Best Tankless Water Heaters of 2022


Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus


99% energy efficient

Unique Tempra Advanced Flow Control

German engineered from a company with a very high pedigree

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater


The patented self-modulating unit provides industry-leading energy efficiency (about 1-3% higher than other leading models), saving you more money over time

Can keep up with the demands for warm water in most situations

Relatively inexpensive considering the excellent flow rate

Marey ECO150 Tankless Water Heater with Smart Technology


Product Dimensions:8.7 x 3.5 x 14.2 inches

Weight: 10.1 lbs


ETL approved

Smart Control LCD Panel Display

Eemax EEM24018 Electric Tankless Water Heater, Blue


Product Dimensions:17 x 14 x 3.8 inches

Weight: 14.5 lbs

3.5 GPM Max

Temperature range:  80°F to 140°F

5 yr Warranty for leaks, 1 yr for parts

iHeat Tankless Stainless Steel Enclosure 7.5 lb


Weight: 7.5 lbs

2 GPM Maximum

Temperature Range: 32 degrees F – 105 degrees F

Waterproof interactive touchpad

Up to 60% Energy Savings

Rinnai RUR98iN


Innovative technology provides an endless supply of hot water.

Recirculation capability, with or without a dedicated recirculation line Innovative technology provides an endless supply of hot water

Offers both Concentric and PVC, providing more venting options right out of the box

Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater 7.2 kW – US7


Convenient tankless water heater

Easy installation

Temperature controlled

Great efficiency

Sio Green IR260 POU


Non-Metallic material requires no maintenance

Beautifully designed

99% energy efficient

Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater


Tankless Water Heater

220 V

54 Max Amps

item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.8 x 9.6 x 12 inches

AB WiseWater Tankless Instant Water Heater Electric


Temperature Range: 86-125F

Electricity Leakage Protection

LED Temperature Control Display

Scalding Protection

Over-pressure and overheating Protection


Water heaters are essential equipment for your bathroom, especially if you love bathing with hot water. This guide is aimed at showing you the best tankless water heaters out there.

Since there are so many tankless water heaters, buying the best can be a daunting task, however, this guide has helped to narrow down your search. So you know exactly what to look for when you want to buy your tankless water heater.

What are Tankless Electric Water Heaters?

An on-demand water heater is a system that heats your water directly without using a storage tank. The way this works is that when the hot tap is turned on, the cold water travels through a pipe into the unit, and the electrical element heats it.

When you choose this type of system, you can rest assure you will have a continuous supply of hot water to showers, dishwashers, and washing machines.

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We love that these systems don’t produce standby energy losses, as opposed to traditional storage heaters. This saves you lots of money in the long run. After all, water heating accounts for 9.5 percent of a home’s electricity consumption.

The Benefits of Using Tankless Water Heaters:

There are a wide array of benefits to investing in an inline electric water heater. Tankless water heaters save space, money, and more. Consider the positive changes these systems can provide:

  • More affordable to install
  • Versatile installation
  • Additional storage space
  • Doesn’t produce greenhouse gases
  • Uses less energy
  • Lasts longer
  • Lower energy bills
  • You’ll never run out of hot water
  • Could even improve the resale value of your home

For protection against theft in your home, you should get a fingerprint door lock.


Gas, Electric, or Solar

In some cases, the fuel source of your water heater will depend on the existing design of the home, but changing from electric to gas is not especially expensive aside from the need for a licensed contractor to perform the conversion in many locations.

Solar water heaters are great, but they often work better as a secondary system, heating the water or keeping it hot without eliminating the availability of water heated by gas or electricity.

Even a small solar water heater can cut your annual energy costs dramatically (depending on your climate) and in some cases, larger systems make gas or electricity unnecessary.

An indirect water heater system can also be an option for some. Not widely popular, it can be one of the most efficient systems out there.

Space required

The storage tanks will need to be stored in your house. If you do not have sufficient storage space for a large water heater tank, you can simply go for the standard-sized ones.


These water heaters come in a variety of sizes – do you want a small tankless water heater or a large electric tankless water heater? You must measure the space you plan to install the unit before you purchase. In especially tight spaces such as under a kitchen or bathroom sink, you may need to opt for a smaller unit to preserve space.

The capacity is another size factor to consider, as it’s important to decide if you need a high capacity electric tankless water heater or not.

Safety features

All things worth knowing from a water heater review heaters can be very dangerous, especially when the temperature and pressure build-up to extreme levels in the tank.

The best heaters come with safety valves that help to relieve the temperature and pressure. A heater that does not have a safety valve could easily blow up in such cases.

The rating

Heaters come with first-hour ratings and gallons-per-minute ratings. The first rating is for storage tank water heaters and the second is for the tankless designs. The rating will tell you how much hot water the heater can deliver in a given period of time.

Quality of the water tank

Many people leave negative reviews when they realize their heaters were not corrosion-resistant. You should note that the parts of your water heater will come into contact with your water and all the elements in your water.

If you use hard water in the house, the elements in your water will slowly build up in your tank and shorten the lifespan of your heater. They will also cause corrosion and decreased efficiency. To prevent corrosion, you should go for products with parts of the best quality.


Be aware of what company you are buying your device from. Shop the top tankless water heater brands to ensure quality and, in most cases, warranty.

The warranty

It is best to go for water heaters that have extensive warranties. These are usually of very high quality and should be able to take you for decades. The best warranties go for up to around 12 years. The worst products are covered by shorter warranties of about 3 years.


Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus


Stiebel Eltron is a German company that was founded in 1924 by Dr.  Theodor Steibel.  They are considered one of the world’s leading specialists in manufacturing water source heat pumps.

It has been designed with two whole sets of flow rates – one for 240 volts and the other for 208 volts.  You’ll get a higher flow rate using the more power-consuming option, but you’ll have to make sure there is enough juice to get it running.  It’s a smart design decision as it caters to a variation in electrical set-ups and will end up saving you some extra cash if you decide to configure it for the lower voltage option.

As it stands, the flow rate ranges from 0.58 GPM – 5 GPM.  Of course, this range will depend on the temperature rise required.  For the most part, getting close to 5 GPM will provide you with enough flow for 2 bathrooms and other common utilities of a medium-sized home.

  • 7-year warranty against leaks, and 3 years against any other defects
  • Slightly more expensive than other similar models
  • Very well made – almost no negative reviews on product quality
  • Good temperature range

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater


Smart, efficient, and small.  These three words perfectly describe EcoSmart’s ECO 27 Electric tankless water heater.

The temperature is displayed via a modern and sleek digital interface and can be set from 80 °F – 140 °F,  which is more than enough for any residential needs.  Surprisingly, you can set the temperature at 1-degree increments – a very cool, but somewhat unpractical feature.

  • Adjustable and highly accurate temperature control
  • May experience temperature fluctuation when household demands exceed that of the unit. Installation of a valve to throttle the flow rate is recommended.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Small physical size

Marey ECO150 Tankless Water Heater with Smart Technology


The Marey ECO150 is a premium quality, energy-efficient tankless water heater for 2 bathroom house living conditions. Compact, and lightweight, you can install it at the point of use and it will work almost instantly. The activation mechanism can produce hot water even when the pressure and flow rate is as low as 5gpm/5Psi.

Because of its smart control technology, you can easily adjust the heater’s temperature and optimize your energy use. The LED Display gives you control of the temperature, along with safety features to prevent scalding or overheating.

  • Economical
  • May experience leakage from the back of the unit
  • 5 yr warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Smart Technology Temperature Control

Eemax EEM24018 Electric Tankless Water Heater, Blue


Enjoy a limitless stream of hot water on demand in your home with this stylish, sophisticated product!

The Eemax EEM24018 is a step up from some of the more economical systems on the market. What really makes it unique is the self-modulating technology, which regulates energy output based on your need.

This highly energy-efficient unit also has a higher temperature range that reaches a peak of 140F. You can adjust the temperature in increments of 1 degree, which gives you even more control.

Economical, stylish, and energy-efficient, the EEMAX is an incredible bargain that delivers unlimited hot water once it reaches the activation point.

  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Slight delay before the unit reaches the activation point
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Not designed for whole-house use
  • Adequate 3.5 GPM
  • Easy to install

iHeat Tankless Stainless Steel Enclosure 7.5 lb


With this model, you can finally enjoy back-to-back hot showers in your busy household. If you need a system for your beachfront property, bathroom, kitchen, or even your yacht, the iHeat Stainless Steel is a dream come true.

The iHeat model is a compact wall-mounted unit made of durable stainless steel. While it’s lightweight, compact, and pretty easy to install, you may require copper piping and adapters to install it.

Once installed at the point of use (i.e. your kitchen sink, shower, etc) the iHeat provides unlimited hot water on demand, to a peak of 105 degrees C. You can control the temperature setting, beginning at the default setting of 32 degrees.

  • Warranty includes a heating element, components, and leakage
  • May malfunction after 6 – 12 months
  • Durable Stainless Steel construction
  • Low GPM not suited for whole-house application
  • Energy efficient (save up to 60%)

Rinnai RUR98iN


It is also powerful in temperature rise — again, joint first — offering a rise of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This means it can meet the whole-house needs of almost any home even in cold climates.

Arguably one of the best tankless water heaters of all, it also maintains an energy efficiency of 96 percent. In part, this is due to the dual heat exchangers, which allow the heater to use water condensation as an extra energy source.

  • Condensing unit with dual heat exchanger
  • Expensive
  • Great efficiency rating- .96 energy factor
  • High-temperature rise- 60 degrees F
  • High flow rate GPM- 9.8

Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater 7.2 kW – US7


If you are looking for a simple unit to install in your summertime cabin or cottage for a small bathroom, this is the best small electric water heater. You can enjoy hot water just like at home at a cheap price.

If you are looking for the best electric water heater for whole-house needs, however, this may not be the system for you.

That said, this model can also be suitable for providing hot water to a sink. Anything more than that and this will prove to be insufficient. That said, there is no need to spend a lot of money if your needs are modest.

  • Backed by one of the best tankless water heater brands
  • Not powerful enough for cold incoming water temperatures
  • A lot of power in a small package
  • A little louder than we’d prefer
  • Great for cabins and cottages

Sio Green IR260 POU


This patented technology works without the use of direct contact of water with metals so corrosion and mineral buildup won’t be an issue. Forget about maintenance with this unit.

You can buy with confidence with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back for two years. This tiny, 20-inch unit can fit in any small bathroom, RV, or even in a cabinet.

Whether you want to boost your existing system, have a hybrid system in mind, or want to use this as a sole heater for smaller uses, this is a great unit for you.

  • Need to be installed by a licensed and qualified electrician
  • Corrosion-free so its free maintenance
  • Superior heating efficiency
  • Cost-effective

Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater


The Titan SCR2 N-120 is an indoor model that performs to a solid level across the board.

The temperature can be set via a push-button mechanism and is displayed by a simple low to the high graph.  It’s a no-frills approach but it gets the job done nonetheless.

The SCR2 N-120 maintains a constant temperature by using a sampling system that monitors input and output water temperatures 21 times per second and then making the necessary adjustments to the flow rate.  It effectively prevents cold water from unexpectedly ruining your hot shower, but it’ll also mean a reduced flow rate will be enforced.

  • Sampling system to maintain constant water temperature
  • The high starting temperature of 105 °F
  • Impressive maximum flow rate considering the size
  • Recommended to use only with relatively high inlet water temperature
  • 10-year warranty on all water-carrying components
  • Competitive pricing

AB WiseWater Tankless Instant Water Heater Electric


AB WiseWater’s model isn’t premium grade but makes our list of best electric water heater reviews because it works well enough to provide unlimited hot water when you need it.

The temperature range on this wall-mounted unit reaches a peak of 125F, which may not be as hot as you’d like for a shower or even a cup of coffee. It’s economically priced, however, and fairly easy to install.

Properly installed, this model is energy efficient and can save you up to 50% on your energy bill. 3 GPM is high enough to provide a steady flow of hot (or warm) water even while other devices are being used. You’ll be able to enjoy a hot shower on demand without waiting for your tank to replenish.

  • Energy efficient (save 50% on energy)
  • Heats to a warm 125 degrees F but not hot
  • Compact size requires little space
  • Cannot be installed for outdoor use
  • Economical
  • Low GPM


The best tankless water heater reviews were written to help you decide which tankless water heater is right for you.

We know there are so many options out there that making a decision can be overwhelming and confusing!  Even harder still, making the right decision can almost seem impossible.  We hope we’ve helped push you in the right direction in finding your perfect tankless water heater!

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