are electric, checking the power type is quite important. It ensures that you are getting a hedge trimmer that is suitable for your needs and requirements.

When compared with each other, corded models are generally much cheaper while offering the same levels of performance. But you get tethered by a power cord while using such hedge trimmers.

On the other hand, cordless models allow you to easily use a hedge trimmer on the go without any power cord restrictions. Although these are slightly more expensive, and you have to charge the battery again and again while using a cordless hedge trimmer.

Motor Power

Apart from checking and selecting the correct power type for your hedge trimmer, you should also ensure that it is powerful enough.

Thankfully, this can be done quite easily as all of the hedge trimmers out there mention a power rating. For corded models, this power rating is given in amps as 3 amps or 4 amps.

On the other hand, cordless models have their power rating given as 20 volts or 40 volts. As you would expect, for both of these cases, a higher power rating results in better performance.

But you should also keep in mind that higher power also results in more power consumption that can result in low battery life.

Blade Size

You should also check the blade size of your hedge trimmer to ensure that it is more than enough for your needs. As you would expect, a large blade size allows you to easily cut and trim large bushes at once without any issues.

On the other hand, small and compact blade sizes are ideal for simpler applications. The blade size also affects the overall form factor of a given hedge trimmer.

This is something that you should keep in mind if you are looking for compact and portable models. While some hedge trimmers have a blade size of 16 inches, others might have a blade size of 24 inches. Out of these two, the larger blade size of 24 inches offers better performance.

Unlike hedge trimmers and cordless grass shears, soundproof curtains do not have blades, which is why you shouldn’t consider the blade size when you want to buy them.

Durability and Warranty

After cutting a lot of bushes and shrubs using your hedge trimmer, it can face a lot of wear and tear. In some cases, you might even run into issues with your hedge trimmer over time. Hence, the warranty offered by a hedge trimmer is highly important to get it fixed later on.

Almost all of the hedge trimmers out there come with a 2 year or a 3-year long warranty. But some more reliable and durable options offer a 5-year long warranty to the user that is always great to have.


With hedge trimmers, the main things you’ll pay a premium for are higher power and greater convenience. The most affordable hedge trimmers will be corded, lightweight models that are best for simpler jobs. These can cost as little as $30.

When you add in the convenience of a cordless model, the minimum price jumps up to around $60, but your ability to trim more hedges from further away from the house increases significantly. Things like a higher-powered battery, longer blade, and faster charging time can all add to the cost as well, but make bigger jobs easier.

Gas hedge trimmers routinely cost more than electric ones, starting at around $250 and going up to over $500 in price. The higher-cost gas models are useful for contractors and businesses, while most home users should be able to satisfy their needs with a more affordable choice.


Hedge trimmers come with a range of blade lengths. Longer ones can make it easier to trim your hedges more evenly, or they can be difficult to manage and unwieldy if you’re working in a tight space.

For most typical hedges, an 18” blade will work just fine. If your hedges are larger than usual, a 20” blade or larger might make the work easier, if you have the room to maneuver it.

If you’re new to hedge trimming, starting with a shorter blade is recommended, as it’s safer when you’re still getting used to the work.


BLACK+DECKER (LHT2220B) Cordless Hedge Trimmer


This wireless shaper that is backed up with a 20-volt lithium-ion battery can prune up to 3,000 square feet on just a single charge. Therefore, it is often regarded as the strongest type available right now in the market.

In terms of user experience, it is very comfortable to handle thanks to its ergonomic design that doesn’t allow for any vibrations.

  • Can cut up to 3,000 square feet under a single charge
  • The storage battery doesn’t charge up fast
  • Offers great comfortability
  • Not difficult to operate
  • Strong and wireless

Earthwise CVPH41018


This convertible pole hedge trimmer from Earthwise features a multipurpose design and can be utilized as a hedge trimmer and a pole hedge trimmer. Equipped with an adjustable rotating head, it features 6 different angles allowing optimum control. Thanks to its 18-inch, ultra-sharp blade, it provides an exceptional, clean cut with every use. The trimmer also comes with a protective cover for its blade, along with a shoulder strap for easy transportation. Crafted for short and tall hedges, this trimmer will help you keep your garden or yard looking great.

  • Predesigned with an 18-inch edge
  • Becomes heavy as time goes by
  • Comes with an edge cover
  • Great for multitasking
  • Not costly



A powerful trimmer from Black + Decker. Already, there are two cordless hedge trimmers from Black + Decker featured on this list, now, let’s see how a corded Black + Decker hedge trimmer performs.

This is the lightest trimmer on this list; weighing around 5.1 lbs.

The BLACK+DECKER BEHT200 is a super-compact hedge trimmer with tough components and can cut through shrubs or hedges up to 3/4 inches thick.

  • Very light and compact design
  • The motor is arguably poor
  • Up to 100 feet cord length
  • Ergonomic grip

Toro 51490


The Toro 51490 comes with a sleek design that will attract anyone that sets their eye on it. It also looks very premium to the extent that you may start a debate on the cheap price.

This is a corded hedge trimmer anyway; it requires a standby power supply source for it to function as you wish. However, it packs a great motor that ensures steady and unrelenting power flow through the tool.

  • Cuts through thicker shrubs or hedges
  • Not the best for trimming edges/angles
  • Very tough/rugged blade (22 inches)
  • A lot of other users complain of incompetency
  • Comfortable grip
  • Cheap price

Troy-Bilt CORE TB4400 40V 22-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer Kit


The best feature of this hedge trimmer is that it provides as much torque as a gas-powered hedge trimmer, all while on a 40V battery. That means there’s no need for you to drop any extra cash on a gas hedge trimmer when you can get the same benefits with this battery-powered model. It’s so high-powered that it produces 3,300 strokes per minute. You can get any trimming done quickly and efficiently with this trimmer.

  • The battery charges quickly and lasts long
  • A little expensive
  • A powerful 3,300 strokes per minute
  • 22” chrome-plated blades
  • Comfortable grip

CRAFTSMAN V60 24” Cordless Hedge Trimmer


This 24” hedge trimmer supports a 60V battery that’s both high-powered and efficient. Though the battery life is impressive, the 60V battery is a little bulky and might add to the weight of your hedge trimmer. So, this might not be the best choice if you have arthritis in your arms or plan to spend long days trimming the hedges.

The precision and clean cut of this hedge trimmer are perhaps some of the best features. The 24” blade makes this the perfect hedge trimmer for larger hedges and can easily cut through thick branches and sticks without much trouble.

  • Includes a neat power saw feature for cutting through 1 ½” thick branches
  • The battery adds to the weight
  • The 60V battery only takes an hour to charge
  • 4-year limited warranty
  • 24” dual-action blade

Ego Power+ Hedge Trimmer HT2400


Ego Power+ HT2400 hedge trimmer is one of the most powerful options present in this article even though it is a cordless model. As per its name, it comes with a 24-inch cutting blade size that is the largest when compared with other options in this article. Since this blade is powered by a 56-volt battery system, you can expect excellent performance from this hedge trimmer.

Another great thing about this hedge trimmer from EGO Power+ is that it offers an excellent build quality to the user. When combined with the 5-year long warranty offered by a hedge trimmer, you can expect it to easily last for a long time since it is a highly durable and reliable hedge trimmer.

  • Highly durable and reliable with a 5-year long warranty
  • Does not include any battery or charger in the box
  • Most powerful cordless hedge trimmer model
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Easy to use controls and design

Worx Hedge Trimmer WG261


The Worx WG261 cordless hedge trimmer offers decent performance to the user for a cordless model. This is possible with its 20-volt battery system that is quite efficient. It can easily power the large 22 inch cutting or trimming blade of this hedge trimmer. Despite having a large blade, you can easily handle this trimmer using its soft-grip handlebar.

A great thing about Worx is that it offers a 3-year long warranty it. You also get a pretty good build quality in it that means that you can easily use this hedge trimmer for a long time. The only major issue with this hedge trimmer is that its battery life is quite average, and you have to keep multiple batteries in your tool kit.

  • Long warranty and great build quality for peace of mind
  • Battery life is quite average
  • Offers high-performance 20-volt battery
  • The large 22-inch cutting blade

Black Decker Hedge Trimmer BEHT100


This Black Decker BEHT100 hedge trimmer is present in the 3rd position in this article as it can be another great option if you are on a budget. It uses a 3 amp electric motor for offering up to 3800 strokes every minute. As a result, this power rating is more than enough for the given 16-inch blade size. Although, this blade size might be small for some users who want to use it for heavy-duty usage.

A great thing about this smaller blade size is that this hedge trimmer is quite small and compact, which makes for a great portable option. Just like most other Black Decker power tools, this one also offers a 2-year long warranty. You even get a great build quality for the given price tag.

  • The budget price tag for a high value for money
  • Small blade size is not ideal for heavy-duty usage
  • Viable portable option with lightweight construction
  • Offers decent performance from 3 amp electric motor

Craftsman Cordless Hedge Trimmer CMCHTS820D1


The hedge trimmer features a 22-in. dual-action blade with up to ¾-in. cut capacity to quickly cut branches. The Power Saw allows you to tackle branches up to 1-1/2-in. thick. Once the task is complete, conveniently store using the integrated VERSATRACK™ hook with the VERSATRACK™ system (sold separately). V20* battery platform is compatible with CRAFTSMAN® V20* Outdoor Equipment and Power Tools.

  • High efficiency and lengthy run time on the 36.2-volt battery of 4 Ampere rating.
  • Not so good battery
  • The intuitive keypad can be used to regulate and toggle the device further
  • Low noise and thus gives you an edge overusing it for a long time.
  • The brushless electric motor used in it comes with a save mode


So now you have an overall idea about the best hedge trimmers available and can choose for yourself regarding which one shall best fit according to your needs and desires. All of these products are good in their own ways and hence it is essential to know about the good and bad sides so that you can make a well-informed decision about which product to buy.

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