Best Cordless Drills of 2022




Excellent battery life

Good lightweight feel

3 LEDs

produces 280 unit watts

Makita FD07R1


Build-in industrial quality

Weighs 2.3 lbs

delivers 280 in. lbs.



Comes with 2 DCB203 2ah batteries

Drill perfectly fits in the case

3 Led lights

Milwaukee 2897-22 M18


REDLITHIUM XC 5.0Ah batteries provide powerful performance.

REDLITHIUM battery technology offers superior pack construction

POWERSTATE Brushless Motor delivers 1800 in. lbs

Stalwart 18V Cordless Drill Set, 89-Piece by Stalwart


89 pc. set

16+1 torque settings

keyless chuck

carrying case



Powerful 20-volt device

Has 11 clutch positions

Milwaukee 2605-20 M18-Volt cordless hammer drill


Made in the USA

Power Tools and Accessories

3-Mode Operation

Powerful Hammer Mechanism: Delivers 1.8 ft-lbs of impact energy;

Bosch Power Tools 18V Battery Drill Set


Comes with a powerful LED light that allows you to continue work late into the night

Produces 1300 RPMs in speed.

Has a maximum talk of 350 pounds.

Kobalt 24-Volt Max Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) 1/2-in Cordless Brushless Drill


½ inch chuck size

24-volt battery

5-year warranty



High quality but cheap price

The battery life is good



Having the right tools at the right time can be so pleasing. This is why we recommend you to own a cordless drill, these tools come in handy when needed, and it is versatile. You should read through this guide to discover the best cordless drills for your homes.

A cordless drill is ideal for small indoor jobs. Compared to a corded model, a cordless drill is much more manageable and easy to use. It all depends on the work to be done. In this case, the cordless drill is particularly practical for reaching high places or hard-to-reach corners thanks to its compact size and limited weight.



Cordless drill drivers come in multiple variants. The impact driver, regular drill-driver, and hammer drills. The impact driver is mostly used as a screwing/unscrewing power tool.

The regular cordless drill is a traditional drilling machine and the hammer drill is a heavy-duty cordless drill for boring holes in concrete, stone, brick, and other tough mineral-based materials.

Battery Power

Just like any other power tool or a drill, cordless drills also need power for powering their motor that is used for powering the drill bit and drilling into a given object or surface. But since a cordless drill does not need a power socket, it simply means that such drills use batteries for powering their motor.

Therefore, the battery power offered in a cordless drill is also quite essential to check. It ensures that you are getting enough power while drilling. The battery power of a cordless drill is given in volts as 18 volts or 20 volts.

And in most cases, a cordless drill with a higher voltage rating of 20 volts will perform better for drilling into a given object.

Battery Life

You should also check the battery life offered by a given cordless drill. Batteries run out of power if you are using your cordless drill for a long time.

And the battery life offered by a drill is quite important to check, especially if you want to use it for professional applications. You can check the battery life rating in a drill by check the Ah rating of the battery.

Different cordless drills come with different Ah ratings as 1.0 Ah or 2.0 Ah. And as you would expect, a 2.0 Ah battery will last longer than a 1.0 Ah in most cases.

Thankfully, most cordless drills allow you to quickly and easily change the batteries if you run out of power. This can be quite handy as you can keep multiple batteries in your bag and keep using your drill for a long time without any issues.


Speed is also an important factor. Look for models that allow you to change the speed of the unit (variable speed) on the fly. By being able to change the speed of the unit you basically ensure that you can adapt to the material density.

Additionally, the speed-changing knob or button must be located in an easy-to-reach position. If the model has a speed indicator, all the better.

Like cordless drills, when you have intentions of buying tools like masticating juicers, you should consider the speed.

Chuck Size

The chuck size dictates the size of drill bits that the cordless drill can accommodate. The best cordless drills on the market have chuck sizes of 1/2 inch (13 mm). Less performing and usually cheaper models usually fit smaller drill shanks of less than 1/2 inch.

Drill Direction

The drill direction is most important when working with a cordless impact driver. It allows you to screw and unscrew bolts quickly and easily.

However, a reverse direction in a regular cordless drill can also be very effective and helps prevent drill bit jams. In any case, whichever type you choose, ensure that the reverse button is located in an intuitive position, and easy to press.

LED Light

A light fitted to the cordless drill is always a very handy feature. This allows you to drill in dimly lit areas more effectively.

Ergonomics and Weight

Since you will probably be holding your cordless drill for an extended period of time, ensure that it handles well and fits comfortably in the hand. This will limit hand fatigue and make drilling a more pleasant experience.

Additionally, the lighter the better when it comes to cordless drill drivers. A small weight will limit hand fatigue and allow you to maneuver the device more easily when used in awkward positions.

Durability and Reliability

As cordless drills are used for drilling into all kinds of objects and surfaces, you should make sure that you are buying a durable and reliable cordless drill. But various factors might affect the durability of a given drill.

Therefore, the easiest way to ensure that a given cordless drill is durable is to check the warranty duration offered by it.

Most of the portable drill options out there come with a 2 year or a 3-year warranty. But some of them even come with a 5-year long warranty. You can also check the materials used by the drill bits of a given cordless drill.

Drill bits made of titanium or tungsten carbide usually last for a long time that makes them highly durable and reliable. Such cordless drills can be used for a long time without facing any issues.

The durability of any tool such as; mortar and pestle and coffee tumblers is an important point to consider,




CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 cordless drill driver comes with a high-quality motor that produces 280 unit watts out for completing a variety of applications. This drill is powerful enough to drill through aluminum and you can drill through metal using the right torque and with a cutting lubricant.

It feels well balanced in the hand, it weighs only 3lbs 8oz with a battery. Speeds are 0-400 in first gear and 0-1500 in second gear. It has plenty of clutch positions to allow the perfect setting for driving screws on any project. Also, there’s a drill position to lock the clutch when you’re drilling holes.

The battery has an indicator with 3 LEDs so you can see how much charge remains at the touch of a button and the super bright Led light which improves visibility in dark work areas.

  • Solid construction
  • The battery could last a bit longer
  • Sturdy and more powerful
  • Doesn’t come with a case
  • Strong and compact design

Makita FD07R1


The Makita FD07R1 Brushless Cordless drill provides powerful speed. This drill/driver has more than enough power to drive any wood screw you will encounter and can drill holes with the best of them. It has a trigger with variable speed and also has an LED light to illuminate the work area.

With slide-style batteries, you get superior balance and ergonomics over pod-style batteries. The batteries also include an onboard L.E.D. charge level indicator. It’s an ideal choice for someone who seeking a more compact driver-drill with less weight and for applications in tight spaces.

Makita FD07R1 was built with a compact and ergonomic design at only 6-1/16″ long. It is lightweight and Weighs only 2.3 lbs. Its 12V makes it lighter than 18V or 20V drills, but it has fantastic run time on a single charge. In max torque, a brushless motor delivers 280 in. lbs.

  • Very simple to handle
  • Chuck itself spins very freely
  • You can remove the clip
  • LED is too close up under the chuck
  • Batteries last a long time
  • Compact and ergonomic design



It is compact, lightweight, and design for tight spaces. It is a fantastic drill, well worth the price if you need a good reliable battery-powered drill.

There are rubber bumpers around the side of the main part of the drill’s housing that helps when the drill falls over. The chuck is all metal and grips well. The grip itself is thin, comfortable, and easy to hold tight. It features high-speed transmission with 2-speed settings.

It comes with 3-Mode LED lights with a spotlight mode. The light is very bright and has a few settings, not much to say there, but it’s more useful than most. The total weight for a cordless drill, two batteries, battery charger, and carrying case is 7.4 pounds.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • This is not a hammer drill
  • High-speed transmission
  • There is no bit holder
  • It has tremendous torque

Milwaukee 2897-22 M18


The Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 is an impressive piece of craftsmanship and is one of the best investments you could make in today’s market. The tool is durable and sturdy, making it great for contractors who need a reliable and resilient tool to take to their worksite. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the freedom that comes with its cordless design and maneuver it more easily than you could a traditional corded tool.

The Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Kit is a great investment for anyone in need of a high power drill and we highly recommend it to anyone.

  • Is great for contractors and hobbyists who need a powerful and reliable tool
  • none
  • Comes with a powerful brushless motor
  • Comes with two batteries

Stalwart 18V Cordless Drill Set, 89-Piece by Stalwart


The Stalwart 89-Piece 18V Cordless Set is a powerful tool that is built to make a contractor’s work a much easier process. You’ll be able to get your job done quickly, effectively, and accurately thanks to the powerful engine and freedom of movement. The machine produces an impressive amount of power output and even though it isn’t corded, it has a battery lifespan of about 5 hours and is more than capable of getting you through your work and helping you power through even the most difficult of tasks.

  • Fairly light in weight – only about 10 pounds
  • none
  • Batteries have a 5-hour lifespan
  • Powerful 18V tool



The Black+Decker LDX120C is a top-notch device that is sure to quickly become one of your favorites go-to tools. The device is built with quality materials that will last for years to come and is designed to be quick and easy to operate. Additionally, the ⅜ inch chuck makes it easier to change out the bits on the machine.

The powerful 20-volt device can produce 115 inch-lbs of torque and generate speeds of up to 650 rpm. You’ll get some of the best work of your life done with the Black+Decker LDX120C and be able to get through your work demands faster thanks to this impressive tool.

  • Can produce 115 inch-lbs of power
  • none
  • Can generate speeds of up to 650 rpm
  • Has a ⅜ inch chuck to make it easier to change out bits

Milwaukee 2605-20 M18-Volt cordless hammer drill


This hammer drill model has a powerful and highly dependable brushless motor. Because it is 18volt, it looks compact comparing to most other models in this category. When we speak of its highlights, the first thing that comes to our mind is the redlink feature. It prevents the hammer drill from over-discharge, overloading, and overheating. The design is ergonomic, and the handles and grip observe shock to give you a comfortable and secure hold on the machine. If your work regularly involves drilling through tough masonry, then this equipment will do it efficiently for you.

  • Has a longer battery life than the models in this category.
  • Contains a heavier price tag.
  • 5 years of limited warranty provided.
  • Made of anti-vibration mechanism.
  • Produces 1400 RPM, 4800 BPM.

Bosch Power Tools 18V Battery Drill Set.


First of all, it is affordable. You will get a drill, two lithium-ion batteries, a charger, one screwdriver bit, and a contractor bag.

It delivers top-notched performance for any kind of project. Compact and lightweight design is naturally so attractive. It is made of durable materials and contains an LED light, which is visible even in dark areas.

Durashield housing is an exclusive construction that is only available in this model. The two slim pack batteries provide serious power for any drilling work, and it is protected by an electronic cell protection technology.

  • Two battery provides supreme power for all drilling-related work.
  • The only bad thing with this model is its clutch.
  • Comes with an LED light.
  • lightweight
  • Sturdy

Kobalt 24-Volt Max Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) 1/2-in Cordless Brushless Drill


Kobalt is a fairly unknown brand of power tools when compared with other power tool brands. But if it offers high-performance options like its cordless drill.

While this cordless drill from Kobalt is slightly on the expensive side, it offers a 24-volt battery. This battery is quite powerful when compared with other options. It is used to power its ½ inch chuck size for great drilling performance and high motor speeds.

Another great thing about this cordless drill is that it is the most durable option present in this article. You get a 5-year warranty along with decent build quality.

  • 0 Ah battery life rating
  • None
  • 650-inch pound torque
  • The motor speed of up to 2000 RPM



BLACK+DECKER BD2KITCDDI Driver features an 11 position clutch with a LED work light to illuminate the work surface. It is simple to use in tight and confined spaces, ideal for drilling into wood, metal plastic, and all screw driving tasks. As far as the drill motor, it is lightweight, fast, and has enough power to drill through anything.

It comes with a quick-release 1/4″ hex chuck. For the impact driver, it is about the same weight and dimensions as the drill motor. The chuck has a locking mechanism that holds the bits in place. This cordless impact driver features a high-performance transmission that delivers 1375 in-lbs of max torque.

  • Straight-forward and simpler tools
  • Not top-tier tools
  • Excellent set for a long time use
  • Doesn’t include a bag
  • Very durable and resilient


You now have everything you need to choose your cordless drill and, above all, to finally find the one that best meets your needs and your budget. They will serve you well for years to come. If you have still not found the best cordless drill for your need, then we recommend that you read this review one more time.

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