Best Soundproof Curtains of April 2021

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NICETOWN Full Shading Curtains for Windows (Pair)


available in various colors.


velvet fabric gives them royalty.

pole top and ring grommets option available.

Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtains



Simple installation


Available in multiple lengths

H.VERSAILTEX Premium Blackout Wider Curtains


Microfiber polyester panel.

energy saving and noise reduction.

10 solid colors available.

Deconovo Blackout Drapes Curtains


They are thick enough to block out unwanted sounds.

These curtains are 100% polyester for easy care and cleaning with a silky sheen to keep away dust mites.

There are 28 different colors to choose from.

NICETOWN Three Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Curtains


100% poly

100% Soundproof and 90% Blackout

UV Ray Protected


Easy to maintain and washable

Utopia Bedding Blackout


Top Finish: Grommet

Brand: Utopia Bedding

Material Care Instructions: Machine Wash

Flamingo P Blackout


natural blackout.

energy efficient

privacy protection

easy care

Soundproof Curtain, 3-in-1 Sound-Blackout-Thermal Insulation by Moondream


100% Polyester

3in1 solution: Soundproof, Blackout and Thermal insulation – Patented Technology

According to test laboratories, the sound energy is folded by 4, reaching a drop of up to 7 decibels*

Insulate your home: this 3in1 curtain also helps to reduce heating and cooling costs and blocks out 100% of the light and UV

RYB HOME Full Blackout Curtains with Felt Fabric


100% blackout

sound insulation

3 layers

noise reduction

100% blackout

DWCN Blackout


100% Polyester

Thick blackout curtains fabric made of high quality imported 100% Polyester. Your package will include 2 black curtain panels measuring W42 X L54 inch.

Quality workmanship, the bottom hem is 0.6 inches. Each curtain panel is constructed with 6 rust-proof silver grommets (1.6-inch inner diameter)


Have you been searching for the best noise-canceling curtains for homes, in other words, soundproof curtains? If so, your being here will not be in vain. This guide is aimed at showing the best soundproof curtains. Take time to read through this guide, if you do, you will be led in the right direction.

Noise can be a disturbing element for all of us when we are trying to focus on work or study at home. It can also annoy you while you’re asleep. Even if you’re a meditation lover, this noise can distract you and can ruin your relaxing moments. In this scenario, the best curtains for noise reduction is the only solution.

Sound-absorbing curtains are also the best option to block UV Rays and sunlight to enter your room. It never fails to create a night like effect on a bright sunny day with a layer of insulation to keep your room cozy. Now you can enjoy a sound sleep without any interruption.

Also, soundproof curtains block the rays of light from bulbs and desk lamps from shinning out.


Noise-canceling curtains, or soundproof curtains, are thick window coverings usually made of polyester or velvet materials. They’re often quite heavy and opaque, although sometimes microscopically porous to absorb sound waves.

Noise-canceling curtains are perfect if you live in a busy urban area that attracts a lot of street noise. If you work from home or have trouble sleeping, they’re a great investment in your health and productivity.

Noise-canceling curtains are especially helpful if you live or work at street level or near a construction site.

Like bathroom shelves, soundproof curtains also add to the beauty of the room they occupy.


Fabric Type

Suede and velvet are often used for noise reduction curtains because their microfibers help to absorb more sound waves. Layered curtains with extra lining or double thickness are ideal choices for high-quality noise reduction as well.

Size and Thickness

When looking for noise reduction curtains, wider, thicker, longer, heavier, and pleated curtains are the rule. Curtains that are wider and reach well beyond the height of the window at the top and bottom, by approximately 10 to 15 extra inches, will be more efficient for blocking out unwanted noise.

Purchasing curtains which are twice to three times wider than the window or door will also allow additional creases and pleats to further block out noise.


No one likes to deal with massive, heavy curtains, especially if you are trying to set them up yourself. But it is part and parcel of buying noise-canceling curtains. The heavier the curtain, the better it will block out sounds. A thinner curtain will only provide modest noise-canceling properties.

Heavier curtains are especially effective at eliminating or dampening low-frequency sounds, such as the ones that come from heavy machinery involved in a nearby construction.

Homeowners who are very sensitive to any type of outside noise can even double up the curtains they have set up. It will require a heavy-duty rod, but layering two heavy noise canceling curtains on top of each other will block out even more noise!

Care and Cleaning

Before purchasing noise reduction curtains, you will want to know exactly how much special care and cleaning are required.

Besides any type of special cleaning and care, you will want to know if the curtains you purchase will need to be ironed as well. Many types of curtains do not require any of these special care, but you will want to be aware of what you are getting yourself into beforehand.

Colors and Styles

Colors and styles make a significant difference when it comes to matching your current décor. Not all curtains will have a wide variety of choices to make, but many of them will. Continue searching until you find curtains that fit your personal preferences and décor.

After all, you might have to live with these curtains for a long time to come.

With the basic knowledge of some of the features and benefits of noise reduction curtains provided in our buyer’s guide above, you should have enough information to narrow down your choice.

Curtain Rods

Anyone who has ever installed curtains knows how important curtain rods are to the process. They are even more crucial with noise-canceling curtains. The rods must be strong enough to hold these heavy-duty curtains. And they can also help with the noise canceling process when they are wrap-around curtain rods.

Wrap around rods is the best option for noise-canceling curtains because you attach them to the walls with a curve. It ensures there is almost no gap between the coverage of the curtain and the wall. It will cancel out noise much better than curtains that are set up with a huge air gap.

Those who are thinking about doubling up curtains may need to buy heavy-duty rods, or double up the rods. The final option is to go with ceiling-mount brackets. These brackets will help you get the “ceiling to floor” coverage we mentioned earlier.


NICETOWN Full Shading Curtains for Windows (Pair)


These blackout curtain panels are ideal for bedrooms and similarly sized rooms in the house. They are a very affordable alternative to the above two offerings, while still providing great blackout and noise reduction.

They come in 17 different colors, which makes them ideal for any type of home style. They are made of polyester and have a silver grommet design, making them very easy to install.

  • Machine washable.
  • Lighter colors do not do a good job of blocking out light.
  • Thermal insulation offers energy efficient qualities.
  • Affordable curtains that offer soundproofing and 85 to 99 percent light blocking.

Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtains


The noise-canceling curtains by Best Home Fashion are made of 100% polyester for a soft feel and high quality make. Embedded with triple wave technology for up to 99% light reduction and ultimate privacy. The darker the color of the curtain, the more protection and noise reduction you will find with this brand.

They offer a multitude of colors, all of which are solid and the same color on each side for better consistency. These curtains are also highly insulated for room temperature control during the winter and summer months where weather leads to the extreme.

  • Up to 99% light reduction (more reduction with darker colors)
  • Lighter colors tend to block out around 60% of light, not near the 80% as claimed
  • Different options or accessories for drapes based on size
  • Measurements are approximate and not definite
  • A multitude of colors/more measurement options
  • Wrinkle easy
  • Solid color on both sides

H.VERSAILTEX Premium Blackout Wider Curtains


These blackout curtains are a single panel, but they are long and wide enough to cover most windows.

Compared to other single panels, that are usually 50 inches by 100 inches, these are 100 inches wide by 108 inches long. So a single panel will be the same width and length as two-pairs of the above three selections.

Available in ten different colors, these curtains come in mostly dark shades. There is a white option, but it will not do a very good job of keeping light out.

  • 99 percent sunlight blocking and extreme noise reduction.
  • Only four pounds – too light to block construction noise.
  • A single panel is big enough to cover most windows.
  • Machine washable and dryer-friendly.

Deconovo Blackout Drapes Curtains


The heavy-duty material of these Deconovo Solid Grommet Top Curtains is very efficient and blocking out unwanted noise, but their design is still quite attractive. These two panel curtains are thick and heavy but still, hang well on the heavy-duty grommets provided at the top of the curtain. There are twenty-eight colors to choose from, many of them designed to brighten your room. They are made of 100% polyester and have a silky sheen.

  • Blackout properties, especially in the darker models.
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing. More suitable for kids’ bedrooms.
  • No fuss, noise reducing curtains.
  • Lighter than other options.
  • Machine washable.

NICETOWN Three Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Curtains


This lineup of Nicetown 3 Pass Microfiber curtains can find its way into any home. Since the curtains are available in all shapes and sizes as well as in 21 different color schemes and patterns, the variety is nothing short of impressive.

The curtains come in packs of two so that you can get total coverage on the target windows. I must say that they’re quite elegant, too, regardless of color, especially with the hidden grommet design. All grommets are 1.6” in diameter, so they should fit in most homes.

  • Good for ambient noise cancellation
  • May provide too much shading for some rooms
  • Triple woven fabric
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Dual-layer design

Utopia Bedding Blackout


This Utopia Bedding line of blackout sound deadening curtains comes in two sizes: 52”x63” and 52”x84”. This makes them somewhat harder to match, but they should be workable in plenty of homes.

The color variety is a bit underwhelming, but you can rest assured knowing that the darker curtains are efficient at blocking light and sound.

These curtains also use a high-end triple weave construction with thermal layering. The installation isn’t too hard considering the size, and there are only 7 back loops per panel.

  • Blocks 99% of light and 60% of noise
  • Average soundproofing
  • Average thermal insulation
  • Only available in two size
  • Machine washable
  • Tiebacks included

Flamingo P Blackout


If you’re just as interested in elegance as you are in soundproofing capabilities, then perhaps the Flamingo P blackout curtains will interest you more than other curtains.

You can get these curtains as a two-panel set or as a one-piece. You have the same color variety regardless of size, and the same soft faux silk fabric that can give your home some extra class.

The two-panel sets are 52” wide and go up to 108” in length. The wide single-panel model is 100” wide and reaches a maximum of 96” in length. You’re almost certain to find something suitable for your home.

But, how do these curtains fare in terms of noise cancellation? – A bit better than mid-range sound-absorbing curtains but nowhere near the efficiency of premium models.

  • Luxurious
  • Moderate soundproofing
  • Decent color variety
  • Expensive
  • Simple to install and clean
  • Single and double panels available

Soundproof Curtain, 3-in-1 Sound-Blackout-Thermal Insulation by Moondream


Moondream pride themselves on three things: sound reduction of up to 7 decibels, 100% UV ray light reduction, and lower energy costs for your home.

These insulated curtains are made of 100% polyester and weigh around four pounds each. The sturdiness of the material helps significantly reduce light, noise, and increases the desired privacy of a room.

They come in 12 solid color choices, with a two-tone back that is white. Three distinct layers within the curtain help achieve the desired effect of noise, light, and energy reduction. The makers of this curtain, Moondream, created a patent-pending middle liner that is specifically insulated to just this curtain. On the outside of this liner are the blackout fabric and thick cotton which lines the back of it.

  • Patent-pending noise and light reduction
  • You must purchase panels separately – do not come in sets
  • One of the heavier panels, around four pounds
  • Two-toned front and back colors
  • Promises up to 7-decibel noise reduction
  • Must be dry cleaned
  • Promises up to 100% light reduction

RYB HOME Full Blackout Curtains with Felt Fabric


These are truly on the thicker side, not just because of their triple woven fabric but also because of a detachable felt fabric fitted in the middle of the three-layered curtains.

Designed with blackout fabric, these curtains not only reduce an impressive amount of decibels but also block out a lot of light. Rated as 100% blackout, though probably around 99% in reality, that’s a lot of UV and sunlight protection.

Due to the thermic layer, these curtains can also shave off a few bucks off your energy bill in the summer and the winter since they do a good job of preventing heat from escaping.

  • Lowers ambient noise considerably
  • Slightly expensive
  • Great for turning day into night
  • Detachable felt insulating layer
  • Good sizing variety
  • 3-layer fabric

DWCN Blackout


These DWCN Blackout Curtains come with thermal insulation too. So not only will you be able to regulate the room temperature more efficiently, but you’re getting a guaranteed soundproofing effect too.

Available in five sizes and ten colors, evenly separated into light and dark color tones, these DWCN curtains are quite impressive. Because they have two layers of fabric, triple-woven I might add, they won’t block out all the light, if you don’t want to.

But, regardless of color, the black lining will ensure some UV protection as well as background noise cancellation. The DWCN curtains are also quite affordable, especially if you’re going for the shorter models.

  • Extra blackout liner for better lighting control
  • The curtains fall a bit rigid and flat
  • Good temperature control
  • Impressive soundproofing
  • Easy maintenance


The majority of the best curtains for noise reduction have amazing added features. You just got to choose the brand that is offering maximum features in an economical range. Moreover, if the best curtains for noise reduction successfully make the outside sound less noticeable, this means you are choosing the right one. The heavier the curtain the more effective it works to reduce sound and light to your space. Enjoy a peaceful and quieter space!

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