Eastman Outdoors Professional Jerky Gun Kit


The rod is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel that’s super durable and long-lasting

Robust aluminum barrel with elegant silver color can contain up to 1.5 pounds of ground meat

2 types of nozzle tips to produce round or flat jerkies

Delta Prime Jerky Gun


The full set includes 4 stainless steel nozzles: single flat tip, single round tip, double round tip, and double flat tip to make different shapes of jerkies

High-quality aluminum construction is super strong, durable, and long-lasting

Large funnel and piston for effective meat loading

LEM Products 555 Jerky Gun


Durable and strong heavy-duty drive system

2 nozzles to produce round and flat jerkies

Capacity is ¾ pounds of meat, which is a bit smaller than other jerky guns

SIGVAL Jerky Gun


There are a smooth pump handle and a retractable plunger in the gun that let your kids use it easily

You will not face any issue of shooter falling apart

It offers you premium durability for long term usage

JerkySpot Beef jerky shooter 2.7lb Capacity Pistol Maker


It comprises of the sturdy and rust-resistant anodized aluminum tube and stainless steel nozzles which make the product durable for a longer period.

It is perfect for all kinds of meat handling by a hunter, housewife, farmer, or town chef.

It has a double capacity for loading the meat as compared to the other branded jerky guns which mean that your lot of time will be saved which you might have to spend in filling the guns.

NESCO BJX-5 Jerky Gun, Red


Made with a durable stainless steel trigger

Very easy and safe to use

It can hold up to 4 pounds of ground meat

Weston Original Jerky Gun, Dishwasher Safe


The plastic tube can hold up to 1 lb of meat

The trigger mechanism makes the item easy to squeeze out uniform pieces of jerky

The stomper allows easy and quick meat loading

Smokehouse Jerky Gun, Black


Made with corrosion-resistant metal

Comes with a very large tube

Made with a thick and sturdy plastic tube

The lightweight aluminum handle is easy to press

XINQIAO Professional Beef Jerky Gun


4 attachable nozzles to make round or stick jerkies and even sausage stuffer

2 tree-shaped cleaning brushes inset to help clean thoroughly inside the cylinder after use easily

Wide and semi-transparent plastic tube for smooth and quick meat squeezing

A special removable cap to help for convenient storage

Chard JG-9 9-inch Jerky Gun


The die-cast metal frame was built to last for a long time

Comes in a set with 3 different stainless steel attachments for you to explore possibilities in the jerky-making process to create strips, sticks, or double-stick jerkies

Long handle and semi-transparent, heavy-duty plastic tube for efficient loading


Are you a meat lover that likes eating meat in a variety of ways? You should consider getting a jerky gun. Jerky guns are important utensils for your kitchen.

This guide is aimed at showing the best jerky guns. Buying the best jerky gun is quite tasking if you don’t have a guide to tell you what to look out for in a jery gun. This is why we’ve made this review, to guide you on the things to look out for in a jerky gun.

Creating jerky without the use of a jerky gun is doable, yes, but in time you’ll realize that the jerky gun just makes the entire process somewhat effortless and quicker than ever.

It also helps produce a perfectly shaped final product that’ll serve you for days. It is indeed an excellent way to provide yourself with comfort food that’ll be handy at any needed time, plus, the jerky itself is nutritious and highly economical.

What Is a Jerky Gun?

The jerky gun is a handheld kitchen gadget specially designed to make jerky by forming ground meat, chicken, venison into strips, or uniform pieces. These pieces will then be dried in a food dehydrator.

A proper jerky gun is an important part of this jerky-making process. Purchasing a good one is worth a lifelong investment that’s going to save your time, effort, and help to make chewy, tasty snacks with a significant taste of your own.

What Are the Different Parts of a Jerky Gun?

A jerky gun is somewhat similar to a sealing gun in the looks, equipment parts, size, and method of use. This equipment mainly comprises of 4 main parts which are as follows:

  • A press button or a stomper is primarily used for pushing the raw ground meat in the direction of the extrusion end of the pipe. It benefits in removing the air pockets inside the tube.
  • Of course, a tube or container in which you load the raw ground meat.
  • Outlets that attach to the end side of the tube. It creates thin strips or curved stick contours when you put the raw meat inside.
  • A handle or a trigger that is dejected to generate force for pushing the raw meat towards the end of the jerky gun’s tube.


Meat Cylinder

The meat cylinder will either be made of plastic or aluminum.

Take care when packing this cylinder with the ground meat mixture so the tube is not full of air pockets, or your jerky will be of an inconsistent thickness and may burn in spots or not dry completely in other spots.

Many jerky gun tips include a feeding flange and a tamper to make it easier to get the ground meat mixture into the tube.

All of these tools and attachments will need to go through the same cleaning process as the tips described above.​

Pressurizing Mechanism

This portion of your jerky gun will generally include a handle and a piston mechanism.

When mixing your ground meat, check it for large chunks that may get caught in the tip, particularly if you grind your own meat or are working with game meat such as venison.

If the tip of your jerky gun is stainless and the pumping handle is plastic, forcing a large chunk of meat through the tip may ultimately damage the handle and render the jerky gun useless.​


When buying a jerky gun, you need to get concerned about its size and weight as well. This will tell you the exact amount of meat that it can take and the corresponding output.

In most cases, when you are making your own jerky at home, you just need a lightweight and small gun. On the other hand, when making jerkies commercially, a large capacity will be a need.


The next thing that you should be concerned about is the type of materials that have been used to make the jerky gun.

These materials will play a huge role in determining the durability of the gun. On a similar note, it will tell you how hard or easy it will be to clean the jerky gun after use. With that in mind, you should settle for jerky guns that are durable and easy to clean as well.

Which Brand Do You Want to Buy Jerky Gun From?

Many kitchenware manufacturers produce jerky guns. Some most famous and reliable that have good products and customer service are LEM, Nesco, Weston, and SIGVAL…

Jerky guns that come from one of these brands are at the top of the list for their high quality, well-built construction, and smooth performance that’s worth the investment.


When buying a jerky gun, you should also take time and check the number of nozzles that the jerky gun comes with. It is common knowledge that different recipes will call for differently-shaped jerky nozzles.

For that reason, it is wise to choose a jerky gun that comes with different nozzles allowing you to make snacks that you really want to.


Eastman Outdoors Professional Jerky Gun Kit


If you’re looking for a good jerky gun with stunning design and well-built construction to make a large amount of jerky every time, this Eastman Outdoors jerky gun might just be the one for you.

The aluminum barrel and corrosion-resistant stainless steel rod were built to last for years of service. This item can hold a maximumly of 1.5 pounds of meat, reducing the time and effort to refill the ground meat. It’s easy to use and clean up with the cleaning brush that comes along the inset.

  • Functions well for a long time
  • The aluminum barrel doesn’t allow you to control the quantity of meat inside
  • Comes in set with a cleaning brush
  • Easy to use and clean thoroughly
  • Durable construction that lasts for years at the best performance

Delta Prime Jerky Gun


Delta Prime Savings Club is a reliable company that provides high standardized products with great and trustworthy customer service if the item has any problem.

It has 4 nozzles of different shapes, which is more than most of the other jerky guns. The aluminum cylinder is super strong and sturdy to last for years of usage.

You can hand-wash all the pieces of the item with the nylon brush attached inset. However, it’s a bit of a challenge to get the meat residue out of the 2 double nozzles after use.

  • Commercial-grade plastic is harmless and long-lasting
  • The double tip nozzles are a bit difficult to clean thoroughly
  • Convenient to assemble and retract after uses
  • Dispenses uniform and even jerkies
  • Easy to use and clean

LEM Products 555 Jerky Gun


It has every great feature to be a helpful kitchen tool, producing delicious jerky snack to enjoy around the house without wasting much time and energy

The set also comes with an original seasoning pack, but feel free to explore other marinating recipes all about your taste.

  • Squeeze perfect shaped jerkies in a short amount of time
  • Not all components are dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use for kids and beginners in jerky-making
  • The robust handle can take on high pressure
  • Easy to disassemble to clean

SIGVAL Jerky Gun


SIGVAL is a new company that has entered the race of jerky guns. It comes with three stainless steel nozzles comprising one flat, one round, and one dual flat. People who love to eat meaty strips of jerky should consider buying this product.

There is no problem of leakage at the time of extrusion procedure as the anodized aluminum container fixes firmly to its durable end caps. The air-release outlets inside the seal make the aluminum jerky gun perfect for compression.

It is a highly versatile unit with which you can prepare crackers, tortellini, or ravioli. The manufacturing company offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this product. It means you can return the product if you are not satisfied with it.

  • It is a complete kit of jerky gun that comes with two precise cleaners and three stainless steel nozzles
  • none
  • Its attachments made from a stainless steel material that is dishwasher safe
  • You can clean it easily by detaching the caps and the double brushes set
  • You can return the product anytime, if not satisfied

JerkySpot Beef jerky shooter 2.7lb Capacity Pistol Maker


With JerkySpot beef jerky gun, you can easily make the jerky strips this product by including some healthy ingredients in the mixture. It is manufactured from heavy-duty material that makes the equipment robust and strong.

It is also dream equipment for several jerky makers. You just have to load it up with the mixture and squeeze the trigger over the trays of the dehydrator. The manufacturing company has also provided an additional cleaning brush that helps you in keeping the equipment clean. This is one of the best jerky guns for the money.

  • Very easy to unscrew and clean thoroughly with the cleaning brush inset
  • The cleaning brush is cheap, hard to be washed-up itself
  • Large meat capacity to save time and effort when you refill the meat
  • Strong and sturdy construction to last for years of usage
  • Create perfectly shaped jerkies

NESCO BJX-5 Jerky Gun, Red


In case you are looking for a small and very easy to operate jerky gun at a relatively affordable price, this one will be your best pick. You will appreciate that it comes in a plastic construction that is gluten-free and also resistant to rust.

Apart from that, this jerky gun comes in a lightweight design which means that its storage or transportation will be very easy.

The outstanding benefit of this jerky gun is that it comes with a clear plastic tube. With this function, it will be very easy to control the amount of meat that can be processed at an instance.

This jerky gun has been recommended for those people looking to enjoy some healthy and low-calorie meaty snacks. With its three nozzle attachments, it will be pretty easy to make your desired shape of snacks.

  • The clear compartment lets you see the meat level instantly.
  • There’s a tendency for meat to lock up inside the tube.
  • It comes with three attachments you can choose from.
  • It is easy to use especially for beginners.

Weston Original Jerky Gun, Dishwasher Safe


The Weston Original Jerky Gun also comes up as a sound contender because it’s pretty much a complete package. This jerky gun comes with seasoning, sausage pipe, two nozzle attachments, a stomper, and a cleaning set. With all these, you can make jerkies even when away from home, such as when going hiking or camping. It can also work well with all sorts of jerky meat, whether you’re making venison, beef, and wild game jerky.

The Weston Original Jerky Gun is noticeably durable, thanks to its aluminum barrel, which can contain up to 1.5 lbs. meat. Some parts of the gun come with durable plastic which feels solid and sturdy.

The trigger does not need a lot of pressure, making it easy to use by newbie and expert jerky-makers alike. There’s no issue of meat locking up inside the barrel because the large stomper makes it easy to push the meat towards the nozzle. You also get two nozzle attachments so you can easily choose between flat or rounded jerky strips.

  • It is easy and smooth to operate, allowing for precise and speedy jerky-making.
  • Plastic parts are not as durable as stainless steel and aluminum construction.
  • The barrel has durable, high-quality plastic.
  • The cleaning brush does not clean the barrel properly.
  • The parts of the gun are dishwasher safe.

Smokehouse Jerky Gun, Black


This tool has been specially made for those people who are looking to make a long-term investment in some jerky gun. You will appreciate the fact that this jerky gun is inexpensive and still possesses the best features.

For instance, it comes in a durable construction which means that it is going to serve you for a very long time. The metal used is corrosion-resistant while the plastic part is thick enough to stand the test of time.

Another great feature bout this jerky gun is that it has been made in a dishwasher-safe design. This simply means that cleaning and maintain the jerky gun will be relatively easy. With its 2 different nozzles, you will have the versatility of making your snacks in the desired shape. Even better, the price is very pocket-friendly.

  • Easy to assemble and retract after use
  • After use, you may have to pull out the leftover meat with your fingers
  • Lightweight to hold and convenient storage
  • Works perfectly, produce thin and even jerkies
  • Squeeze out even and uniform jerky snacks, even better-looking than store-bought

XINQIAO Professional Beef Jerky Gun


The XINQIAO Jerky Gun is completely qualified to give you the feeling of a professional and expertise jerky-making, both on its appearance and substance’s quality.

Different from another jerky gun, this one has 4 nozzles and 2 tree-shaped cleaning brushes inset to help making delicious, low-calorie jerkies easier and more fun, as well as for you not to struggle with cleaning up the meat residue after uses.

Moreover, its heavy-duty drive system is well-designed to be a durable and reliable lifelong investment for kitchen work.

  • Versatile functions to make different shapes and sizes of jerkies
  • The plastic may split open at the first attempt to use
  • Easy-to-use and sturdy aluminum handle
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals
  • Lightweight and smooth

Chard JG-9 9-inch Jerky Gun


This Chard 9-inch jerky gun with come a sturdy construction and great functionality.

Its durable cast metal casing was well-constructed to ensure long service, while the heavy plastic tube is almost unbreakable and transparent enough to look inside.

The ergonomic design is also a plus point since it will add a sense of modernity and convenience to your kitchen’s look.

  • Produce even, consistent pieces of jerky without much effort
  • Poorly-design stick tip that pushes the meat around, making a mess
  • Easy to take apart and clean up all the components
  • Dishwasher safe (except the plunger end)
  • Very easy to function, even for beginners


If you are among the many people who love jerky, it means that you must have a jerky gun in the kitchen. This equipment has a user-friendly design which makes it ideal for both beginners and professionals as well. In this review, we have discussed the best jerky guns that you expect to find in the market today after our research team conducted detailed research.

All the jerky guns are from reliable brands and arrive at a reasonable price. When choosing any jerky gun from the list, make sure to keep in mind the factors that we have highlighted above. This way, it will be very easy to make a decision that you will never regret