Best Nail Pullers 2021

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Dead On Tools EX9CL Nail Puller


Quality assured products

Proven and Tested for durability and function in real-world conditions

A true performance product

Designed with the skilled craftsman in mind

Crescent 11″ Nail Puller Pliers


The functionality of the pliers allows you to easily remove nails from the front or back of the wood.

Dual handles make it quick and easy to grip, roll and remove nails or staples

Air Locker AP700 Nail Puller


Works with both hard and softwoods

Saves a lot of time when removing nails

Air Inlet: 1/4 inch NPT Thread

Operating Pressure: 80-120 PSI

Estwing Nail Puller DEP12 Nail Puller


Forged in one piece

Small and compact

Can remove headless nails

Stiletto TICLW12 Clawbar Titanium Nail Puller



Comfortable to use


3PLUS HAPT50SP Punch Nailer/Nail Remover/Nail Puller


Punches nails out of hardwoods and ideal for recycling wooden pallet or case

Removable Nails Range: 10-20 gauge

Powerful and durable for continuous use; comfortable rubber grip for fatigue less operation

Crescent 56 Nail Puller


Forged alloy box-joint and Hardened, tempered jaw

Available in short or long jaw designs

Black enamel finish offers extra durability

Meets or exceeds U. S. Federal Spec. GGG-P-79Lb, Type 1, Class-1

Vaughan & Bushnell Dalluge da bar nail pullerB00TMD99H6 Nail puller perfect for removing trim and molding

The compact body is thinner and lighter than similar nail pullers

Forged and tempered for strength and durability

Flat claws reduce damage to wood surfaces

PacTool RS501 Nail Puller


Patented offset nail-slot feature

Damage-free shingles

Claw tip

An essential tool for roofers

YXGOOD Staple Remover Tool


High-quality steel built

Curved plastic handle


How eager are you to get yourself a nail puller? Nail pullers are versatile hand tools, and they would be a great addition to the tools in your home. With the nail puller in your home, certain jobs can be done by you, instead of calling a professional.

This guide shows the best nail pullers, if you need to get one, you should read through this guide for a more detailed review of the best nail pullers.

If the task of pulling out nails were as easy as driving them in, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Nail pullers come in various shapes and sizes, and any buyer is likely to get confused from the countless options in the market.

Nail pullers aren’t your average household tool, but they can be beneficial when you need them, as mentioned earlier.



Consider how much power you are getting with your tool. If power is of prime importance to you, choose a pressure-powered nail remover. This type of nail puller will make the nail extraction task an effortless undertaking so you can do more on your business day.

Remember, too, that some nail pullers are only useful on wood. In contrast, some others can deliver reliability on all surfaces, and regardless of the clearance between the nails and the surface.

For non-powered tools, the anatomy of your nail puller matters a great deal when it comes to efficiency. Products with longer handles will minimize the amount of force needed to gouge out the nails.

Shorter handles may be convenient for storage and portability, but they have a low mechanical advantage.


Depending on the areas where you will be working, you need to decide how small or big of a nail puller you need. If you are going to work within areas where there is enough clearance, get a nail puller with a long handle so that you have to apply less force. But if you’re going to walk in tighter spaces, get something smaller that can fit into these spaces.

The head/nose profile

Remember that a nail puller with a larger profile may be hard to wedge between the surface and the nail. A narrow profile is always preferable so the device can easily slide in the small space between the surface and the nail. Such designs facilitate a speedy nail extraction process and preserve the structure of your surface from damage.


What is the material make of your nail puller’s handle, and how is it designed? These factors impact the resilience of the product and the level of abuse that it can withstand.

Some nail pulling jobs require more force applied to the nail puller, so your product should have the structural strength to withstand the impact. Steel performs better than most materials in this aspect.

Working surface considerations

The best puller would be the one that can get the nail out without damaging the wood underneath. However, this may not be possible as there are very few nail pullers that can give you a completely clean working surface.

But you can minimize the damage by choosing a nail puller that has round and smooth under diggers. You can also use pullers that use pressurized air to remove the nails, instead of traditional plier type tools.


The higher the extent of the puller, the more leverage the puller has. The more leverage it has, the easier it can pull off nails from wood.


Ease of use, as you can expect, is a critical factor to consider when buying these tools. The right de-nailer can be used all day comfortably, as the handle circumference is designed to minimize stress on your hands. The gripping area of the handle of the ideal nail puller will be layered with rubber or similar materials to improve grip and reduce blistering on your hands.


This is one of the significant factors to consider. You should set aside your budget that you are willing to spend on a nail puller.

Otherwise, it will be just a waste of time and money for looking at options that you are unable to buy that.

You should only consider options that are under your budget with most features that are useful and fulfill your purpose of buying it.


Dead On Tools EX9CL Nail Puller


The dead on tool Ex9cl is an excellent plus simple built tool that performs work efficiently. It is a 10.5/8 inch exhumer, which is an ideal size for a nail puller.

It has a circular saw wrench on one side of the tool. The tool is perfect for pulling up nails. It is designed with a narrow body with a famous brand dead on the logo on it.

  • Come with circular saw wrench
  • Difficult to pull small nails with it
  • Effective use in tight spaces
  • The claw sizes are not appropriate
  • Handy in use
  • Affordable
  • Durable

Crescent 11″ Nail Puller Pliers


The product is an ideal plier as it helps to pull nails from the wood, from both sides easily. The crescent11 extracts nails of every size ideally, even if the nails head is uneven or removed.

It is built with forged steel, the head and handles, to increase the durability of the tool. The dual handles have rubble grips on it.

Therefore, it is comfortable in use and gives high performance with control over it.

  • Can be used for headless nails
  • Expensive
  • Extracts all sizes of nails easily
  • Does not have good leverage
  • Comfortable in use
  • Durable

Air Locker AP700 Nail Puller


The Air Locker AP700 is designed to ensure that nails are pushed out easily without causing any damage to your wood. As the name suggests, it uses air pressure to push nails out through the other side. It has a 1/4” air inlet and operates at a pressure of between 80 – 120 PSI. The size of nails it can remove ranges from 10-20 gauge which is the normal size for commonly used nails. This amount of power that it holds makes it a valuable addition to your tools.

It has a full cast aluminum body which is light to ensure ease of use. The metal body makes the AP700 durability high meaning that it can withstand most of the work thrown its’ way. For easy grip and protection of your hands during use, its handle is rubberized.

The AP700 has an ergonomically designed nose in that it’s thin and elongated to ensure that it can fit in even the tiny places to push nails out.

  • Compact
  • Nails may get stuck inside the plunger
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic nose design
  • Powerful punch nail remover

Estwing Nail Puller DEP12 Nail Puller


The Estwing Nail puller is a tool made for those looking for a simple yet durable nail remover. It’s forged using steel which makes it durable and flexible to use in any environment which ensures that it offers you service for a long time.

It has an elongated design to create more leverage for you as you work. This makes the process effortless as you’ll require minimal force to remove nails. The heads on both sides are rounded to increase torque making your work easier.

For more adaptability, the Estwing nail puller has claws on both ends. On one end, the claws are wedged to make a digger which digs into woods to reach nails and on the other end, it has slender straight claws to hold onto any exposed nail. This makes your work easy even when working with deeply embedded fasteners.

Its claws are lank to access hard to reach spots which gives you an advantage as you work even with small nails.

  • Its length provides enough leverage
  • Not suitable for removing long nails
  • Slim to fit hard to reach places
  • May damage wood
  • Durable

Stiletto TICLW12 Clawbar Titanium Nail Puller


Titanium is the material of construction in the Stiletto ClawBar Nail Remover Tool. Strength is one of the benefits of titanium material and should serve as an indicator of the type of performance you can expect with this nail puller.

Titanium is similarly resistant to rust and corrosion. Durability should, therefore, be a guarantee with your Stiletto ClawBar Nail Remover Tool.

The design in this item features a pry bar end, as well as a V slot for nail extraction on the other end of the bar. You may be able to use this nail puller as a pry bar at the same time.  That means potential cost savings in your demolition job.

The manufacturer promises that the Stiletto ClawBar Nail Remover Tool is easy to hold and work with. Beware, though, that there is no rubberized grip or a similarly designed handle on this product. You’ll need to put on some thick gloves or else you will suffer blisters.

  • The item is lightweight
  • No ergonomic handle
  • It has a nail exposer for easy extraction
  • The titanium frame promises strength and durability

3PLUS HAPT50SP Punch Nailer/Nail Remover/Nail Puller


The body is lightweight, made of die-cast aluminum, which is a decent material when it comes to durability and strength, but not as excellent as steel. You can expect a lightweight machine that should prove easy to work with for longer periods of time.

The 3PLUS HAPT50SP nail remover is modeled similarly to a nail gun, just like the Air Locker AP700 reviewed earlier.  The slender and longer nose, the manufacturer says, makes it easy to remove nails from small spaces.

There is a rubberized grip handle that gives this item an edge over the many reviewed hand tools. Also, the proportionality of its handle and design fit should enable you to work more comfortably and efficiently.

Beware, though, that this item weighs 4.5 pounds, which is quite a bit heavier than the other tools in the review; the weight could slow you down.

  • The rubberized grip added makes it comfortable for long hours of use
  • Isolated incidences of quality control issues
  • Power tools are a time saver for professionals and serious DIYers
  • Cases of air leaks
  • Ergonomic nose for efficiency
  • Versatile

Crescent 56 Nail Puller


The Crescent 56 Nail Puller has a forged alloy box-joint and hardened jaws. They are powerful, which makes them suitable for pulling out practically any nail. They’re suitable for your average home projects, as well as for professionals. They also come in different jaw designs, so you can better personalize them to fit your needs. The black enamel finish is aesthetically pleasing and offers plenty of extra durabilities. Overall, these nail pullers were made to stand up to challenging work. Don’t expect them to break any time soon.

  • Inexpensive
  • May deform around more rigid nails
  • Tempered jaws
  • Works on flush nails
  • Short and long designs available

Vaughan & Bushnell Dalluge da bar nail puller


Just looking at this nail puller gives you the idea that it has been made with durability and precision in mind. The tool is made of tempered and forged steel. This makes it solid, sturdy, and reliable for years to come. In fact, it is strong enough to handle even heavy-duty projects, and on top of that, it is light enough for you to carry it without weighing down your tool bag.

The nail puller is 14 inches in length and this gives the user just enough leverage. You can even pull out long nails with this tool without any difficulty because the edges have been rounded off. It also increases comfort when using the tool and reduces pressure on your hands when pulling out embedded nails.

  • The design is thin and light making it very easy to use
  • The thin body may bend under excess pressure
  • Build quality is enough to sustain heavy tasks
  • Chrome finish

PacTool RS501 Nail Puller


This product is the safest, easiest, and accurate tool for roof shingle replacement. It also comes with a feature of an offset nail slot.

The tool also has a claw tip to remove the shingle nails. It is an ideal tool for roofers to replace the shingles from beginning to the end of work.

  • Handle
  • Expensive
  • Time saver
  • The tool is short in size
  • Includes a claw tip

YXGOOD Staple Remover Tool


This product has all the good qualities. It is built from high-quality steel; it is durable, easy to use, and is also lightweight that helps to carry it around.

Designed to prevent hands from pain and stress by adding a curved plastic handle on it. The staples can be easily and quickly removed by this tool.

  • Helps to remove staples quickly
  • The tool bents after usage
  • Lightweight
  • Staples often breaks
  • Easy to use


Finding the right nail puller may seem like a tall order, but it’s easy to do when you approach it with the right mindset. While a lot of people start by looking at prices, a better idea is to figure out what functionality you need and proceed from there. By figuring out what features you need to have a good experience, you avoid ending up with a model you don’t like.

Make a list of nail pullers that meet those criteria, then choose the least expensive one, which will provide the best value for your money since it provides a great experience at the lowest price.