Best Meat Slicers of April 2021

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Chef’sChoice 6150000 Food Slicer


Comes with a stainless steel blade that measures 7 inches.

Generous reservoir for catching the sliced food.

A powerful electric motor running at 120W.

Easy to detach, clean body, blade.

BESWOOD 10″ Premium Meat Slicer


Blade Diameter: 10 inches

Power: 240 Watts

Slicing Thickness: 1-12 mm (0.5 inches)

Continental Electric PS77711


​2 years warranty

Blade Diameter: 7.5 inches

Power: 150 Watts

Berkel 825A-PLUS 10″ Manual Gravity Feed Meat Slicer


Comfortable to use

Large 10-inch blade

Able to adjust the slicing thickness

Kalorik 200-Watt Electric Meat Slicer 7.5


Durable and multipurpose blade

High power engine of 200W

7.5-inch steel blade

Waring Pro FS155AMZ Professional Meat Slicer


High-quality material

Flawless performance with a durable stainless steel blade

Safe and sturdy operation

Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer


Boasts a 7.5-inch stainless steel blade.

Non-slip construction secures the slicer in place.

Ostba Electric Meat and Food Slicer with Child Lock Protection


Adjustable thickness from thin to ¾ inches thick

Sharp 7.5 inch stainless steel serrated blade

200W powerful motor

Barton Commercial Stainless Steel 10 Inches Blade


10-inches stainless steel blade

Sleek compact design

Non-slip rubber feet

A built-in sharpener

Techwood Electric Food Slicer


Large food capacity

120W AC motor

5-inches undulated stainless steel blade

Sturdy non-slip feet


Slicing meat has never been easier. With the invention of meat the slicing machine, you can your meat slicing to the next level. This guide is centered on showing the best meat slicers. Read through this guide to find out more.

Slicing is necessary for your own home when you need to make healthy food, especially when your guests or friends come to your home to have a party.

What Is A Meat Slicer?

As the name suggests, a meat slicer or slicing machine is a kitchen tool used to shape large portions of meat. A slicer butcher meat, cheese, sausages, and other animal and poultry products. it produces a reciprocating motion. Through this motion, one could easily cut large portions of meat into desired slices.

Modern meat slicers use electricity. With only a touch of a button, you will cut your meat, cheese, pork, and sausages into your desired size. Modern food slicers slice even veggies and fish.

It is also important to note that good meat slicer should be dishwasher safe.



Anytime you consider purchasing an electric meat and food slicer, find one that not only slices meat but also slice vegetables, cheese, fruits, ham, appetizers, beef jerky, and bread. Consider one that features a powerful motor to use for both commercial applications and home use conveniently.

Like meat slicers, the versatility of tools like sponge mops, can openers, and bread knives are important.


Likewise, identify an electric meat and food slicer that features a sturdy and robust construction for long-lasting use.

Consider one that features a stainless steel blade and food carrier to ensure smooth and precise cutting and ensure continuous use. In addition to that, consider one that features sharper blades to ensure you use them for a long time.


Furthermore, consider an electric meat and food slicer that features 4-skid feet to ensure it stays in position for stable and efficient operation. Also, choose one that features a waterproof on/off switch and blade guard to ensure maximum safety while slicing your food.


Consider an electric meat and food slicer that features a powerful AC motor to ensure high-yield slicing power for commercial applications. Choose one that features a high voltage on/off switch to prevent accidental operations and prevent power shock while slicing.

The blade

Smooth and wavy blade exactly like a serrated blade knife it is perfect for cutting bread but is not suitable for meat, even for a slicer the same problem arises. Before proceeding with the purchase, you will therefore have to think about the type of products on which you want to use it.

If you are looking for a machine with which to cut vegetables and bread every day, then a wavy blade will be perfect for your needs. If you want a slicer just to enjoy the freshly-sliced ​​meat, then it will be necessary to buy a model with a smooth blade.

Always keep in mind the diameter of the blade. A larger diameter is used to mainly cut large forms of meat, so a model that should have a blade with a diameter greater than 23 mm but with a wavy profile would be absolutely inadvisable.

Some models are already equipped with a double blade, smooth and wavy for a perfect cut with any type of food.

Size Of Blade

There are different sizes of blades to choose from. To select the correct size of the blade, you should base on the food you want to slice. If you usually want to slice significant cuts of meat, vegetables, ham,… you need to find a blade with a large size.


Safety should be the most crucial factor to concern when you buy any electric machine. You should choose a product with non-slip feet so that the meat slicer can stand securely for you to use.

The protective blade guard can minimize the risk of user self-cutting. And there is the safety lock to ensure the machine doesn’t spin when it is not in use.

The Noise

Like many kitchen appliances of this type, meat slicers tend to make quite a bit of noise. They generally run between 60 to 70 decibels.

It should go without saying that users will want to choose a model that runs as quietly as possible. However, some machines tend to get louder during operation. After running for as little as ten seconds, the noise level may be ramped up considerably.

The price

There are slicers from around 50 dollars to over 400 dollars. Of course, the choice is mainly based on your use. No need to buy a very expensive device for occasional use. Buying your slicer would become a fairly unprofitable investment.

On the other hand, if you intend to use it regularly, it may be wise to go on a slightly more upscale model. These models will have a better lifespan and offer better guarantees. We strongly advise you not to go on a 50 dollars model.

These slicers have great difficulty in cutting meats, the belts drop regularly, the blades twist, and the slices are thick or unsightly.


Chef’sChoice 6150000 Food Slicer


This is not just a meat slicer but also a food slicer. If you buy Chef’sChoice 6150000, you will save yourself a lot of money, time, energy and your family will be happy for a long time.

  • The stainless blade together with its safety feature makes cleaning easier.
  • The machine’s thickness adjusting knob does not usually work, as it should.
  • Good blade size that is ideal to slice different types of food.
  • A large reservoir for carrying the sliced food.
  • Easy to clean.

BESWOOD 10″ Premium Meat Slicer


This is an excellent high-grade meat slicer that puts out more than enough power and performance for even the most demanding home user. The 10-inch blade is one of the more standout features, providing plenty of cutting size for all but the largest and heaviest meats. It will easily cut large (up to 8 and a quarter inches) slices of whatever your meat of choice is, as thin as you care to slice it and up to about a half-inch thick.

The body is made of sturdy aluminum, with nicely grippy rubber feet.

  • Cuts everything; meats, bread, vegetables, cheese, etc.
  • A high price point may not be for everyone.
  • High-quality materials in the blade and body.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Great power output.

Continental Electric PS77711


It’s a compact and stylish meat slicer with a rather small but effective 7.5-inch diameter blade. Although its 7.5-inch diameter is the smallest advisable diameter, coupled with its low 150-Watt power delivery, the blade features a serrated edge to help boost its cutting power.

With its 16.8 x 10.8 x 12 inches dimensions, it’s a compact appliance and you can easily move it from place to place as well because of its 10-pound lightweight.

What some people may not like here is that many parts like the food press, carriage, and internal gears are plastic. This naturally makes them less durable than those made from metal.

On the other hand, these are the features that help make it a very affordable and popular slicer. Plus it comes with a 2-year warranty, the longest in this review.

  • ​Features a 7.5-inch serrated stainless steel blade
  • ​Features plastic parts and gears
  • Very compact and stylish meat slicer for the home
  • Its power output is comparably low
  • Very lightweight at just 10 pounds
  • ​Comes at a very attractive price

Berkel 825A-PLUS 10″ Manual Gravity Feed Meat Slicer


The manual Berkel meat slicer, because this is the manual device, so it is only suitable for a light volume of food. Don’t ever think that using a manual meat slicer is stressful.

Since it is a 45-degree product table, you don’t need to put much pressure on slicing the food. The manual design on this slicer allows you to maintain complete control over the slicer during operation.

There is also an internal sharpener, so the blade can also remain sharp for you to use. With the infinite adjustment system, you can adjust the slicing thickness up to 9/16 inches. The blade size is 10 inch so you can freely enjoy delicious sliced meat made by yourself at your lovely home.

  • Able to work well for years to come
  • The product is heavy
  • Durable construction
  • It is a manual meat slicer so it can’t handle a large amount of food
  • Ensuring precise cuts
  • Using at ease
  • Easy to clean

Kalorik 200-Watt Electric Meat Slicer 7.5


Purchasing the Kalorik electric meat slicer and you can have an enjoyable experience. With the large and multipurpose 7.5-inch stainless steel blade, you can slice your own meat, ham, cheese,… at home without much effort.

You can have full control of the thickness of the meat, it can range from 1/32 to ½ inch. When the product is not in use, you can set the safe mode to ensure safety. With the 200W high power, I am confident that the product can handle various kinds of food with different shapes and sizes.

  • Providing safe mode when not in use
  • Not suitable for creating a paper-thin slice
  • Able to slice a wide range of food
  • Suitable for slicing frozen food

Waring Pro FS155AMZ Professional Meat Slicer


The machine body is made of premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum, so you can feel assured that the product can serve you for a long time. With the 130W motor power, this is a heavy-duty machine that can slice up all kinds of meat.

The slicer carriage and the blade are made of stainless steel to ensure flawless cuts. With the slicing thickness control knob, you can customize how thick the slice will be. The slicing thickness ranges from 1/32″ (5mm) to 1/2″ (15mm).

Don’t worry that this machine will take up much space in your home. It has a smart space-saving design, and it is small enough to be put on your kitchen countertop.

  • Able to adjust the slicing thickness from 1/32″ (5mm) to 1/2″ (15mm)
  • Not suitable to slice large pieces of food
  • Suitable for commercial and private use
  • Rust-resistant and enduring material
  • Sharp stainless steel blade

Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer


There is no denying that the Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer looks very cool. The matt black design really makes it stand out from the crowd and is easy to clean. Unfortunately, plastic is simply not as durable as stainless steel.

Fortunately, the blade of this meat slicer is made of stainless steel and is especially sharp. It is easy to adjust the thickness of the slices thanks to the special thickness knob on the side. The blade can also be removed, which makes this meat slicer very easy to clean.

  • Ideal for slicing sausages, cheese, meat, and vegetables.
  • The body is made of plastic.
  • Adjustable thickness from razor-thin to ½ inch slices.
  • Not especially heavy-duty.
  • Easy to use and clean.

Ostba Electric Meat and Food Slicer with Child Lock Protection


Ostba electric meat and food slicer features an adjustable thickness from thin to ¾ inches thick to slice multiple foods, including meat, turkey, fruits, and vegetables. Also, it features 200W powerful motor high-yield slicing power to help you perform wide commercial applications. Likewise, it features a sharp 7.5-inch stainless steel serrated blade to cut deli, frozen meat, cheese, and vegetables. In addition to that, it features an inbuilt sharpener to allow you to maintain a sharp blade.

  • Detachable and seamless food pusher, carrier, and blade
  • none
  • Safety power and lock button
  • Removable ring blade guard
  • Non-slip suction cup feet

Barton Commercial Stainless Steel 10 Inches Blade


Featuring a large 10-inches blade, this is a fantastic product that you will get suitable for your needs. The unit has a 10-inches blade, which makes it favorite a great option, which implies that you don’t want to miss. It has a simpler ON/OFF switch for easy control of the functions. The product also features sturdy non-slip feet for better stability on every surface.

This unit is a product of the highest quality of stainless steel material, making it a great product that will bring about prolonged use. it also has a feed tray and provides better pressure against food being sliced.

  • Stays stable on the countertop
  • Too costly
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • Easy and safe to use

Techwood Electric Food Slicer


Do you need a versatile food slicer that will suit your kitchen? Here is an exceptional food slicer recommended for cheese, vegetables, bread, meat, and fruits. The silver finish of the food slicer makes it perfect for any kitchen. Besides this, it features a 7.5-inch undulated stainless steel cutting blade that slices with a lot of ease. Since you can adjust the thickness of the slicer, you will definitely get slices of your choice.

The good news is that it is a highly durable machine thanks to the rugged construction. The food slicer also has a large capacity to accommodate more food at once. The food tray, it allows for easy serving once the food is sliced.

  • Ideal for all foods
  • Some may fail sooner
  • It is BPA free; hence safe
  • It is very stable and sturdy


For all your food slicing needs in the kitchen, these are the ideal food slicers recommended for all users. They are versatile food slicers ideal for everyday use for slicing meat, cheese, bread, vegetable, and much more. More interestingly, the food slicers are easy to clean since they have removable parts and some are dishwasher safe.

In addition to this, they are built from quality and durable material. The stainless steel blades allow for elementary slicing on all foods. They also have different power outputs like 150W to 200W, making it elementary to find the ideal food slicer that will serve you longer. Get started with any of these quality and powerful food slicers for convenient services.

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