Hunter Key Biscayne


Weathered Zinc

Indoor and Outdoor Damp Rated Fan

54″ Blade Span

Pull Chain Included

LED Downlight Included



Designed for indoor/outdoor use, wet rated

Energy-efficient DC motor with 9 speeds

Decorative canopy ring and coupling cover are used to conceal any exposed screws

Prominence Home Auletta


ETL damp rated

Frosted led light

Conveniently quiet

Tri-mount options

Brightwatts 52″ LED Ceiling Fan


Quiet airflow design

Energy-efficient using only 17 watts

Size: 52 inches

Ideal for rooms up to 400 sq. ft.

Hunter 53237 Builder Plus


Classic ceiling fan

Multi-speed reversible fan motor

Led light kit

Pull chain control

Room placement

Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan


3 Fan Speeds

Matte Opal Glass Light Kit

Powerful AC motor

Ease of installation


Minka-Aire 52″ Ceiling Fan F844-DK


Minka Aire ceiling fan includes 17 Watt Dimmable LED Light Module in an Etched Lens with an incandescent equivalent of 75 watts

Designed with a distressed koa body, this indoor ceiling fan was crafted with Three Distressed Koa Blades

Control included: RCS213 – Three-speed hand-held remote with full-range light dimming. Non-reversing (manual reverse switch on motor)

Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Ceiling Fan 7205300


LED light kit with opal frosted glass includes two 8-watt (60-watt equivalent) T7 LED bulbs that provide energy and cost-saving benefits

The high-quality motor delivers powerful air movement and quiet performance, a lifetime motor warranty, and a two-year warranty on all other parts

Airflow: 3576 cfm; energy usage: 61 watts without light; airflow efficiency: 59 cfm per watt

Emerson CF765BQ 60-inches Ceiling Fan


For an industrial vibe in a residential setting

Three high-efficiency airfoil blades create a 60

Andersonlight Fan 48″ LED Ceiling Fan


Ultra-quiet fan motor

Reversible function fan light

Modern ceiling fan light

Remote control fan light


This guide focuses on showing the best ceiling fans out there. One may think that ceiling fans are of no use anymore, with the coming of Air Conditioners. But this is entirely not true, ceiling fans still come in handy. Read through to find out the best ceiling fans.

A ceiling fan can improve air circulation in a room quite a bit. It can also lower the temperature. Both of those factors matter if you’ve got a stuffy environment like an enclosed room.

Buying a ceiling fan for your house, apartment, workspace, etc. is certainly worth considering. They’re often a cheaper solution than getting central air if that’s not a viable option.

You should get a soundproof curtain for your home, so it stops noise produced from some noisy ceiling fans

Ceiling Fan Benefits

As you’re thinking about whether it’s worth it to buy a ceiling fan for your residence or business, there are a few different aspects to consider.

If you’re looking to cool a certain area, like a bedroom, living room, etc., your options are usually a ceiling fan, central air, a window AC unit, or a box fan.

A box fan is portable, so it has that going for it. However, they’re usually cheaply made, and they aren’t a permanent fixture like a ceiling fan is.

Window AC units can be good for cooling down a house or apartment section. Again, they aren’t permanent like a ceiling fan is.

Also, with a ceiling fan, many times you have a light component also. For illumination purposes, a window AC unit won’t help you.

Central air is great, but often, getting it installed will cost multiple thousands of dollars. Some individuals can’t afford that, and also, they might not have space in their house or apartment to do it.

Meanwhile, instead of relying on your ceiling fan to take out the dust in your home, it’d be preferable you use a dust extractor.

With a ceiling fan, you get the following:

  • A reasonably-priced room-cooling option
  • A permanent fixture to that room that ups your apartment or houses’ resale value
  • A light addition, so you can both illuminate the room and cool it at the same time
  • The ability to not just cool the air in summer months, but circulate warm air down during the winter
  • The aesthetic appeal if you get a fan that’s also artistically designed


Ceiling height

Before selecting a ceiling fan, you need to be sure about the ceiling height. Generally, the fan height from the floor to the blades is around 8 feet. There are a few fans that come with several mounting options, which gives you the freedom to use them anywhere in the house.

You should measure the height of the ceiling to understand the mounting option that will work best for your home. The different mounting options are:

  • Down rod mount

It’s ideal for rooms that have a high ceiling, which can be 8 feet or higher. Some of the ceiling fans also include a downrod; however, you should check the length of the down rod that is being provided.

  • Flush mount

Made especially for rooms with low ceiling height. The fan is mount flush to the ceiling, and there is no extra attachment. 

Ceiling fan styles and finishes

In recent times, ceiling fans are designed in a variety of styles and finishes. Fans that come with an adjustable speed level along with a reverse airflow function are a bonus. If the fan has a clockwise feature, it can help with the heating during the winter season.

When it comes to finishes, it’s best to opt for one that complements the look of the other cabinet hardware and handles. For the fan blades and base, some of the popular ceiling fan finishes include- satin, matte black, antique bronze, brushed nickel, polish pewter, gloss, etc.

Blade materials

Fan blades can be plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, or wood (plywood, timber, or MDF). There is usually no difference in the cooling ability for the different blade materials. If you want a ceiling fan with a silent operation, you can opt for plastic or wooden blades.

When buying knee pads, you are not to consider the blade materials since kneepads do not have blades.

Integrated light

When a ceiling fan comes with a built-in light, it can be a useful feature for the house. If you plan to rely on the existing light fitting that is mounted on the fan, then you’ll have a strobe lighting effect.

The integrated light feature is great for parties, but it can be disrupted when you want to relax after a tiring day.

Controls and settings

The ceiling fan control options include:

  • Wall switch

It’s easy to use and commonly placed along with the light switch. Also, it requires professional installation.

  • Pull- cord

Usually, a cord is connected at the bottom of the fan to adjust the light and speed settings. You need to pull it once for the lowest setting, and if you pull it twice, you’ll get the highest speed setting.

  • Remote control

This feature is also easy to use, and you can install the fan quickly. It helps to eliminate the challenges of having to rewire the fan to your light switch.

Ceiling fan blades

The ceiling fan blades are an essential design feature, and they can’t be compared to the efficiency or utility of the product. Moreover, the fan’s ability to move out air can be determined by checking the pitch of the blades.

Plus, you’ll find a range of effortless design updates for a ceiling fan in the new models. For instance; fans with adjustable blades, make it easier for you to change the design when you’re bored of one look.


This is another important consideration you have to think about when making the order. We have different fans at different prices; hence you should get one that will suit your budget. Other than this, you may also check out for the warranty.


Hunter Key Biscayne


Hunter is a renowned brand that has been in the fan business for around 125 years now, and it would have been very awkward if they did not make it into our list of the best outdoor ceiling fans. This model of theirs is the 59135 Key Biscayne that we have on the list as the second top entry.

This fan features the WhisperWind motor that gives out quite a performance when it comes to circulating the air around. But the surprising thing here is that even though the motor is mighty, it makes almost no sound.

  • Lifetime warranty of motor
  • Damp-rated
  • Has an included pull chain
  • Pricier
  • WhisperWind Motor
  • Attached LED bulbs
  • Reversible Blades



This fan by Home Decorators Collection is the most massive fan we have here on the list. It has a wingspan of 72 inches, which gives a gigantic look. But these blades are not merely just for showing off.

The blades are for circulating air around, and these blades do it impressively well. It can easily cover a larger area and keep you cool all day through these scorching summers. Unlike most of the fans, this one has eight blades.

Most of the other fans have either three or four, but this one has eight, and these eight blades give it a strikingly similar resemblance to an octopus.

  • Easy installation
  • The most expensive item on the list
  • Remote controlled
  • Not yet rated
  • A high rate of airflow
  • The largest wingspan on the list

Prominence Home Auletta


This ceiling fan is like a black-colored tie; it can go with any type of suit. It has a universal design that brings out the most of this sleek and modern design. The color of this fan is matte black, which makes it suitable for almost every other color and place, whether it is the patio, garage, porch, gazebo, breezeway, balcony, or even veranda.

The wingspan of this fan is 52 inches and has four blades. These blades are powered by an AC motor that works on 120 volts and generates enough power to cover a maximum area of 400 square feet. Apart from being robust, this motor is very silent, much like a ninja on a stealth mission.

  • Three different settings for motor speed
  • Only damp rated, not waterproof
  • Reversible wing direction
  • Not that much aesthetic
  • An all-go design
  • Best for budget

Brightwatts 52″ LED Ceiling Fan


Ceiling fans are the center point of the room so you want them to be stylish while also being efficient with airflow and lighting.

The Brightwatts ceiling fan accomplishes all that and more at an affordable price. This beautiful ceiling fan has hand-painted Nutmeg Espresso wooden blades on an oil-rubbed bronze fixture with a simple white glass light bowl. You cannot go wrong choosing this fan for your space.

  • Good for winter and summer
  • No remote
  • Affordable price
  • Quiet & Efficient
  • Easy to mount
  • LED Lights

Hunter 53237 Builder Plus


The Hunter company is famous for its superior quality ceiling fans, and this unit is no exception. It features 52-inch blades that provide an impressive cold airflow, and you can choose between three beautiful colors and light fixtures (with three bulbs included) to ensure that this fan will fit perfectly in any room in your house.

As with any modern ceiling fan, you are likely looking for a silent unit. Who likes a noisy ceiling fan that will disturb you during daily activities or when you have friends and family over? The Hunter Builder Plus incorporates the company’s WhisperWind technology, which results in a silent motor. You’ll be able to set three different speeds ranging from low to high, and you can also set the motor to run in reverse. All these settings can be controlled using a Hunter remote control (sold separately) or via the pull-down chain.

  • 52-inch blade span
  • none
  • Indoor spaces only
  • Adjust the speed with the pull chains
  • Energy-efficient dimmable LED light bulbs

Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan


This 44-inch fan provides highly efficient airflow, and the three brushed nickel blades make the Harbor Breeze a stylish addition to any room. It comes with an integrated lighting fixture and halogen bulbs that provide ideal illumination.

This ceiling fan should only be installed indoors, and it can be installed on flush mounting, which means that it can be attached to the ceiling without a downrod.

With a 4545 CFM airflow capacity, the Harbor Breeze moves the air around the room efficiently. The powerful AC motor can be set to spin the blades in reverse for year-round comfort. It comes with a hand-held remote that allows you to operate the reverse function, adjust between three-speed levels, and operate the lights from anywhere in the room.

  • Powerful motor, along with an integrated led light fixture
  • none
  • 44-in fan provides airflow up to 4,545-CFM
  • Great for small rooms up to 100-sq ft
  • Reverse airflow feature

Minka-Aire 52″ Ceiling Fan F844-DK


This ceiling fan is on the more expensive side compared to some on this list. It has three blades and an attractive bronze finish. The distressed koa body is somewhat unique, so if you want your residence to look a little different, this might be the way to go.

The built-in LED light kit provides warmer, softer light, rather than some of the harsher lamp-and-fan combos. It is highly energy-efficient. The handheld remote control gives you control over the dimmer light and the three fan settings.

It is reversible, so you can use it year-round for cooling and air circulation. The six-inch downrod gives you an easy installation option for most ceilings under ten feet.

  • Reversible motor switch for air circulation and cooling
  • none
  • Three-blade fan with a distinct distressed koa look
  • Three fan options and a dimming, soft light
  • Remote control for both fan and light

Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Ceiling Fan 7205300


Here is another offering from Westinghouse, the well-known home interior product designer. Steel and glass make up this fan, and the three blades and the housing are an attractive gun-metal gray. The blades are 42’’, making this fan suitable for smaller or medium-sized indoor rooms.

The silicon steel motor has a dual capacitor. There is a reversible setting for year-round use, and three-speed settings, high, medium, and low. The energy usage is quite reasonable, even when the light is on.

Price-wise, this is one of the more reasonable choices on this list, so bargain-hunters take note. You get a lifetime motor warranty, and two years on the other components.

  • Easy installation with everything you need to be included
  • none
  • Three reversible blades and three fan settings
  • Very low energy usage
  • Competitively priced

Emerson CF765BQ 60-inches Ceiling Fan


If you’re looking for a fan with an industrial design, then look no further because the Emerson CF765BQ will be your new favorite. The black finish and the overall built come with the perfect blend of art and design. You can fix it in any of your high ceiling rooms using the stainless steel 6-inch down rod that is included in this package.

The well-refined design of this ceiling fan makes it a beautiful home appliance, that doesn’t just stand out for its aesthetics but also the functionality. We have installed it in our living room because it has a very high ceiling and the down rod ensures a good air distribution. This fan can evenly distribute the air in rooms of around 400 square feet.

  • Has a sturdy construction
  • Wobbles if not installed correctly
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Doesn’t have a silent operation
  • Includes a four-speed remote control

Andersonlight Fan 48″ LED Ceiling Fan


This is another mid-sized fan jockeying for position among several similarly-priced options. It is a light-and-fan combo that also comes with remote control. The blades are 48’’, meaning it would do well in a living room, dining room, or possibly a bedroom.

The fan motor is ultra-quiet, perfect for the light sleeper. You can set the fan to either downdraft or updraft mode depending on the season. It is modern-looking without being too flashy.

One unique feature is the blades. One side shows treated wood, the other a metallic finish. Depending on the rest of your decor, you might install one side facing up or the other.

  • Size and functionality best for small or medium-sized rooms
  • none
  • Reversible blades, one side metallic, the other wood veneer
  • Remote control for the light and fan settings
  • Very quiet operation for light sleepers


These are now the recommended ceiling fans that will suit all rooms. Depending on the room size, you will always get the right fan that will improve the air movement in the room. There are also larger fans that can serve outdoor activities easily. When making the selection, you should ensure that the fan has quality blades to boost the air movement.

Other than this, they also feature powerful motors that enhance the speed of air movement.

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