Ultra Cuisine Baking Rolling Pin


Has a stainless construction

Lightweight and easy to use

Create beautiful dough

Durable construction

Joseph 20085 Adjustable Baking Rolling Pin


Four sets of detachable discs increase the rolling surface by different amounts

The discs come in a variety of colors for natural selection

25 x 3.00 x 3.00 Inches

Products are suitable for many types of flour

Ebuns French Rolling Pin


Made with solid wood and has a tapered design

Easy to clean

Comes with a recipe book

Easy to store.

Evermarket Wooden Rolling Pin for Kids &Adults


Made with durable and moisture-resistant hardwood

Comfortable and easy-grip handles

This rolling pin is very easy to clean

Made in a safe and environmentally friendly design

Greenco Hand-Crafted Rolling Pin, 1-Pack


It is made with 100% marble for elegance

Heavy-weight design for easy dough-making

Smooth surface with non-stick properties

It comes with a wooden resting base

K. Adams Frp-1 Maple French Rolling Pin


Medium size

Waxed barrel

Ergonomic handle

Steel axle


OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Black Rolling Pin


Made of stainless steel

Cover with a PFOA-free nonstick coating

Contoured black plastic handles

Design handle with holes for hanging

Norpro 3083 Springerle Wooden Rolling Pin


Set with wooden handles.

Made of a solid piece of wood.

Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin


Moisture resistant

Ergonomic and comfortable grip

Smooth surface

Wilton Fondant 9-Inch Rolling Pin


Small-sized pin

Suitable for children

Suitable for gum paste


Rolling pins are great tools to own in the kitchen. Are you interested in acquiring the best rolling pins? You shouldn’t hesitate to read through this guide, it provides you with the best rolling pins. Also, you are given all the important pointers to take note of when you are buying a rolling pin.


  • Roller

This is one of the most common and simple designs They have a solid cylinder with small handles on the sides. You will find these rolling pins with a bearing which will help you in rotating the rolling pin on its axis.

  • Rod

These types of the rolling pin are similar to the roller ones but without handle and bearings. They are simple rod that can be used with just one hand as well. They are easy to use and you will find the rod-type rolling pin made of metal and steel.

  • Textured

These are the last type of rolling pin on our list and they come with a textured surface that leaves the texture on the dough as well. They are used while baking bread and making pastries and other such desserts.


Design And Material

When buying a product, you need to pay attention to whether its design is symmetrical and uniform? Is it long enough to handle a large portion of dough? You should choose a rolling pin that you will use for a long time, and forever.

Quality is also a reason to decide whether or not to buy it, and often handmade wooden American-made rolling dough are backed by a lifetime warranty.


The rolling pin is flexible when moving? Does it rotate and roll smoothly without applying too much grease? The best dough roller will create a surface balance (not so smooth that it cannot be stretched underneath it, but not so coarse that the dough becomes a mess.

Non-stick Silicone Surface

If you want a rolling pin that’s easy to clean, going for one that comes with a non-stick Silicone Surface will be ideal. This outer covering protects the build material and ensures your dough doesn’t stick when rolling, thereby giving you more control to maneuver and produce a desirable result.

Feeling Of Your Hand

The feel of the handle is also important in rolling pin use. To better understand this, you can consult the bakers, and they will show you how the handle of a rolling pin is appropriate and comfortable.

If you do not pay attention to this problem, during the rolling process, you may find that the level of the reaction of each feeling when touching your fingers will be cramped or you will get cramps.

Easy To Clean

During use, due to some problems, you need to handle a rolling pin. If your rolling pin shows cracks and crevices, the dough can get stuck in it, making it difficult to clean. So consider buying a good quality rolling pin to avoid damage, and properly store and clean it.


Wooden rolling pins are easy to maintain and last for a long time if properly utilized. They don’t dent easily, but you may see a few cracks as they age.

A metal rolling pin is prone to dents, especially if they collide with heavy objects. They’re also hard to maintain and can’t be submerged in water for a long time like wooden rollers.

Metal rollers are prone to rust, and their sensitivity to the weather means care must be taken when using them.


No matter the style and type of rolling pin you go for, having one whose dimensions can be altered when in use should be on the cards. If you like to work on different kinds of dough, it will do a whole lot of good to have one that can adjust to your present need. Like being able to tweak their measurements to the length and width of your dough.

Presently, several rolling pin models are adjustable, making it easier to flatten dough of any size or weight. Such a rolling pin comes with removable rings that come in different sizes, including 1/16 inch and 3/8 inch. However, caution must be taken when handling these pins.

First, you must ensure the pins are removed and hand-washed after every use. Keep out of reach of children as the pin might become useless if the plastic rings are not available.

Dishwasher Factor

Whether you go for wooden, marble, or metallic rolling pin, all pins are made from durable materials that guarantee long-term use. The addition of a plastic scraper helps you get rid of leftover flour before washing.

Steel, aluminum, and silicone rolling pins are dishwasher safe while wooden, and marble pins should be hand-washed with soapy water and dried with damp clothes before storing. Even though wood pins are not prone to rust, submerging in water for a long time causes wear and cracks.

Before storing a wooden rolling pin, it’s advised for mineral oil to be applied all over the wooden surface to increase longevity. Hence, you will want to consider this extra effort before going for any rolling pin.


Ultra Cuisine Baking Rolling Pin


You will be able to make nice rolled dough with ease using the Ultra Cuisine Baking Rolling Pin. It features smooth surfaces, which makes it extremely easy to use. It is made of 100% steel and coated with a matte finish.  The stainless steel material construction is durable you won’t worry about going back to the shop to purchase another rolling pin.

Use the lightweight rolling pin to roll out pizza crusts, tortillas, cookies, pies, fondant, roti, and dumplings. Moreover, this rolling pin will not absorb any colors, odors, or flavors when rolling out. It is also easy to clean by hand and also dishwasher safe.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • You need to clean and dry the pin properly, or else it will be prone to rust
  • Well-balanced and decently weighted
  • Does not absorb unappealing odors and flavors
  • It can prevent your dough from quickly becoming warm
  • The pin is sturdily constructed so that it can last for years

Joseph 20085 Adjustable Baking Rolling Pin


You don’t have to buy multiple baking rolling pins of different sizes as this rolling pin can be adjusted to different sizes. It also has a measurement guide that helps you roll out the dough to the extracted size you need. It is perfect for pizzas, cookies, pie crusts, and tarts.

This pin is made of high-quality beech wood, which is durable to withstand daily use. Moreover, this rolling pin comes with 4 removable discs to raise the rolling pinto different high, to make the required pastry thickness. It is also easy and comfortable to use.

  • Comes with a measuring guide
  • It is still not completely smooth
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Wood may be very light and dry
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Adjustable length

Ebuns French Rolling Pin


This is yet another French rolling pin in our list which comes with tapered ends. The rolling pin has a size of 18 inches and it is also very easy to store. As per the information made available by the manufacturer, the rolling pin has a waxed barrel finish and it is also easy to cook owing to the tapered edges. This rolling pin is very long-lasting and you would not face any quality issues as well.

It is known that the rolling pin needs to be hand washed. Since this is made of hardwood, you can put it in the dishwasher and hence the cleaning can be done via damp cloth and a soft brush. The circumference of the rolling pin varies from 5 inches to 3.5 inches depending on the place where you are checking.

  • Easy to store, does not take up much space
  • Maybe a sticky dough
  • Lightweight and neat to hold
  • Not soak in water for too long
  • Comfortable to use
  • Simple to use

Evermarket Wooden Rolling Pin for Kids &Adults


This rolling pin is made with durable and moisture-resistant hardwood that has a deeply engraved deer pattern for Christmas. Since it is made from natural wood, you do not expect any wax on the pin meaning that it is environmentally friendly.

Another feature about the rolling pin you will definitely like is the comfortable and easy grip on the handles. You will, therefore, have a smooth rolling when preparing chapatti, pastry, pizza, and other food items. At its affordable price, you have every reason to get this rolling pin.

  • Interesting design: 3D prints
  • None
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Made from durable, moisture-resistant hardwood

Greenco Hand-Crafted Rolling Pin, 1-Pack


Next is this rolling pin that has been made of 100% marble that is a naturally elegant stone with unique colorations and patterns. Its heavyweight design will make rolling very easy without the need to exert extra pressure. It also has a space-saving design to find space on your kitchen counter.

Another thing about the rolling pin is that it remains cool with its smooth surface. The best part is that it has a non-stick surface which makes it very easy to clean and maintain. For the best cleaning experience and results, use warm and soapy water.

  • Boasts a stylish and sophisticated design.
  • Maybe a bit heavy for some types of dough.
  • Comes complete with a wooden cradle.
  • Designed to keep the dough cool.
  • Set with a non-stick finish.
  • Made of solid marble.

J.K. Adams Frp-1 Maple French Rolling Pin


This model is made of a single piece of maple wood that is set with handles for a good and comfortable grip. It is wide and heavy enough to make quick work of any type of dough that it is faced with. If you are still not convinced, the fact that this model comes with a lifetime warranty is sure to satisfy you.

To get the best results out of this rolling pin, it is a good idea to grease it with a little vegetable oil. This will help to ensure an especially smooth performance. This only needs to be done once and is a very quick and easy process.

  • Set with durable wooden handles.
  • Should be prepared by oiling before use.
  • Features self-lubricating bearings.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Made of solid maple wood.
  • Very easy to use and clean.

OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Black Rolling Pin


OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Black Rolling Pin can help you do a good job of rolling dough, including troubled pastry or cookie dough layers and cookie dough. Its length is 12 inches, fits your hand. Also, the handle is convenient, comfortable.

In addition, the contour of the handle is raised, which keeps your hands and knuckles from touching the tabletop, and has a certain weight to keep them in a stable position while in use rolling pin.

The surface of this rolling pin is nonstick, which helps you to clean it easily. The weight of the product is not too heavy, making rolling easier, and you won’t feel tired. The product has a hole in a handle so you can hang it on a pot rack or large hook.

  • Comfortable handle and stand still when not in use
  • The handle is easily damaged when dropped
  • Convenient storage – not take up much space
  • Pretty heavy
  • Eliminates dough sticking to board or roller
  • Ensuring fast cleanup

Norpro 3083 Springerle Wooden Rolling Pin


The Norpro 3083 Springerle Wooden Rolling Pin is designed to make the whole process very quick and easy. The patterns that you need for making traditional cookies come pre-cut into the surface of the rolling pin. Although the surface of the wood is a little rough, this helps to prevent the cookie dough from sticking to it.

If you are a bit of a novice in the kitchen, you are sure to appreciate the supplied recipe cards. You are provided with detailed instructions on how to create the perfect Springerle. This means that when it is time for a sweet treat, you will be able to impress with your professional creations.

  • Embossed with traditional Springerle patterns.
  • The finish tends to be a little rough.
  • Supplied with a set of recipes and instructions.
  • Features a non-stick surface.

Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin


Baking would never get any easier than this with this fantastic rolling pin from the renowned brand of Farberware. With its smooth surface and ergonomic handles, this rolling pin will ensure you’ll have the easiest time spreading dough.

Working with dough can tire out your hands easily; however, the ergonomic, comfortable design of the rolling pin will reduce stress on your hands. Furthermore, the pin is equipped with rust-proof nylon bearings that will ensure smooth actions.

Additionally, this wood rolling pin is relatively resistant to moisture. Thanks to this, it will be less prone to mold and fungus. Also, the Farberware classic won’t retain an unappealing odor. Therefore, suffice to say that this product is easy to clean.

  • The pin is one of the most affordable options with outstanding performance
  • You might need to sand the rolling first before use
  • The surface of the pin is smooth enough that you can easily clean it
  • The handles of the rolling pin are comfortable and easy to control
  • The rolling pin is well-made and durable
  • Decent balance

Wilton Fondant 9-Inch Rolling Pin


A match made in heaven for people who love working with clay or decorating cakes, this rolling pin boasts a smooth surface and a compact size, enabling you to work with a small number of ingredients easily.

A must-have for people who usually have to work with gum paste or fondant, the Wilton rolling pin has a removable thickness ring so that you can easily control the thickness of the paste. Also, it’s easy to achieve consistent results with this product.

Furthermore, the perfectly smooth surface of the rolling pin will ensure that the ingredients will not stick to the pin. Moreover, it will not leave behind annoying molding lines that require to be cut off.

  • Suitable for all budget
  • The rolling pin might not be suitable for large-sized ingredients
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • This rolling pin can be used as gifts
  • The pin’s ergonomic design makes it easy to use


There are many baking rolling pins on the market yet you have to choose the best pin. Some are constructed with low-quality materials, and others are not easy to clean, and others are not easy to use, making it hard for you to get the best product. That’s why we came with a review of the best rolling pins and also a value buying guide. Instead of purchasing the pins randomly, you can consider the list above to choose the best rolling pin.