Vitamix 5200 Blender


Variable Speed Control

Large Batches

Hot Soup

Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades


Ninja BL770 Kitchen System


72 ounce total crushing pitcher pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and smoothies; 2 horsepower

Eight cup food processor bowl provides perfect, even chopping and makes up to 2 pounds of dough in 30 seconds

Two 16 ounce Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids are perfect for creating personalized, nutrient-rich drinks to take on the go

NutriBullet 12-Piece Blender NBR-1201


The Nutribullet is the fastest, easiest solution for making nutrient-packed smoothies.

Powerful 600-watt motor

Hassle-free cleaning

This item comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

BLACK+DECKER Crush Master 10-Speed Blender


Motor Power: 450 watts

Pitcher Material: Plastic

Noise Level: 70 dB

Pitcher Capacity: 48 oz.

Speed Settings: 10

Blendtec Designer 625


6 speeds, touchscreen slider, touch interface, pulse

7-year manufacturer warranty

Waring MX1200XTX


Variable speeds, pulse, 64 oz BPA-free pitcher

3.5 horsepower, 1,525-watt

3-year motor, 2-year parts, and labor

Oster BLSTMB-BBG-000 Blender


Smart technology with 7 speeds and 3 pre-programmed settings.

Dual direction blade technology.

Extra blending capacity to chop and grind.

Additional wide 3.5” blade design.

COSORI Blender


Smoothly adjusts speed to make a vortex. User-friendly design & non-slip handle and base.

Noise reduction pad.

Tamper and pulse control.

Instant Ace Nova Blender


Blends hot and cold ingredients. displayed.

Comes with a tamper, a measuring cup, and a brush.

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender


Extra-large capacity.

No need to pre-chop the ingredients.

Single-serve function.

Total Crushing Technology and Nutrient Extraction.

Six-blade assembly.


You will agree with me that blenders are home appliances that one can do without. This is why we have taken our time to research the best blenders for your home. There are so many blenders out there, however not all of them will give you the best.

In this guide, we would show you the best blender for your home. Read through, for more insights.

What Is a Blender?

A blender is a kitchen appliance that blends ingredients by mixing, pureeing, or emulsifying them. No two appliances are exactly alike, although they generally come in several categories: countertop, immersion, and personal.

A blender is a staple of most kitchens used to preparing anything from smoothies to sorbets. Modern blending machines come with a variety of functions that make them a lot more versatile. They also have added features that increase convenience and allow you to use machines hands-free.

A blender is a great way to add fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet in the form of a simple smoothie.

How Does Blender Work?

It works by using spinning blades at the bottom of a jar to blend solid ingredients in a liquid. Typically you start by adding liquid, then solid ingredients such as fruit or ice to the jar.

You can even add powders if you like. You then place the lid on top of the jar and put it on the blending base.

After pushing the start button, the blending blades will create a vortex to whir the ingredients in a circular motion that creates a vacuum at the center of the machine jar and pulls the solid ingredients inward.

It works similarly to a tornado with fast speed and vortex motion. Once the ingredients have all been combined and blended, they’ll achieve a smooth consistency, which will result in an evenly blended smoothie.


Types of Blender

  • Immersion blender

This is a handheld blender. All you need is to hold it in your hand then immerse it into the liquids, foods, or whatever you wish to mold into a tasty sauce.

  • Smoothie blenders

Smoothie blenders are known for being heavier sets. They have the most powerful blades and super-high speeds. They are built for larger portions.

  • Personal Blenders

These are majorly used for making single servings. If you intend not to sweat over extensive clean-up, they are simply the best. All you need is to make your smoothie, grab it, and get off.

Noise Level

A blender can wake people up with its loud rumbling noise. So, the most important aspect to note is the noise level of the blender. Most manufacturers advertise the decibel level of their product, which you may compare.

Many manufacturers also incorporate insulation technology to block the sound from the motor. You may also look for this feature while comparing products.

Motor Power

Another technical feature that is important to check is the motor power. This is generally labeled in watt or horsepower units. The two things that you should think of when deciding on a motor power are how often you will use the blender and your budget.

If the blender is not for heavy grinding purposes, you may choose one with lower motor power. A high-power motor is not only costly but also consumes a lot of electricity.


The blades are a vital part of a blender. The size, number, and durability of the blade are essential factors to check out.

You do not want the blades to wear out or break when you are blending ice or hard ingredients. So, choose stainless steel blades that are durable and stay sharp for a long time. The higher the number of blades, the higher the speed of the appliance.

Vacuum sealers and sandwich makers do not have blades, so when buying them, the blades wouldn’t be a point to be considered.

Speed Settings

Choose a blender that offers the option to adjust the speed. Some blenders offer just two speeds, i.e., low and high, while others let you adjust it between 8 to 12 speeds.


If you are someone who loves interior decoration, then the style of the blender will be a very important deciding factor for you. The latest addition to your kitchen must be in a style that you like, whether it is sleek and minimalistic or modern and elaborate.

Auto-Blend Option

Certain blenders have an auto-blend function that comes in handy when you are multitasking in the kitchen. You need not press down on the button till the blending is completed. In fact, with the auto-blend function, the blender takes breaks at specific intervals to avoid overheating of the motor.

Dishwasher Safety

This is important for the people who use a dishwasher daily. The blades, pitcher, lids, and other components of the blender should be dishwasher-safe. Many companies give information about this in their features list. Also, look for blenders in which the parts can be detached, cleaned, and fixed easily.

Unlike blenders, knife sharpeners and smart TVs are not dishwasher safe. When buying them, you shouldn’t factor in dishwasher safety into the buyer’s guide.


Many blenders come with a wide variety of functions ranging from crushing frozen food items, and chopping nuts to grinding hard ingredients and blending hot fluids.

If you don’t want to buy a chopper and a grinder separately, pick a brand that offers these functions together in a blender. If you need a blender for crushing tough ingredients that are hard and dry, choose a high-power blender.


The pitcher of the blender should be made of thick glass or plastic that does not get damaged easily.

Certain brands offer the provision of blending hot liquids in the blender. In such cases, the container must be durable and strong enough to withstand the temperature of hot fluids without cracking or breaking.

Some pitchers have measuring marks on the side to check the amount or volume of the ingredients/fluids. Choose this if you are particular about measurements in your recipes. Also, make sure the container has an easy-pour spout to prevent spillage.


Warranty is a vital factor to consider while buying any appliance. The brand you choose must offer at least a1-year warranty.

Blenders are generally costly and have a variety of functions to perform in the kitchen on a routine basis. Warranty is a safeguard for the customer for a minimum period of usage of the product.

Additional Features

Certain products offer extra features such as a tamper or twin spare valves. Also, there are blenders with smart technology functions and control functionalities. Some blenders feature a jar pad sensor that detects any faults in the assembly.

There is also cavitation, which is beneficial in knowing the liquid shortage. Any additional features apart from the regular features are exciting to check out before buying a quiet blender.

Usually, people buy a blender and then find out that the noise produced by it is deafening. The invention of noise-canceling technologies in quiet blenders is a welcome change.

A blender is operated in the kitchen to prepare various dishes on a routine basis. So, never choose a noisy blender. Look for all the vital factors before deciding on the blender to purchase for your home.


At under $100, you’ll mostly find low- to medium-quality conventional blenders. At the low end of that range, under $50, you’ll find many affordable personal and immersion models. There are also many better quality models closer to the $100 mark.

From $100 to $200, you’ll see more medium-quality conventional blenders, perhaps with a more significant accessory package. You will also find the occasional personal or immersion blender from high-end brands in this range. They will, of course, feature better materials and motors.

Top-tier conventional models appear more frequently in the $200 – $400 range, with some exceeding $500. They are better built and their motors are more heavy-duty. As the cost goes up, you may also get more accessories and perhaps more power.


Vitamix 5200 Blender


The Vitamix 5200 is an excellent example of the brand’s high-quality craftsmanship. The machine wins owners over with its durability, simple controls, and powerful power.

It’s 20.5 inches tall with the pitcher on, 7.3 inches wide, 8.8 inches deep. It’s a bit bulky and usually quite tall for the average cupboard (18 inches between the cupboard and counter is a common standard).

The motor peaks around 1400 watts (2 horsepower). It works together with a premium stainless steel blade to turn your vegetables and fruits into silky beverages (like smoothies or creamy sauces) in a matter of seconds.

The 5200 also features an overload safety function. If the blender runs for too long or is straining too much, the motor will shut down automatically to prevent circuit damage.

  • Good at heavy tasks
  • Not dishwasher friendly
  • Quality materials
  • Expensive
  • Simple to use
  • Strong motor
  • Well-built

Ninja BL770 Kitchen System


With a high-powered motor and additional accessories for food processing, the Ninja BL770 adds excellent value to your arsenal but still comes at a competitive price.

The blender is 17 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide, and 9.5 inches deep. That’s pretty large so you’ll need to find an open spot, probably on a kitchen island or table.

A 1500-watt (2-HP) motor base powers the machine. You have 3 speeds to switch between, 1 pulse function, and 1 single-serve preset— which will also let you pulse but at a speed that is appropriate for small jars.

The accessories include one 72-ounce (9-cup) pitcher and one 64-ounce (8-cup) food processor bowl with a lid that acts as a safety key. Specifically, the motor will not turn unless the lid is locked on.

  • Good accessory package
  • Needs extra storage space for all the extras
  • Competitive price
  • Mediocre at heavy tasks
  • Strong motor
  • Noisy
  • Safety lock

NutriBullet 12-Piece Blender NBR-1201


With a 12-piece package and a reasonable motor, the NutriBullet 600 NBR-1201 should be perfect for your daily single-serve smoothies.

This blender is compact, only about 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide, and should fit right on your kitchen counter even if you’ve got little room. Plus, thanks to the cylindrical “bullet” shape, it’s easy to find a spot in the cabinet to put the unit away.

The base is a 600-watt motor. It isn’t strong, so the manufacturer suggests that you add liquid every time you blend— even if it’s with soft fruits or vegetables. They don’t say it, but you can imagine that nuts and seeds are almost a complete no-go.

  • Compact
  • Noisy
  • Affordable
  • Needs liquid
  • Simple to use
  • Good accessory package

BLACK+DECKER Crush Master 10-Speed Blender


BLACK+DECKER Crush Master 10-Speed Blender, Black is a master at crushing and blending ingredients. It can crush, grind, mix, and blend any ingredient to prepare the yummiest beverages and foods. This amazing quiet blender has 10-speed settings and a pulse setting to customize the consistency of the drink.

Its 550-watt motor is well-built and can blend ingredients in just a few seconds to save time and energy. The pitcher has a fantastic spout for pouring the blended shake into a cup easily without making a mess.

The 4-point blade is made of stainless steel and functions perfectly at all different levels of speed. It also comes with a measuring lid to measure the ingredients to blend.

  • Durable
  • Pitcher leaks when a hot liquid is poured into it
  • Lightweight
  • Blades spin even if the container is not attached to the base
  • Easy to pour
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile functions

Blendtec Designer 625


It’s the blender that does everything-including complement your kitchen décor. The Designer 625 features next-generation blending and control technology along with a stunning palette of multiple colors to choose from.

  • The illuminated capacitive touch interface
  • None
  • Powerful 1560 Watt Motor
  • 4 preprogrammed cycles
  • Molded finish

Waring MX1200XTX


Get smooth, consistent results every time with the Waring® MX1200XTX. This heavy-duty, 3.5 HP blender teams up with The Raptor® blade and jar assembly for maximum power and efficiency. Rev it up with variable speed controls from 1,500 to 20,000 RPM and a max pulse of 30,000 RPM. Perfect for a busy bar, health facility, school, or coffee shop.

  • High-performance, high-impact, stainless-steel blade is user-replaceable for easy servicing.
  • None
  • Easily removable container cover with removable clear cap for adding ingredients and pressure reduction during hot food blending.
  • User-replaceable, metal-on-metal, stainless-steel coupling system between base and container for durability and reliability.
  • One-piece, dishwasher-safe, removable jar pad.

Oster BLSTMB-BBG-000 Blender


Oster BLSTMB-BBG-000 Blender is a powerful blender that works just as well as premium model blenders in the market and in making the yummiest smoothies in a jiffy.

This appliance can also be used as a food processor as it has a well-built 1200 watt motor that pulps and crushes everything you put in it. It is equipped with smart pre-programmed functions that help in preparing salsa, milkshakes, and smoothies. The pulse blending button helps in precision control.

The Dual Direction Blade Mechanism is another feature that sets this blender apart from many others in this group.

  • 10-year DURALAST™ all-metal drive limited warranty
  • High power requirement
  • Works as a food processor
  • Blades get worn out
  • Strong motor power
  • Dual direction blade
  • Versatile settings

COSORI Blender


COSORI Blender runs on a 1400W motor that goes 25,000 RPM. The blender comes with a 60 oz. BPA-free pitcher and a travel-friendly 20 oz. personal pitcher.

This heavy-duty appliance blends ice cubes, frozen fruits, veggies, pulses, nuts, and seeds. Its sharp blades make it easier to extract all the nutrients and vitamins and make a smooth mix.

You can adjust the speed of this blender with the control knob to get the texture you want for smoothies and purees.

  • Comes with a cookbook
  • The pitcher may not fit properly in the base
  • User-friendly design
  • Razor-sharp blades
  • Affordable
  • Portable

Instant Ace Nova Blender


Instant Ace Nova Blender runs on advanced microprocessor technology and has 8 smart built-in one-touch functions for making smoothies, purées, ice cream, soy, rice, nut/oat milk, soups, and crushed ice. It also has 3 manual blending speeds and a pulse/clean option that helps in the self-cleaning of the blender.

Four operations are meant for blending cold ingredients, and the rest of them are for hot ingredients. The cold blending functions are for preparing smoothies, ice creams, and frozen desserts. The highlight of the hot blending functions is that they raise the temperature of the ingredients before blending.

  • Suitable for preparing dairy-alternative products
  • None
  • Food stays warm for 2 hours after hot blending
  • Displays real-time cooking temperatures
  • Good customer service
  • Affordable

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender


Ninja Professional Countertop Blender passes the “home chef” test successfully. It is a well-built home blender that effortlessly blends smoothies, sauces, dips, salsas, and other semi-liquid recipes. It comes with a 64 oz. pitcher, so preparing smoothies for two or three individuals at one time isn’t a big task. It also comes with two 16 ounce to-go cups with lids for blending chilled shakes. Total Crushing Technology can crush ice cubes and frozen fruits without burning the motor. It consists of six Pro Extractor Blades and an 1100 watt motor.

  • Blends quickly and efficiently
  • The pitcher may spill, leak, or crack
  • Comes with 2 to-go cups
  • Slightly noisy
  • Reasonably priced
  • Sleek design


There is a wide array of blenders out there of all different shapes and sizes. It can be impossible to know which to choose from, but the decision doesn’t have to be that difficult.

By following our guide to the best blenders, you should be able to choose one that fits your needs.

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