Best Sponge Mops 2021

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Libman Wood Floor Roller Mop 02026


Product Dimensions 6 x 4.6 x 10 inches

Weight:             6 pounds

Material Oceanic-Style Sponge

Made in the USA

Superio Sponge & Go Mop


Easy to wring out the excess water

Sponge Mop With an attachable scrub brush

Adequate for multiple flooring

Mr. Clean 446390 Sponge Mop


Weight: 2 pounds

Length: 45 inches

Color:     White/Blue

Purpose: Tile & no-wax vinyl flooring

O-Cedar Big Easy Flat Sponge Mop


Product Dimensions 6 x 51 x 9.5 inches

Weight: 8 ounces

Purpose: Linoleum Floor Cleaning & Marble

Material: Super Absorbent sponge

The Super Standard 11inch Double Roller Pva Sponge Mop Set


Patented non-slip grip

Robust handle

Doesn’t drip

Comes with a replacement sponge

Rubbermaid PVA Sponge Mop


Resistant to harsh chemicals.

Ideal for commercial use.

Easily tackles pet hair and crumbs.

Compatible with a wide range of cleaning products.

Quickie Sponge Automatic Mop


Affordable price

5-year warranty

Has a durable hanging loop built into the handle

Doesn’t scratch a wood floor

YOCADA Sponge Mop


Very absorbent mop design

Comes with many additional accessories

Adjustable handle

Comes with a squeegee

Casabella, Painted Steel Original Mop


The heavy-duty lever is rust-resistant

Super absorbent

MR.SIGA Sponge Mop


Suitable for commercial and industrial applications

Telescopic handle from 37” to 48”

Doesn’t leave watermarks

Eliminates moisture


Are you interested in getting the best sponge mops? Look no further, as this guide provides you with the best sponge mops money can buy. Let your curiosity drive you to read through this guide. You’ll be pleased with what you will learn

Having a sponge mops in the house is an indispensable tool for individuals looking for an easy and convenient way of cleaning and mopping off hard and stubborn dirt from the floor.

Sponge mops are ideal for the cleaning of different floor type since it comes in different makes and features. These floor types include the linoleum, tiles, wooden even hardwood floors as well.

The mop often comes in an attractive design, and it is lightweight, making it easy to use. Some unique features that the sponge mop comes with that are worth noting are the self-wringing mechanism and the ease of replacing the sponge mop head.


The material used in making the sponge

This is one of the most important factors to consider while selecting a sponge mop. Some sponge materials are difficult to tear while others can easily get damaged while mopping the floor.

You won’t love to be changing your sponge head every other time. Therefore, it is important to select durable sponge material when buying

Cleaning Needs

Do you need the sponge mop for deep cleaning or just for cleaning off spillages on the floors? Figuring out the needs will enable you to choose the right mop model for your home cleaning.

Sponge mops come in different styles and materials where some suit deep cleaning while others work for wiping and dusting purposes. For example, the mops made of microfibre sponges are suitable for deep cleaning because they are resistant to tear and get the cleaning done fast and efficiently.

On the other hand, some mops made of cellulose sponge works perfectly for wiping off spillages, including chemical spillages as they are chemical damage resistance. Therefore, determine your needs to guide you in choosing the appropriate sponge mop.

Mop Handle

The sponge mops are made with either a pool or telescope handles. The pools handle offers excellent grip such that the mop cannot easily slip off the hands while cleaning.

The telescope mops offer a firm grip but also features a loop on the handle for easy storage of the mop. So, if you have limited storage spaces in your house, consider a mop made of telescope handle since you can hang it on the wall.

The other thing to consider regarding the handle is the size. Choose a mop with a long handle or that has an adjustable handle so everyone in the house can be comfortable when cleaning around.

Wringing Power

The faster and easy the mops can wring out the water, the easier and faster your cleaning will be. Although most models of the sponge mops are made with a wringing mechanism on the bucket, make sure to choose a mop that is easy to wring out for quick drying of the floor.

Ease of use

The ease of use and maneuverability is another important feature to consider while making your choice. How easy and fast can the mop dry off the water and even get to obscured corners and edges while cleaning is something worth considering when making the purchase.

Rusty handle

Consider the material the pool or handle is made from while making your selection. Most steel materials can quickly get rust after repeated usage. Go for either the painted mop sticks or mops with a stronger handle material that does not get rust quickly.

Product Weight

The product weight is another factor to be considered while one is making a selection. A weighty sponge mop will add more effort to the cleaning process. With a minimal weight, one can easily navigate around while cleaning the floor.


The first thing you need to think about is how much money are you willing to pay on a mop. Can you afford to spend more or are you on a budget?

It makes no sense to look into premium models if you can only afford a cheap one. Look into your bank account and make a list according to your financial possibilities.


Libman Wood Floor Roller Mop 02026


The Libman Wood Floor Mop is an easy-to-use roller-type mop. It features a 10-inch-wide mop head that easily covers a wide surface area and a 54.6-inch-long rod that allows for a longer reach and easy use by tall users. The mop head is made of oceanic sponge which is perfect for mopping wood floors. The oceanic sponge doesn’t release so much water, which ensures your wood floors are not soaked in water—just the right amount of dampness is achieved for perfect cleaning experience. Though this mop is great for wood floors, it is also good for other floor types to ensure versatility.

This mop is well-made with a one-piece steel rod that assures its durability. It also has an easy-to-use pull-back handle that operates the wringing feature of the mop, ensuring optimal wringing.

  • Easy-drying
  • pricey
  • Easy to pull wringing handle
  • 10” wide oceanic-style sponge
  • Great for multiple types of floors
  • Extra-dry oceanic sponge with minimal water release

Superio Sponge & Go Mop


If you are looking for a good tool to tackle stubborn stains, then Superior Performance Sponge Mop is an excellent choice for you. This mop comes with a scrubbing brush, which you can easily attach for more serious and heavy duties. The easy-squeeze ability makes this handy tool a worthy investment.

While it might not be the most heavy-duty, the Superior Sponge & Go Mop is very suitable for quick cleanups when you only want something to get the job done. Also, it is an option that is small enough to fit easily into most buckets. It is also worth mentioning that it is very affordable!

Moreover, the handle is an essential feature that makes this mop very useful. It is designed to be extra-long. Therefore, you will not bend over too much, which can cause back pain. With Superior mop, you will not worry about that problem anymore!

  • Extra-long to prevent bending over
  • Some customers can experience breakages
  • Great for quick jobs
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight

Mr. Clean 446390 Sponge Mop


The Mr. Clean sponge mop is perfect for heavy-duty dirt. The unique large mop will clean a wide surface area. Moreover, the scrubber side is going to remove all the scuffs and provide spotless results.

If you are dealing with heavy-duty dirt and the old mop cannot face it anymore, consider this sponge mop from Mr. Clean. Medium-sized, this sponge mop comes with easy to reach wring grip that will keep your hands all dry.

  • Heavy-duty roller mop
  • Might need to use a cleaning solution for the best results
  • Medium duty scrubber
  • Unique large divided sponge
  • Sponge side provides thorough clean

O-Cedar Big Easy Flat Sponge Mop


This is one of the sponge mops for floors cleaning that will not let you down. If you have high-traffic areas, like the kitchen or the bathroom, even the hallways, this sponge mop will clean up spills and dirt.

Those who have linoleum floors will need this sponge mop. It is lightweight, cleans all the dirt, and leaves no stains.

  • Compatible with the big easy flat sponge mop refill
  • The scrubbing part needs to be changed every time you use it
  • Dual-action cleaning and scrubbing
  • Removes the stubborn dirt
  • Rippled head

The Super Standard 11inch Double Roller Pva Sponge Mop Set


When you get The Super PVA Sponge Mop, you are getting a workhorse that will make your cleaning much easier. In the package, you will get an 11-inch double roller PVA sponge mop, a telescopic handle that can extend to about 55 inches, and a bonus refill mop head. Now let’s look at this package in more detail.

The sponge is made of PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) which is highly absorbent, tough, and resistant to most chemicals. With this sponge, you have no fears of having excess water on your floor after mopping. The mop is also held firmly in a non-slip gripper which ensures smooth, accident-free mopping.

The handle is telescopic and can be extended to about 55 inches. This makes it perfect for people of all sizes and heights. Aside from the fact that it is extendable, it’s also sturdily built which explains why many love it for commercial cleaning.

This mop cleans very smoothly, picking up dirt, dust, and liquid easily. It is also easy to wash off as every particle it picks up is rinsed off easily. If you’ve been looking for a way to make your cleaning more efficient, you’ve just found it.

  • Comes with an extra refill.
  • The mop is a little narrow.
  • Features a robust handle.
  • Set with a telescopic handle.
  • Boasts a patented non-slip gripper.

Rubbermaid PVA Sponge Mop


Rubbermaid PVA Sponge Mop comes with an extendable handle that locks when you turn it to the right and works efficiently for only 2-3 swipes if not well tightened it can easily collapse. It has a total potential of picking up dirt, and on the other hand, it also leaves very minimal water on the flow, this means dry’s faster than you would have ever imagined. Its mechanism wringer functions appropriately by having water squeezed out of the mops head.

Thus, this product works effectively and is more recommended to homeowners. Whenever you want to purchase a sponge mop, opt for it for a maximum cleaning that best meets your demands appropriately.

  • Well-made quality
  • Sponge wobbles a bit
  • Installed mop head
  • Durable and portable
  • Excellent work of picking up sand, hair, and dust

Quickie Sponge Automatic Mop


The Quickie Sponge Automatic Mop has a squeezing option which is automatically making a breeze out of wringing. It contains a feature of a hang-up with a steel handle of 48-inch and cellulose which acts as a water-absorbent. Furthermore, its warrant is limited for five good years.

A sponge of new dry shine delivers an excellent performance compared to the cellulose since it maintains the dry or wet flexible shape and does not crack like cellulose. This product is straightforward to use; therefore, you can always make it your number one option. Thanks to this super incredible feature for making this product widely known and used, it has enabled it to be ranked among the topmost sponge mops.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry while cleaning
  • Not that powerful for stubborn stains
  • Very long handle that can be hung up
  • Great for small household

YOCADA Sponge Mop


The YOCADA Sponge Mop is reliable and very easy to dry since it has a Honeycombed design of sponge. It comes with an adjustable iron pole, so, you can easily adjust its handle from 41-53 inch depending on the inch you would probably require.

The best part of this sponge mop is that it will save you lots of time, and money. Your energy is precious, especially if you need to clean a whole house. The Sponge Mop will help you clean all the dirt.

The design of the sponge is more absorbent and easier to dry than many other famous models on the market. The best part? This mop comes with 1 sponge head, 3 iron poles, 1 squeegee, and 1 installation manual.

  • Perfect for cleaning the home and office
  • A bit heavy after adsorbing the water
  • Strong breathability and easy drying
  • Removable sponge
  • Easy to use

Casabella, Painted Steel Original Mop


The Casabella Original Mop (painted steel) is a true mopping workhorse whose classic look and excellent capability can go beyond your ultimate expectations. This cleaning equipment is built to last using a robust and sturdy steel pole to guarantee the best overall durability. The mop is not only rust-resistant but also features a heavy-duty lever to ensure maximum and hassle-free wringing.

The mop head is super absorbent and executes quick pickups for extended deep cleaning hours. The Casabella Mop is the most ideal option for those in the search for a mop with heavy-duty and deep cleaning capability. It comes with a special mop head that is designed to be super absorbent so it can deliver unmatched cleaning capabilities.

  • Easy to purchase and use the replacement heads
  • Highly expensive
  • Simple to maneuver around multiple rooms
  • Users report occasional breakages
  • Wrings out with great effectiveness

MR.SIGA Sponge Mop


Made of some durable plastic and with a sturdy steel pole, this sponge mop with a telescopic handle is highly absorbent and comes with a refillable sponge head.

Due to the length of the handle, the sponge mop will be great for using on a wood floor, laminate, tile, as well as a marble floor.

If you are looking to keep your house dry and clean, the 11.5” length PVA sponge has horizontal grooves, that will remove the dirt and all the hair fast and efficiently.

  • Made of durable plastic and sturdy steel pole
  • Need to buy sponge replacements separately
  • Heavy-duty, with pull and lift wringer lever
  • Multi-purpose types of floors
  • 5” length PVA sponge
  • Horizontal grooves


After reading through this article, you now know the best sponge mop on the market. Therefore, having read through this article, you are now well familiarized with these products.

With this in mind, you are in a much better position to make a wise choice, thereby getting to choose an ideal product that meets your needs.