Best Bathroom Shelves of 2022


The KES 2-Tier Glass Bathroom Shelve


The tempered glass is 7 mm thick and even safe if it happens to break

It has a handy glass shelve with aluminum rail and includes the mounting hardware

You receive a 15-day return guarantee

The item weighs 5.2 pounds and measures 14.3 x 5.2 x 2.5-inches

The Organize It All Metro Space Saver


A bathroom shelve is a free-standing unit with a chrome finish

There are 3-tier shelves for added space

The designs superb for tight spaces

The product dimensions 11.8 x 24.9 x 64-inches and weighs 8.8-pounds

The manufacturer is Neu Home

The MyGift Decorative 3-Tier Basket Wall Mounted Shelve


Includes a multipurpose cleaning towel

Does not include the mounting hardware and measures 12 x 4 x 20-inches

Classified as a hanging storage rack

Made from heavy-duty plastic and the baskets vary in size

The Moen Lounge Bathroom Vanity Shelf


Has a warm nickel brushed finish

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Has a floating ball design with shapely posts

Matches with the Moen bathroom trimming range

Measures 24 (L) x 5.5 (W) x 3.20-inches (H) when assembled

SONGMICS 3-Tier Small Utility Storage Shelf Rack


Multifunctional bamboo rack

Innovative design

Two methods of usage

Easy assembly and disassembly

Space-saving storage shelf

Homfa Bamboo Bathroom Shelf 4-Tier Tower


High-Quality Material

Safe Design


Easy to Assemble and Strong Stability

Zenna Home shower shelf


Organized bathroom storage

Spacious storage


Adjustable and customized to meet all your needs

Lancher Bathroom Shelf


Sturdy and reliable bathroom shelf

Can fit around and curved bathroom walls

Does not need drilling on the wall to fit

Uses adhesive stickers to stick on the walls

Hawsam No Drilling Bathroom Shelves


Equipped with sturdy hooks

Made of a solid aluminum material

Holds all your bathroom accessories

Easy installation

ODesign Adhesive Corner Bathroom Shelf


Made of a durable aluminum

Has a removable adhesive for easy setup

Comes with a user manual

Works on many surfaces

Detachable design


Are you tired of leaving your bathroom in a mess? You can agree that it is a horrible sight, seeing that everything in the bathroom lies down in a disorderly manner.

But you can make your bathroom orderly, with the use of bathroom shelves, everything in the bathroom has a place, which will make the bathroom look neat and presentable.

In this guide we would be reviewing the best bathroom shelves, you might want to read through this guide, you have a lot to learn if you do.

What is Bathroom Shelf?

A bathroom shelf is a storage unit that helps to keep all your bathroom accessories in one position and well-organized.

They are made from different materials like aluminum, stainless steel, steel, and plastic. A bathroom shelf is spacious to hold all your bathroom accessories where others have additional space to hang towels.

Most of the shelves also match with modern decors and fit in standard bathrooms. Bathroom shelves come with different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes where you choose the one that suits your needs.

There are different kinds of shelves like corner shelves, storage shelves, floating shelves, and wall-mounted shelves where you have to choose the one that suits you.



Get a shower shelf that is durable and stands the test of time, and you don’t have to buy the same item now and then. Shelves are available for durable metals and plastics.


Adjustable shower shelves are opted to fit in different shapes and sizes of various shower accessories such a long shampoo bottles and short shaving creams.

Carrying capacity

A shelf able to carry a lot of shower stuff is better of meaning that you don’t have to buy two shelves to serve a purpose that can be served by a large one.


A detachable shelf is easy to carry, store, and even move around when the need arises. It should be able to be used in different places without damaging the shower shelf when moving it around.

Like bathroom shelves, desk lamps need to flexible, so flexibility should also be a point of consideration when buying a desk lamp

Wall-mounted or freestanding

Judge the space you have to work with. Wall-mounted shelves are better if you have young kids or pets at home because the free-standing units might fall on them. Also, if you have a small bathroom, wall-mounted shelves are the best as they give you extra space under them for storage.

In large bathrooms, use free-standing shelves to fill up space, so that it doesn’t look too barren.

Color scheme

We recommend you to stick with a white and creams color theme because it is the safest one. You can work around it easily.

Putting a nice picture on the wall and a plant next to it will add a lovely finishing touch. Over the years, the black and grey theme has become popular but use it only if you have a big bathroom.

A small shelf for a small bathroom

Big shelves will look out of the place in a small bathroom. If you have a lot of things you store, you can have one big open shelf and a few small ones.


For a bathroom shelf to be durable, it must be made from a sturdy material that cannot be damaged easily. Most of the bathroom shelves are made from steel, aluminum, and wood materials where all the materials enhance durability.

A shelf made of inferior material can bring your accessories down and damage them. It should be able to hold heavy items such that you will put all your things in one position.


Bathroom shelves come at different prices. Quality mostly determines the cost of the shelf. Quality products are higher prices because they are from durable materials.

Always choose a product that suits your budget because you can buy a product that will affect your budget. Research the shelf you want to buy so that you make the right decision.


It’s always good to avoid buying a shelf that will give you a hard time installing or hire someone to do it. Look for a shelf that has less assembly work to save your time and energy.

Most of the bathroom shelves come with user manuals that enhance easy setup. The instructions and steps are well stated such that they will be easy to understand.

Both bathroom shelves and ceiling fans are installed, however, ceiling fans installations are more demanding than bathroom shelves


The KES 2-Tier Glass Bathroom Shelve


The KES 2-tier glass bathroom shelves a heavy-duty aluminum constructed unit. The manufacturer has sand-sprayed the construction to protect it against rust. You can easily store your bath items on the shelf.

  • Use it in the bathroom or anywhere in the home
  • The fasteners included with your purchase are not strong enough to keep the shelf secure against the wall – best to install the shelf with heavy-duty screws
  • Straightforward to mount to the wall
  • Looks great when installed on a wall
  • Makes the bathroom clutter-free

The Organize It All Metro Space Saver


This shelf has a great design with a chrome finish. This modern bathroom shelve is stylish and gives you extra storage as a free-standing shelf. If you do have space, you can use it over the toilet to hold lightweight items.

  • Serves the purpose of keeping small items and towels all in one place
  • A bit flimsy and wobbles
  • Cheapest toilet bathroom rack
  • Does rust but you can easily scrub it away
  • Looks great with basket trays
  • A useful piece of furniture

The MyGift Decorative 3-Tier Basket Wall Mounted Shelve


This 3-tier basket wall-mounted shelve is suitable to use anywhere in the home. With the decorative design, it has three shelve baskets to place spices, condiments, bathroom toiletries, and more. Included with your purchase, you receive a multipurpose cleaning towel, and the shelf has a white color.

  • Has high sides to prevent items from falling out
  • Includes no mounting hardware
  • Fits in with most home décor
  • Made of plastic
  • Keeps your items organized
  • Has a cute design
  • Well made

The Moen Lounge Bathroom Vanity Shelf


For one of the best bathroom shelves, the Moen range has a fantastic reputation. The Moen Lounge bathroom vanity shelf is perfect and gives your bathroom a stylish finish. The manufacturer has given the nickel finish a spot-resistant brushed finish to prevent fingerprints and water stains.

  • Works well with hanging washcloths
  • none
  • Offers ample space for a few items
  • Looks like hotel/spa quality
  • Not difficult to mount
  • Very attractive

SONGMICS 3-Tier Small Utility Storage Shelf Rack


A contemporary style three-tier adjustable utility rack from SONGMICS, the shelf comes in four different colors including brown, grey, natural, and white frame + grey shelf. You can use the rack in your bathroom to hold toiletries, in the kitchen to keep spices and herbs, and in the living rooms as a bookshelf.

It is made out of 100 percent natural bamboo that can be arranged in five different positions. You can either mount it on the wall or keep it on the countertop. It is a huge space saver and goes well with an open space bathroom decor idea.

  • Can bear up to 55 lbs of load
  • Depth is narrower than shown in the picture
  • Made with 100 percent natural non-toxic bamboo
  • Screws aren’t countersunk
  • Five interchangeable positions and four alternative colors

Homfa Bamboo Bathroom Shelf 4-Tier Tower


A minimal yet stylish bamboo bathroom product from HOMFA, the shelf can be adjusted into five different arrangements according to your needs. The shelf’s design is kept simple keeping in mind the modern contemporary decor of today’s homes.

It is made out of 100 percent eco-friendly, durable, and non-toxic natural bamboo. The shelf has rounded edges, countersink screws, and a smooth surface finish, making it safe for kids.

You can choose to mount it on a wall or simply place it on the bathroom vanity countertop, either way, it will brighten up the room decor. Four tiers of the bamboo bathroom shelf are large enough to store your toiletries, hand towels, tiny terrarium plants, tissues, and toothbrushes, and hairbrushes. Each layer can bear up to 13 lbs of load.

  • Kid-friendly
  • Tricky to hang up on the wall.
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Screw holes are visible
  • Three-layer shelf with five adjustable arrangements

Zenna Home shower shelf


Zenna shelf makes sure that your bathroom becomes spacious as storage becomes more organized by creating more storage space with its four baskets and razor holders. Based on the size of your goods such as large shampoo bottles, the baskets attached to a pole of nine feet are adjustable and customized to fit your needs.

Rust resistance is by rich satin nickel finish. Zenna shelf is easy to install with its twist possible tight technology that makes it easy to install and secure to use. It means that you don’t have to drill through your wall to use the Zenna shelf.

  • Four baskets are enough to place all your bathroom ware.
  • none
  • Tool-free easy installation
  • Quality material

Lancher Bathroom Shelf


Lancher Bathroom Shelf comes as a self-sticking shelf that requires no drilling of your bathroom wall. It can easily fit around or curved corners where you can easily install without the need of hiring professional drillers.

It uses powerful and robust adhesive stickers, which can hold up to 50 lbs, thus enabling you to place all your bathroom accessories safe when taking a bath. The shelf comes with two extra stickers for future use where it is easy to install.

  • It features sturdy and durable aluminum that never rust
  • none
  • It is a simple to install shelf on any smooth surface
  • Works for 90 degrees corners on

Hawsam No Drilling Bathroom Shelves


When installing, no drilling is required as it comes with an adhesive sticker that does not damage your wall. Equipped with sturdy hooks where each hook can hold up to 44lbs and leaves no traces on the wall after it’s peeled off. It is made of a solid aluminum material that is rustproof to enhance durability.

It holds your soap, lotions, brushes, face cleaners, shampoo, detergents, and many other bathroom accessories in one position. You can install it on any smooth surface, but you have to avoid sticking it on painted walls or wallpapers. This organizer is waterproof where it cannot be affected by water in your bathroom.

To enhance easy installation and use, it comes with a user guide that explains installation steps. For the price, it has a reasonable price that you can afford.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Installation screws are big
  • Easy to assemble
  • Large capacity
  • Waterproof


ODesign Adhesive Corner Bathroom Shelf


This shelf is made of durable Aluminum that resists tarnishes and scratches to ensure that the shelf serves you for a long. It has a removable adhesive that allows easy setup without drilling or damaging the wall. Its detachable design makes it easy to fit even in tight spaces.

You can use it in your bathroom, kitchen, and cabinet to keep your rooms neat and well organized. The shelf comes with a user manual that gives you clear instructions on how to use and install the shelf. It measures 12.6 by 9.4 by 2.2 inches to provide enough space for organizing your bathroom accessories.

This shelf can be recycled and be reused even if the adhesive is torn off.

  • Simple setup
  • Has varying results of adhering to tile
  • Good price
  • Works great
  • Durable


Why leave your bathroom looking like a mess if you can choose any of our best bathroom shelves today! Keep your rooms in your home organized and clutter-free. Each of the products you can buy right here at an affordable price. They are durable, versatile, easy to install, and will add additional storage space in no time!

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