Best Bathroom Faucets of 2022


Comllen Modern Stainless Steel Double Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet


High-quality materials

Easy to use

Quality Assurance

Easy to install


MYHB 360° Swivel Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet


Brushed bronze finish

Surface-mounted installation

9” spout height and 5.5” spout reach

Includes water supplies

Pop-up drain

KOHLER Devonshire K-394-4-CP


2 levers

Lifetime limited warranty

Polished chrome finish

2 GPM flow rate

Widespread mounting type

VAPSINT Commercial Two Handle Centerset Lavatory Sink Bathroom Faucet


Overall height: 7.87 Inches, Spout height: 4.72 Inches. 4.13 Inches hole to hole size.

Venetian Oil rubbed bronze finish is suitable for traditional and farmhouse style bathroom space.

VAPSINT uses an imported ceramic disc cartridge that survives after 1000,000 times open & close tests. Sophisticated ceramic engineering provides both convenience and control precision.

Two lever handles two holes lavatory vanity sink faucet.

Moen Brantford Brushed Nickel Two-Handle Faucet


Two-handle faucet

Durable construction

ADA Complaint

Moen Voss 2-Handle Bathroom Faucet


2 lever handles

3-hole mount

Limited lifetime warranty

Enzo Rodi ERF1214255CP-10 4-inch


Polished chrome finish

3 hole installation

Centerset mounting type


06 inches spout height and 4.37 inches spout reach

Moen 6400 Eva


WaterSense certified

ADA compliant

5 GPM water consumption

2 GPM flow rate

Limited lifetime warranty

Single handle

Friho Single Handle Tall Vessel Sink Faucet


Reliable quality.

Popular design

Hassle-free installation.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Delta Faucet Victorian 2-Handle Bathroom Faucet


Leak-free for life

Lasts 2x longer

Diamond seal technology


The best bathroom faucet does not only supply water to the bathroom, but it is also supposed to beautify the bathroom. The modern bathroom faucet adds to the beautification of the bathroom.

In this guide, we would be reviewing the best bathroom faucets, be sure that these faucets will beautify your bathroom too. Do well to read through, you might be interested in getting one.

Types of Bathroom Sink Faucets

  • Single Hole Cheap Bathroom Faucets

It is the most common type of faucet. They are fixed on a sink with one hole and a wide deck. It has a single handle control and a spout on the body. The advantage of having this one is you get to control the amount of water plus the temperature at the same time without using two controls.

  • 4″ Centerset Faucets

These are ideal for sink and counterparts with three drilled holes that are 4” apart. They sit on a deck plate which connects the two controls with the spout body. These are perfect for small spaces.

  • 4″ Minispread Faucets

They are the same as the 4” centerset with three pre-drilled holes that are 4” apart. The only difference is that these have three individual pieces that are not connected on a deck plate.  It is the ideal option if you want a stylish look but doesn’t have enough space on the sink.

  • 8″ Widespread Faucets

These faucets are meant for three predrilled holes 8” apart. They are the right choice for a sink that has a larger space. All the three pieces that are the body and the handles are in separate pieces.

  • Vessel Filler Faucets

These are more stylish and are intended for sink bowls that sit on top of the counter rather than the usual. Before going for this, make sure that you’ve confirmed the height of your vessel style sink bowl. You don’t want the filler faucet to be too tall or too short for the rim.

The advantage of using these faucets is that they are easy to clean, are visually appealing, and minimizes the water being splashed.

  • Wall Mount Faucets

As the name suggests, these faucets are installed directly to the wall just above the sink. They are not fixed on the sink. The water supplies in these faucets are located above the sink, unlike the traditional ones which have been supplied below. Make sure that you check whether the spout is long enough to help you clean the sink when needed.

The good thing about wall mount faucets is that cleaning them is not hard because they leave enough space to clean deposits away. It also provides you with enough space to work with.

Unlike bathroom faucets that are mounted, dust extractors are movable.


Construction & Finish

Don’t settle for the fancy and classy looks just yet. The constructions and finish are far more important. High-quality finishes mean that the product will be easy to maintain, clean, and won’t get scratched easily.

Also, you want the material used to be strong and serve you for the longest time possible. Stainless steel and chrome are the most preferred finishes since they are not prone to stains or rust.

For a highly fashionable finish, oil rubbed bronze is used. It is the right option for a modern or classical design that complements its appearance. Polished brass is another common finish. It is ideal for classic large bathrooms since the finish adds elegance to the room.

Other finishes include black, nickel, iron, gold, copper, and polished, brushed or matte chrome, porcelain for handles, and oil rubbed bronze finish. Go for a finish that you see is most appealing to you.

Like the bathroom faucets, bathroom shelves also add to the aesthetic of the bathroom.

What Design and Style do you want?

Design and style should be the first things to consider when shopping for a bathroom faucet. As you know by now, bathroom faucets come in different styles and designs.

The design of the bathroom faucet you choose should complement the decor of your bathroom. Here are the most common bathroom faucet designs you should watch out for:

  • Modern Design:

If your bathroom is of the contemporary range, you should go for bathroom faucets with modern designs. Such faucets come with curved or straight lines, and they usually have one or two handles.

Faucets with modern designs—such as some of the best shower faucets are used to augment mirrors or sinks, though they can stand as centerpieces in your bathroom. If you decide to go for this type of bathroom faucet, install it on a sink with a modern look and straight lines. See our bathroom sink reviews for ideas about sinks.

  • Hybrid Design:

Some bathroom faucets come with what is referred to as “hybrid” designs. Faucets with such designs can be used in both modern and traditional—or classical—bathrooms. A bathroom faucet with a hybrid design may look like a conventional faucet. But you will recognize it quickly because it has a harsher edge as well as straighter lines.

Faucets with this design may also come with one or two handles but different finishes. What makes these types of faucet attractive and lovable is that you can install them on any kind of sink. And they will still look stunning.

  • Classical Design:

This model of bathroom faucet makes use of modern technology but looks like the type of spigots that was used at the beginning of the 19th century. If your bathroom has a traditional style, a faucet with a classical design is the best fit for the bathroom.

Faucets with traditional design work best as centerpieces of traditional-style bathrooms. And on rare cases where they are not used in that way, they enhance the centerpiece’s aspect.

This could be a mirror, antique tiles on the bathroom walls, or a sink. Additionally, this type of faucets also come with one or two handles, though most use only one. So, go for the best bathroom faucet that matches the interior decor of your bathroom.

Mounting Type

It’s important that you know which type of faucet works well with which type of sink or basin. The most common mounting types include a single hole, centerset, vessel, wall-mounted, and widespread.

High Arc vs Low Arc

This is a confusing comparison every homeowner has to make. But it is not that complicated. Choosing a high arc when your sink is deep might lead to splashes. On the other hand, choosing a low arc with a shallow sink will lead to the same result.

So in order to know which arc is right for you, go for a higher arc with a shallow sink and a lower arc with a deeper sink. This way, you’ll have minimized the risk of water splashing and increase the distance of water. It will also increase the space to fit your hands properly.

Other than that, high arcs get in the way if you are washing your face or brushing your teeth. But they tend to look better than low arcs.

Widespread vs Centerset

A centerset is used on one mounting hole while the widespread needs more. Since the widespread comes with separate pieces and is placed far from each other, it makes it easier to clean than the centerpiece. The widespread is also an ideal choice if you are looking for something stylish.

But remember that some things like easy to clean are not necessarily true since it will all depend on the finish of the faucet.

Control Options

These are the handles that you use to turn the faucet on or off. There are different types of controls.

  • Cross handles

These handles have a ‘T’ or cross design mostly a three-hole design but others may have a single design. But they are not suitable for young children or older adults.

  • Joystick

It looks similar to a lever but with a different range of motion and look.

  • Knobs

they are knob-shaped and frequently constructed of metal or acrylic materials. They function like cross handles and are not suitable for kids and older adults.

  • Lever handles

These are the most common controls. They are user-friendliness and can be used with small children and the elderly.

  •     Push-buttons

Instead of turning the handle, this one requires you to push the button down to turn the faucet on.

  • Touchless

They are a great choice since they are motion-activated. All you have to do is place your hands under the spout and that’s it. You can control the temperature with the mixing valve.

  • Touch-activated

like the touchless handle, this one too does not require you to turn the control. Instead tap your wrist, finger, or elbow near the activation point. There is a handle for controlling the temperature.

Installation Holes and Plumbing

Not all faucets will fit in your bathroom. Generally, it will depend on the number of holes on the rim of your sink or on the wall above it. If you are planning to do the installation yourself, then first determine where the faucet will be placed. Then measure the distance of the hole distance.

One hole is ideal for a single-hole bathroom sink faucet. For three holes that are 4” apart, a 4” centerset faucet or 4” mini spread faucet is the right choice. Lastly, for three holes that are 8” apart, go for an 8” widespread faucet.

Space Around Your Bathroom Sink

Remember to check the space around your sink so that you can go for the right faucet. For example, check if there are any shelves above the sink that will determine the height of the spout. Another to consider is how big your sink is. You don’t want to go for a too large faucet for a small sink or vise versa.

Ease of Installation & Maintenance

Most people prefer installing faucets on their own. Not only will it save your time but also the extra expenses of hiring someone to do so. Consider a faucet that has fewer parts, this way you won’t be confused about where to place what. Also, check if it comes with a manual to help with the installation process.

For maintenance, most people assume that the wider the faucet is, the easier it is to maintain. This, however, is not true. The ease of maintenance of the faucet will all depend on the finish. The better the material used in the finish, the easier it will be to maintain.

However, the installation process of a bathroom faucet is different and more demanding than that of a soundproof curtain.

Warranty/ Satisfaction Guarantee

You want a lot of confidence in the bathroom faucet purchase you are making and a good warranty can certainly give that to you. The best warranty to have is a lifetime warranty on both the working parts and the finish on the bathroom faucet you are about to purchase; these will allow you to exchange your faucet over its lifetime if it fails due to normal wear and tear.

Some manufacturers will even offer a full money-back guarantee after you purchase a bathroom faucet if you are not satisfied with it for any reason.


Some people are very surprised to find the wide range of prices on bathroom faucets. Some fancy ones certainly can be very pricey and some super budget-friendly models, too.

So, before you start shopping for a new faucet, set a price range that meets your budget constraints and will still allow you to get a faucet that will meet all of your needs.


Comllen Modern Stainless Steel Double Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet


The Comllen Modern Stainless Steel bathroom faucet, made from a brushed nickel finish and metal handles. This makes sure that there will be no tarnish or corrosion when used daily. I also love its curved design and silver shine, giving off a contemporary and luxury feel to any bathroom!

It isn’t only the sleek lines that look amazing but its performance as well. It’s low-flow so you have no problem with the pressure or amount of water that comes out, making it compatible with both large or small sinks. It was also a breeze to install, which makes it a huge plus! All in all, I would recommend this for people who want a combination of modern and traditional designs for their sinks.

  • The traditional and luxurious feel
  • No sink stopper included
  • Low flow for saving water
  • It may be too short for some
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to install

MYHB 360° Swivel Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet


This MYHB faucet features a flow that is aerated and ideal for tasks like washing hands and brushing teeth.

The faucet is built with high codes that save water without compromising its performance. The 3600 feature allows you to adjust your spout in 360 rotations in swivel action. Other than that, there is a built-in ceramic cartridge meant to prevent leaks.

The aerator makes sure that the flow is smooth with no splash. Additionally, you’ll need one or three holes for installation.

  • Leak and splash-free due to the built-in ceramic cartridge
  • A not so clear installation manual
  • Easy installation on a single hole
  • Eye-catching and elegant design
  • An adjustable height

KOHLER Devonshire K-394-4-CP


Here is another widespread with two-handles bathroom faucet design. It comes from a long line of premium Kohler bathroom faucets. Koehler has a great reputation for making bathroom faucets that work great and look good, too. This brilliant chrome-finished faucet from Kohler certainly keeps with that tradition. It has more of an old-world style that goes well with more classic or traditionally designed bathroom settings. It’s an ADA-compliant bathroom product that has a subtle, water-saving 2 GPM water flow. There is even an optional aerator that can be installed to cut that water flow even further.

This bathroom faucet is designed to work well for a long time. That’s because of characteristics like its corrosion-resistant brass body and virtually leak-free ceramic disc valves.

  • Two-handle, widespread design 8”-16” fit
  • Only installs on3-hole sink setups
  • High arcing/ADA-compliant design
  • Older style lever pop-up drain
  • Brilliant polished chrome finish
  • Limited-lifetime warranty
  • Water-saving 2 GPM flow

VAPSINT Commercial Two Handle Centerset Lavatory Sink Bathroom Faucet


This is a pretty unique design because it’s all black but that isn’t the only reason why I truly appreciate the VAPSINT Commercial bathroom faucet! It’s got one of the best disc cartridges which can be used for over a million times of opening and closing. The faucets have quality engineering for smooth and precise control when in use.

It’s made out of an oil-rubbed bronze finish for its extra style and strength. You’ll be surprised that with a faucet at such an affordable price, it’s made of quality materials and looks so well-made. It’s truly a good value for your money.

  • Great water flow and water adjustment
  • Inconsistent measuring between countertop and sink
  • Amazing style and strength
  • Some receive a slightly bent handle
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to install

Moen Brantford Brushed Nickel Two-Handle Faucet


This is a great 2-handle bathroom faucet that will definitely suit your bathroom. It provides you with a separate cold and hot handle, which makes it simpler to regulate the temperature and water flow. Other than this, it also lasts for several years due to the rugged construction. This also makes it corrosion resistant; hence highly durable. Due to this, it will perfectly suit the bathroom.

It also features in a wide range of colors to choose from. The bathroom faucet is available in different colors and relatively affordable.

  • Great for all bathrooms
  • Some are poorly built
  • Last for years
  • Easy to set-up

Moen Voss 2-Handle Bathroom Faucet


With the widespread design of 8-16 inches, this is a great faucet that is easily adjustable to different levels. The faucet is also easy to put up since it has a 3-hole mount compatible. In addition to this, it is also compatible with the M-PACT valve system for efficient trim updates.

Other than this, it also has two handle levers for easy adjustments. This great faucet is also available in multi-colors for easy selection. The quality valves also make the faucet great and ergonomic.

  • Has a long-life
  • It is kind of expensive
  • Widely compatible
  • Easy installation process

Enzo Rodi ERF1214255CP-10 4-inch


A faucet made of low-lead brass and complies with the safety standard that reduces lead to your health. It is fit for 3 holes that are 4” apart. The faucet also includes a ceramic valve built-in which is responsible for reducing leaks and smooth rotation.

It also includes a neoprene aerator that provides you with a comfortable washing ambiance. The rubber nozzles are easy to clean and prevent hard water stains. The finish is made of high-quality chrome which is in charge of resisting corrosion.

  • Complies with safety standards that prevent lead harm
  • Installation may need a professional
  • Premium finish that reduces corrosion and stains
  • Not ADA compliant
  • High performance due to the neoprene aerator
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No leaks or drips

Moen 6400 Eva


These are one of the best faucets for bathrooms with bigger space and classical decoration. Well, here it is. Moen introduces Eva 6400, a chrome finish with one handle faucet. It has a modern elegant design that is sure to stay on trend for a long time.

It is also available in brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze finish. So you can easily pair it with other bathroom items like towel bars or shower faucets.

The faucet has a maximum flow of 1.5 GPM makes it WaterSense certified. The pivot lever-like handle controls the temperature of 100 degrees. It is also ADA compliant. It can be used in a three-hole or single-hole installation.

  • Transitional design that will never go out of trend
  • Installation can be a bit complicated
  • A high-quality finish prevents corrosion
  • Aerated flow to avoid splashing
  • Single lever for a simple use
  • ADA compliant

Friho Single Handle Tall Vessel Sink Faucet


Here is a bathroom faucet that was designed to coordinate perfectly with tall vessel sink basins. It’s an unusually tall bathroom faucet at 9.44” and its spout reaches out over 4”, too. This Friho single-valve faucet is done up in a very nice brush nickel finish that will compliment all different bathroom styles and all different types of tall vessel sink designs. One of the best features of this tall vessel bathroom faucet is how easy it is to install. It takes just a single hole in the counter it attaches to and it contains all of the quick connect flexible hoses that are needed to hook up to the hot and cold-water lines.

  • 100% money-back guarantee/lifetime warranty
  • Some don’t like its thick square styling
  • 9.44” high waterfall-style spout
  • Too tall for standard sink basins
  • Bright brushed nickel finish
  • Ceramic disc cartridge valve
  • Easy installation

Delta Faucet Victorian 2-Handle Bathroom Faucet


The Delta Faucet Victorian 2-Handle Bathroom Faucet is a highly durable faucet that is rust-resistant for long-term use. The faucet has been designed from quality diamond material, which makes it great for long-term use. Besides this, it is also leak-proof and ceramic disc, which makes it excellent for your bathroom.

In addition to this, the faucet is also easy to install since it has been designed to fit the 3-hole 4-inch centerset. The two-handle levers allow for easy flow and regulation of temperature.

  • Provides smooth water flow
  • It is kind of costly
  • Easy installation
  • Highly durable


A bathroom faucet isn’t something you should take for granted! With a quality bathroom sink, there will be no more worries about dealing with leaks or expensive repairs anymore. You’ll be able to wash your hands and face properly and without hassle. That’s why it’s important to do your research even on the little things when fixing your home.

Now that you have read through our extensive bathroom faucet reviews, choosing the best bathroom faucet shouldn’t be difficult. It does not matter how expensive or dirt cheap the bathroom faucets are. What you should do is to find the one that is a great fit for your bathroom. Finding the right model of faucets is more important than one with all the bells and whistles but a headache to install.

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