Best Alkaline Water Filters of 2022


Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Pitcher – MINA Slim White


Adds healthy minerals Calcium and Magnesium

Reduces chlorine and lead by up to 99%

Helps burn fat

Boosts energy with electrolytes

pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher – Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher


Long filter life.

Filter life indicator.

SGS, FDA, TUV, RoHS, BSI, and ISO certified.

Dafi Alkaline UP Crystal Glass Water Pitcher


Manufactured with borosilicate glass for durability.

Scratch and impact-resistant housing.

Ergonomic, non-slip handle.

Invigorated Water pH Vitality Alkaline Water Pitcher


no more plastic

super-modern design

huge filter capacity

EHM Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Pitcher


Weight:9 lbs

Materials: BPA-free plastic

Ph Level: Up to 9.5

ORP: -100 to -200 mv

Filter life: 80 gallons/40 liters, estimated 6-8 weeks.

Cliusnra 80 Gallons Alkaline Water Pitcher


Provides safe to drink water with good taste

Filter out tiny metal particles

Lasts longer than most of the water pitchers

New Wave Enviro 3.5 L Alkaline Water Pitcher


Reduces chlorine level

Improves the water taste

The filter cartridge lasts 64 gallons

Alkanatur Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher removes Fluorides


Generates a pH of 8.5-9.5 without using sodium.

The Bioceramic Filter ionizes the water with antioxidant capacity

Filter lasts up to 3 months

Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher.


Water filtration functions

Large capacity

Economic and environment-protective

Health & satisfaction

Naple Naturals 109X2 Alkaline Water Pitcher


Reduces plastic wastage that comes from bottled water

Available in different colors

Looks amazing on your kitchen counter


The best form to drink your water is the alkaline form. Alkaline water is healthy for consumption. This guide offers on a platter, the best alkaline water pitchers. Do not hesitate to read through this guide. There’s a lot to learn from.


It is found that tap water usually has contaminants like nitrate, perchlorate, lead, and many other by-products. An alkaline water pitcher is a device that consists of one or two filters that help provide clean drinking water by absorbing these non-visible elements.

Apart from the removal of contaminants, the filter pitchers also help to raise the pH balance of the water. It is seen that the pH level can change up to 2 levels higher, which is a sign of the increase in alkaline levels. Some of the pitchers also use reverse osmosis technology.

Like alkaline water filters, water ionizers produce clean water for drinking.

Health Benefits Of Using Alkaline Water Filters?

Alkaline water pitchers make the first filtration of chlorine, heavy metals, the taste, and the smell, by using nanosilver activated carbon. Its filter contains semi-precious tourmaline in ceramic form. This diffuses energy naturally allowing you to have the best tasting water.

Here are the advantages of using alkaline filters at a glance:

  • Creates silky soft water.
  • Helps filter chlorine and other contaminants and permanently absorbs metals such as lead and copper, so that your drinking water is more refreshing and is clearer.
  • pH 8.5 – 10.0 helps support the systemic pH balance in the body, therefore your body will function optimally.
  • Provides low ORP negative (-100mv to -200mv), turning regular water into antioxidant water. This reduces the oxidation of your body; you will feel “younger” and fresher.
  • Reduces the size of the water molecules, which creates highly absorbable water.
  • Contains alkalizing minerals to make water more energetic. You will feel vigorous by drinking this energy water.



Since alkaline water pitchers come in various sizes, ranging from 1-3.5 liters. Before you purchase one, you need to figure out your daily consumption of alkaline water and how many members are there in your family.

For instance, if you have a small family, the smaller size model can be the ideal choice. Not only is it portable and easy to carry, but it fits in the fridge easily. On the other hand, if you have a large family, buying a large size pitcher is a wise decision. It will eliminate the hassle of refilling water.

Like Alkaline water filters, when buying tools like toddler beds, and fat seperators, take note of their size, before buying them.

Filtration Performance

Almost all manufacturers of alkaline water pitchers claim that they are certified by the NSF international, which means these devices remove a lot of specific contaminants, including chlorine, lead, and other poisonous materials that are a hazard to the health.

However, what you need to understand before purchasing an alkaline pitcher is that all of these pitchers are not the same and can remove harmful chemicals like fluoride. Hence, if you live in an area where the water is contaminated with fluoride, then buy the one that can filter fluoride from the water.

Filtration Mechanism

While some manufacturers use resin material, mineral stone, and mineral balls, others use carbon to manufacture their filter cartridges. However, carbon is considered to be one of the best filtration materials due to its porous quality.

The material easily absorbs all the unwanted substances like lead, chlorine, and other impurities effectively from the water. Apart from this, the water that passes through the carbon filter is known to taste better as well. Therefore, it is recommended to buy an alkaline water pitcher with a carbon filter.

Filter Capacity

This denotes how much water a filter cartridge can treat before it has to be replaced. Usually, the average duration of the filter cartridge is between 1-3 months. Since a filter can cost you from $7-$30, the longer a filter can last, the lesser will be the replacement cost.

Apart from this, avoid those alkaline water pitchers that use cartridges exclusively from the same brand as it can leave you at the mercy of their pricing policies.

Filter Type

While the stages of filter used in an alkaline water pitcher may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, you need to check the no. of stages of the filter system. The larger the number of stages, the better the filter.


One of the attractions of alkaline water pitchers is their low price when compared to alkaline filters. You can expect to find decent pitchers for anywhere between $35 – $60. Most of them also sell at highly discounted rates these days, so price should not be an issue in this segment.


Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Pitcher – MINA Slim White


the Santevia Water Systems could be the perfect one for you, and it is sold in either white, blue, black, and red.

The filter mineralizes your water to give you vitality. Even better, it lasts a long time and can process up to 300 liters (1250 cups of water). And when the filter is due for a change, the indicator will let you know.

Using the Santeria water pitcher is easy, simply place the pitcher under a tap. The water pressure pushes the lid inwards for easy fill. You can then pour the water for drinking, or refrigerate it.

This product produces water equivalent to the World Health Organization alkaline water standards. Therefore, you are safe in the knowledge that you are drinking not only healthy but delicious water.

  • Filter life indicator.
  • No non-slip features (lid and base).
  • Four color options.
  • Fragile unit.
  • Long-lasting filter.
  • Easy to fill.

pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher  – Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher


Invigorated Water uses a superior filtration system to give you the best results. The life of each of these PH001 filters is 360 liters (1500 cups of water). Even better, you get an extra filter in the pack.

For convenience and safety, the handle is large and non-slip. Also on the subject of safety, the base of the FBA_COMINHKG056108 is non-slip as well.

This alkaline water pitcher uses a series of methods to give you clean water. It combines layers of ceramic balls and stone to remove organic and inorganic impurities from your water. There is even an optional filter that can be added to help remove viruses and colloids too.

This pitcher is easy to fill; simply place it under your tap. The transparent part of the lid is automatically pushed downward for a fast fill. It also features a filter life indicator that lets you know when you’ll need to pop in another. The plastic components are BPA-free, so are safe to use.

The unit as a whole will not disappoint; it is SGS, FDA, TUV, RoHS, BSI, and ISO certified. The Invigorated Water team is also a member of the Water Quality Association.

  • Non-slip base.
  • The PH002 tiny particle filter is sold as a separate item.
  • Easy fill design.
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle.
  • Extra filter included in the pack.

Dafi Alkaline UP Crystal Glass Water Pitcher


The Dafi Alkaline UP is manufactured with top-quality borosilicate glass. This glass is safe to use and has several “super” features. These include high thermal shock resistivity, shatter-proof ability, and it is scratch, impact, and stain-resistant.

On ergonomics, this best alkaline water pitcher also scores high marks. Its base and handle are both non-slip, so are safe to use. The handle is also enlarged and allows for a comfortable grip.

On the function, that too is the best it can be. The included filter increases your water pH and negative ORP to make it safer to drink. This makes your drink refreshing and helps you keep disease at bay.

Sold in seven color options, you are offered the flexibility of choice. You can enjoy your drinks in a great jar! And you can do so comfortably, as when the filter needs replacement, the indicator will let you know.

  • Seven color options.
  • High-end product with an associated price tag.
  • Filter life indicator.
  • Non-slip base.

Invigorated Water pH Vitality Alkaline Water Pitcher


Choosing a pH water filter pitcher is something that you need to take seriously because that is water that you take for your body. Invigorated water is an established international team that works to produce accessible and clean alkaline water for everybody.

If you value your health and wellbeing and you enjoy the good things in life, including the freedom of having filtered alkaline water ready for consumption, then Vitality is for you.

This system follows the pH On-The-Go filter recipe, where everything is accomplished in the highest quality. This system helps in increasing the pH level in your water thanks to its alkaline calcium balls, and it can break it down to smaller ionized water molecules so the body can easily absorb the water and all its goodness. It also helps reduce the ORP or the negative potential of the water. You are also guaranteed that the water you are drinking is chlorine, fluoride, and chloramine-free. You have not only safe but also high-tasting water.

One more thing that makes this water filter pitcher convenient is it has a considerable capacity. Every filter can purify 400 liters of water, which means savings for you. What’s more, is it comes with a waterproof and resealable pouch so you can take it with you anywhere. It is compatible with any container that can hold 0.9-4 liters of water.

  • pH on the Gofilter system
  • Pricey
  • Stainless steel design
  • Increases pH level
  • High filter capacity
  • Budget-friendly

EHM Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Pitcher


The EHM filter uses a 6 stage process to reduce heavy metals, chlorine, pollution, and pesticides. The filter adds back minerals such as calcium, magnesium to re-mineralize the water.

We like the design of the EHM filters as the width of the unit is just 6 inches wide, fitting comfortably in most refrigerators The water tank itself is 3.5 liters, with 2 liters reserved for water storage.

  • Streamlined design fits easily in the refrigerator
  • The pitcher may leak if filled too high. Take care to not overfill the unit
  • Longer than average filter replacement time
  • High level of alkalinity.
  • Mid-range price point

Cliusnra 80 Gallons Alkaline Water Pitcher


If you happen to live in a place that is known for having hard water, there is a high probability that the tap water you receive has a high level of calcium, magnesium, and other heavy metal content within.

To ensure these heavy metals don’t enter your body, Cliusnra has introduced its special alkaline water pitcher for healthy drinking water. Designed to remove harmful metallic components, this product will also ensure that your water is free from sediments as well.

The design also allows better absorption as compared to the ordinary carbon filters and delivers water that is safe to drink. Apart from this, the Cliusnra Alkaline Pitcher uses a 6-stage filtration system that helps with the effective reduction of limescale.

  • Filter lasts 2 months
  • Might fail to filter water that is too hard
  • Filters unpleasant taste
  • Beneficially ionized drinking water

New Wave Enviro 3.5 L Alkaline Water Pitcher


Lead present in water can seep into your body, leading to possible health issues in the future. To stop this from happening, the New Wave Enviro Alkaline Water Pitcher is something that you should invest in. This lead removal water filter pitcher can also help remove metals, chlorine, as well as sediments that are generally found in your drinking water.

A long-lasting filtration pitcher, this particular product will give you 64 gallons of filtration power in a single run. Apart from being BPA-free, this pitcher can help remove the toxic lead and chlorine from water. With the use of innovative technologies, the filter will raise the pH level to 8.5-9.5 and give you access to drastically improved health.

  • Longer filtration life
  • Filter tends to get moldy with time
  • Uses healthy & certified components
  • Fits perfectly within your refrigerator door

Alkanatur Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher removes Fluorides


If you happen to live in an area with high fluoride content in water, you should surely try the Alkanatur Alkaline Water Pitcher. This water pitcher packs in a premium design that ensures health and sustainability for the users. With a 100% BPA-free alkaline pitcher, you will surely get access to healthy drinking water.

The best thing about the Alkanatur water filter pitchers is the fact that it comes in FDA-approved materials that are 100% recyclable. The filter has been processed through stringent testing measures to adhere to the safety standards for drinking water.

  • Eliminated free radicals up to 350 ORP
  • Not durable
  • Remover 99% of impurities from the water
  • Comes with strips that help measure the pH of the water

Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher


Advanced NSF and SGS certification is the main highlight of this compact 2.5 ltr alkaline water pitcher from Hskyhan. It gets a 5-stage filter that can remove common contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria. It can also marginally increase water pH levels.

The pitcher has a slim design that snugly fits inside refrigerators. It has excellent handles that have been ergonomically designed for better grip. The plastics used are food-grade ABS and contain no BPA.

In this 2.5-liter jar, you can expect to get around 1.3 liters of purified water with each fill. The filters have layers of activated carbon, special coconut fiber, ion exchange resin, and HD fiber mesh. You get two filters as part of the package, which should last you at least two months, if not more. One filter is good for 300 liters of water. You should not use hot water with this filter system.

The alkalizing effect is feeble to non-existent in this filter. If you want this pitcher for an alkaline water lifestyle, you may have to look elsewhere. Also, to exacerbate the low capacity issues further, you can only effectively fill this pitcher to the halfway level.

  • BPA free plastics
  • Cannot be filled to full capacity
  • Comes with two filters
  • Low capacity at just 2.5 liters
  • Compact design fits inside the fridge
  • the 5-stage filter removes impurities

Naple Naturals 109X2 Alkaline Water Pitcher


Your kitchen is no doubt the stomach of your house. So, wouldn’t you want the stomach to have access to the cleanest and purest form of water? It can be achieved with Naple Naturals Alkaline Water Pitcher. With Naple Naturals, you get access to an amazing range of colors that will surely gel well with the overall décor of your kitchen while providing you clean water to drink.

If you’re someone who loves a good morning tea or coffee, this water pitcher provides you a mineral-packed liquid that is perfect for all your brewing needs. Further, the product is crafted from the best-quality materials ensured to be completely free of the toxic BPA.

  • Complements the look of your kitchen
  • Tends to drip a lot
  • BPA-free product design
  • Provides better hydration


The best alkaline water pitcher can offer plenty of benefits, including making water healthier and safer to drink. It is a must-have appliance at home that you can count on when it comes to making water alkaline for its health benefits. However, you should find and buy the right one that can offer you the advantages that you’re looking for in an alkaline water pitcher.

To get started, refer to our reviews above for the features and unique qualities of the top items on the market. You can also check out the buying guide for the things that you need to check when comparing the different alkaline water pitchers available.

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