You are welcome to this review on the best steam mops. Keeping your home clean is a top priority. With tools like steam mops, You can do this task with little, or no stress. Do well to read through this guide, you will be pleased after you must have done that.

Steam is a truly wonderful thing. It naturally removes stubborn stains and kills germs, all without having to resort to using harsh chemicals. So, whether you want to clean up those old windows, refresh your tiles, or just keep a hard floor in tip-top condition, you need to find the best steam cleaner for the job.

Like Handheld vacuums and leaf blowers, steam mops are also meant for cleaning

How does the steam clean?

Steam mops typically heat water to temperatures ranging between 200-275 degrees Fahrenheit. These scorching moisture molecules embed with grime to ease the extraction process. By applying this roiling, boiling moisture to surfaces, microscopic germs are neutralized and captured on contact.

A good steam mop does the dirty work, reducing or replacing the need for harsh, sometimes costly cleaning chemicals and eliminating the need for scrubbing and user-applied pressure during the cleaning process. Unlike grout cleaners that require more human efforts to clean, steam mops require less human effort and more mechanized effort.

Like string trimmers and loopers, steam cleaners are also handheld tools


Corded vs. cordless

Steam mops arrive in the corded and the cordless models. The cordless models are very ideal since their maneuverability is at its best. However, they tend to have a short battery life implying that you will have to keep recharging them.

Apart from that, some are not as effective as their corded models. When making your selection, therefore, it is wise to weigh the pros against the cons before you can select your favorite model.

Cable length

Some steam mops are corded, so depending on the size of your house or the number of plug sockets you have dotted around, be wary of the cable length.

Water tank

Since these appliances convert water into steam, the size of the water tank is an important feature. Live in a larger home? Opt for a mop with a large water capacity to save having to top it up regularly.

Heat uptime

Waste no time waiting for your mop to heat up, the majority of our picks heat up in just 30 seconds.


A higher wattage won’t necessarily equal better performance so consider all the specifications before making your mind up.


You’ll find that handheld steamers are lighter and easier to use but don’t steam for as long as mops. Mops heat up more quickly and last a lot longer but the exact time will depend on the size of the water tank.

Opting for a lightweight steam mop is a smart thing to do, especially if you have stairs in your home. Also, look at the overall design and see if the handle is ergonomic enough for you and if the style of the steam mop suits the way you work.


You can also get a range of attachments for your steam cleaner that opens up many more cleaning options, such as upholstery tools, scrubbing pads, and squeegees for cleaning windows and appliances, for example.

Cleaning area

Another element that is often crucial in apartments, and houses as well, is space. Not only the requirement of storage space, to which you can also find a great solution among the products above, but also the spaces you want to clean.

Cleaning Pads

From an equipment point of view, the majority of steam cleaners use pads that are included in the package, and some of them even have a special no-hand mechanism to get rid of the used ones.

Moreover, they are all washable and reusable which is great for your household as well as the environment. Furthermore, there are add-ons and additional gear you can buy to either boost the cleaning attributes or adjust the steam mop for a specific surface.


Steam mops are generally very affordable as far as cleaning equipment is concerned. Most of them are very durable which makes their pricing even attractive. Despite all that, it would only be wise to consider the pricing of this equipment before placing an order.

Everyone has a certain amount that they are willing to spend on steam mops. It is, therefore, necessary to consider your budget to see what suits you. However, this does not mean that you take home a non-performing steam mop.


O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop


Energy-efficient boiler outputs steam quickly

Tank capacity of 12 ounces for 10-20 minutes of steam

Lightweight housing weighs only 5 pounds

Handle detaches for easy storage

Sienna Luna Steam Mop


1500-Watt boiler element produces up to 20 minutes of steam.

Output reaches a temperature of 212˚F.

The lightweight body weighs 6.7 pounds and is readily ported between rooms.

Shark Steam Pocket Mop


Weight:87 lbs.

Cord Length: 20 feet

reusable pads

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner


A canister-style machine

Heats water to temps up to 275 degrees

With a six-foot hose and two extension handles

Perfect for floor cleaning

WARRANTY: 2 years / Lifetime on steam cleaner boiler.

Steamfast – SF-370WH


maximum portability

15 versatile accessories

large capacity tank

chemical-free cleaning

steam sanitizes

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System


1500-Watt heating element

High 210˚F temperature quickly kills bed bugs

On-demand adjustable trigger

Up to 4 bar (58 psi) output pressures

The large-capacity 64-ounce boiler produces steam for almost 2 hours

BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop


Kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria

The flip-down easy scrubber easily cleans up the toughest messes and spots

Smart set digital, variable steam control for customized steam cleaning

Works 2x faster than many other steam mops

Shark Light and Easy Steam Mop (S3251)


Chemical Free 99.9% Sanitization

Washable microfiber pads that lift and lock away dirt & debris

Swivel Steering for easy maneuverability

Deep cleaning & fast drying

Bisell Symphony 1543A Hardwood & Tile floors Steam Mop


1100W power

Vacuums and steams your floors

Washable microfiber pads

Hands-free emptying

Karcher SC5 easyFix Premium Steam Cleaner


2 bar steam pressure

3 minute heat up

Variable steam power

VapoHydro jet mode

2-year warranty


O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop


This upright steam cleaner offers a good mix of convenience and performance. With its comfortable grip and ergonomic form, you can bring powerful but well-controlled jets of steam wherever required.

Durable, lightweight, and easily stored, the steamer can be used to mop hard floors, clean carpets, and steam windows and mirrors. Three adjustable flow levels and a wide output path delivers steam according to need. The design assists in reducing each hot spot as you focus the stream of vapor.

Once the unit is properly configured, you will have the ability to freshen and sanitize bath floors, kitchen counters, curtains, tablecloths, and so on.

  • Adjustable steam levels
  • none
  • Washable pads
  • Lightweight

Sienna Luna Steam Mop


The upright steam mop weighs around 7 pounds and stands upright on its own. But as with similar designs, the housing can be readily slung and ported to other rooms, and its extension hose and power cord are of sufficient lengths to let you reach far corners in the average room.

Hot streams of vapor with temperatures of 212°F are produced along with a pulsing vibration. These effects work together work to loosen or liquefy dirt and stains, even the tenacious gunk that can develop on tiled floors.

You can adjust the flow to 3 different levels, which allows for longer steaming sessions whenever full-on steaming is not needed. Once attached, the shoulder strap will let you maneuver its head onto elevated surfaces or fixtures away from the floor.

  • The 12-piece accessory kit equips users to adapt the steamer to a range of streaming needs.
  • none
  • Long power cord and handy hose extension help in reaching most parts of a normal room.
  • The shoulder strap allows for convenient portability between areas.
  • A front LED light illuminates the steam path and highlights problems.

Shark Steam Pocket Mop


The Shark Steam Pocket Mop is a simple and affordable option for users looking to harness steam for cleaning without paying for lots of added functions. The water tank is compact and heats water to steamy levels in about 30 seconds.

Two double-sided microfiber pads come with the mop. You can flip the mop head during use to allow for twice as much cleaning area with each pad. You can machine wash these reusable pads and should air dry them to prevent shrinkage.

Users will need to apply a little effort to help in steam production. The Shark Steam Pocket Mop will heat water to form steam, but the operator will need to pump the handle to aid in the steam’s release. This manual form of steam control keeps costs down while providing users with a little bit of customizable cleaning power.

  • Heats water to steamy levels in about 30 seconds
  • Not so durable
  • Two double-sided microfiber pads
  • Manual operation
  • A simple and affordable option
  • fair enough Price

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner


The Dupray Neat is a very popular multi-purpose steam cleaner with a simple, modern design. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity! The NEAT steam cleaner is an efficient, ultra-reliable do-it-all cleaning and sanitation solution. Designed for performance, ease of use, and durability, this steam cleaner delivers the cleaning power of much larger professional units.

It can easily remove dirt, grease, and stains while killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, bedbugs, mold, and other undesirables from any type of floor, furniture, toys, kitchen appliances, car interiors, grout and tiles, bathrooms, and more. Give your home a deep clean and experience perfect results with the Dupray NEAT steam cleaner.”

  • 2-year warranty, a lifetime on the boiler
  • No place to rest the hose on cleaner
  • Quick heat-up, high temperature
  • Lightweight & maneuverable
  • Excellent build quality
  • Very simple to use

Steamfast – SF-370WH


Looking for a heavy-duty steam cleaner for the home can be tedious, and given the prices of heavy-duty steamers, many would settle for something less. With the SteamFast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner, you can clean with the pressure you need for any type of stain without spending too much money!

  • excellent performance
  • none
  • decent heating time
  • great steaming tank
  • high quality

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System


The MC1385 from McCulloch is a large steam cleaner designed for homeowners looking for powerful, readily available steam. With a large number of attachments, this versatile machine could be for you.

The McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System is a multi-purpose steam cleaner, great for cleaning and mopping. Using ordinary water heated to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the MC1385 effectively and naturally cleans and sanitizes a wide variety of surfaces. With more steam time and variable steam control, the MC1385 is equipped for the toughest jobs.

  • Portable & compact
  • The handle gets rather warm
  • Many Accessories
  • 30 min cooldown time
  • 2 hours of steam
  • Misses a funnel
  • Easy Assembly
  • High Pressure

BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop


This 1500 watt powered steam cleaner comes with a washable soft mop pad, a washable scrubby mop pad, and two Spring Breeze fragrance discs for a great cleaning performance that makes your place pleasingly fresh. With smart technology, this product is loaded with excellent features.

  • Choose from high, medium, or low steam based on your cleaning needs with the smart set digital steam control
  • None
  • Comes with Febreze spring breeze fragrance discs to provide the much-needed freshness
  • Features swivel steering and a 23-foot power cord. Ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Power through tough, sticky messes with the flip-down easy scrubber

Shark Light and Easy Steam Mop (S3251)


One of the easiest and lightest Shark steam mop for quick and simple cleaning and sanitization on all hard floor surfaces.  Eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria.  Telescoping handle design for ease and comfort and a swivel mop head.  Natural push motion for steam activation.  15 minutes of steam running time. Eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria, including H1N1. Telescoping handle design for ease and comfort. Natural push motion for steam activation.

  • Safe on sealed hard floor surfaces
  • none
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy

Bisell Symphony 1543A Hardwood & Tile floors Steam Mop


This steam mop is going to give you the perfect vacuum to keep your room as clean as possible. Its two-in-one functionality makes it outstanding from the rest in the market as we speak. It has digital controls that are easy to touch all of which contribute to its ease of operation. If you are looking to get rid of pet hair from the floor of your house, this is the perfect steam mop to go for.

Its assembly takes a very short time to get the job done in the least time possible. Furthermore, the steam mop is ideal for different floor types. Although the steam mop is a bit highly priced, you will get value for your money. To sum up, therefore, this steam mop is a must-have for every pet owner.

  • Great working vacuum function
  • A bit pricey
  • Ideal for different floor types
  • Quick assembly

Karcher SC5 easyFix Premium Steam Cleaner


Karcher provides accessories for almost every job. There’s an Easyfix floor mopping head complete with washable microfibre cloths and a carpet glider. A large square brush gives you power for tough cleaning. And, a detailed nozzle which takes a small round brush, a small detail brush, and a power nozzle. The only thing missing is a window cleaning tool.

On all surfaces from hard floors and carpets, to tiles and window sills, the SC5 proved itself to be a powerful performer, shifting stubborn dirt.

  • Good tool selection with storage
  • No squeegee window tool
  • Very fast hard floor mopping
  • Cable too short (5.9m)
  • Great VapoHydro cleaning
  • High price
  • Staggering steaming power
  • Easy to carry


Getting a good steam mop is the best solution to bring a difference as far as floor cleaning is concerned. The good thing about steam mops is that they are ideal for different types of surfaces among them being hardwood floors and tiled floors.

After we carried out comprehensive research on these products, we came up with the compilation above of the best steam mops which are being offered in the market today. From the stacked upmarket for the steam mops, we’ve made it easier for you to select the best items for your floor cleaning needs.

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