Best Tissue Paper Holders of 2022


Modern Square Base Tissue Holder Stand


Simple, minimalist design.

Holds the dispenser 22.25 inches into the air.

Available in a complex design that has a storage feature.

Available in 3 types of finishes.

TomCare Tissue paper Holder


Serve 3 Purposes

Free-Standing Design

Sturdy Structure

Easy Assembly

Bosszi Wall Mount Tissue paper Holder SUS304


Cell phone storage shelf.

A baffled design on the outer end.

Curved dispenser arm to prevent the toilet roll from falling off.

Durable stainless steel construction with a brushed aluminum coating.

Simple Houseware Bathroom Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Storage Holder Stand


Free-Standing Design for any bathroom

Holds 3 rolls of toilet tissue and dispenses 1

Sturdy construction with elegant chrome finish

7.25″ diameter x 23.5″ height

KES Self Adhesive Tissue paper Holder Stainless Steel Tissue Paper Roll


Easy to install using a 3M adhesive strip.

Can only be installed on smooth surfaces.

304 stainless steel construction makes it very durable.

Rustproof and corrosion-resistant.

Moen DN8408BN Preston Tissue paper Holder


Comes with a brushed nickel finish

Rust resistant

Also resists water spots and fingerprints

Delta Faucet 79450-CZ Tissue Holder


Champagne Bronze finish

Pivoting style tissue paper holder

AmazonBasics Free Standing Tissue paper Stand



Tissue paper stand offers convenient dispensing and easy placement

The L-shaped arm holds a single roll of tissue paper

The vertical pole-style reserve holds up to 4 extra rolls of tissue paper

TQVAI Over the Tank 2 Roll Tissue Holder


Easy installation requires no tools

Made of steel with chrome finish,


rustproof anti-corrosion

Nickel Recessed Tissue paper Holder


Brushed nickel finish / Material – stainless steel

Matching TP roller

Measures 6-5/8″ W x 6-5/8″ H

3″ curve to center


Tissue paper holders are not just for holding tissue papers in the toilet, they also add to the beauty of your toilet. When you intend on getting one, there are so many features you need to look out for, those features are seen in this guide. So read through to get those features and more.

For safe storage of the tissue paper in the bathroom needs the best tissue paper holder. The tissue paper holders have been designed to keep the tissue paper from the floor, getting wet, and allows for easy rolling.

Others have also been designed to allow for keeping up to three rolls in the bathroom; hence you never run out of tissue paper. In addition to this, the tissue paper holders are also of different designs to choose from. There are those with embedded design, standing design, and normal design.

For a top-notch bathroom, you need to have a tissue paper holder, a toothbrush stand, bathroom sinks, and toilets.



The material is one of the most important features that need to be considered before making a bathroom tissue paper holder purchase.

The models which are for sale in the market come in variants of stainless steel, wood, iron, or a mixture of two.

Stainless steel holders offer maximum durability and have an aesthetic appearance, while wooden and plastic holders also look good, but they may not be as sturdy.

Iron holders, on the other hand, look great, but they are prone to rust and with time lose their charm.


A tissue paper stand should be durable and sturdy; it should not be so delicate that it needs repair or replacement every once in a while.

Before shopping always do enough research and read previous buyer’s guide online to be sure enough that the holder you are getting will stand the test of time, providing you with fresh tissue papers whenever needed.

The durability of any tool you are buying should always be a top priority, especially tools like multimeters,  and magnetic knife holders.


Ask any interior designer, and he will tell you that a tissue paper holder is a critical detail if you wish to beautifully decorate your bathroom.

The design of the product you decide on buying must compliment the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Otherwise, it will not generate the elegance of the bathroom.


Flexibility is always important for a user to use tissue paper from a holder. The best tissue paper holders design their holders in a way so that they can provide maximum flexibility to the users. Flexibility includes adding or removing the tissue paper rolls easily.

If it is difficult to add or remove the tissue paper roll in the tissue paper holder, it makes a hassle for you. So give the preference to the flexible tissue paper holder.

Like the tissue paper holers, when going for a foldable bed, you should look out for a really flexible bed.

Storage Capacity

If you are a person who often forgets to buy supplies or is never able to find them when needed, you should always stock them up beforehand.

Because in the case of tissue papers, this a situation you would never want to be in.

Space Occupied

If you have a cramped or small bathroom, the space it takes should be a concern. There are two choices available when it comes to the installation of a bathroom tissue paper holder.

  • Mounted Solutions

A wall-mounted holder is attached to a nearby wall to the toilet bowl, and it is usually smaller in size. If you do not have enough space in your bathroom, a mounting solution is usually the best choice out there.

  • Standing

The standing tissue paper holders are best suited for large bathrooms and allow great flexibility of use, which is ideal if you have physically disabled people or small children.

The suitability of the two depends on your needs and the construction of your bathroom, before deciding to ensure that you have thoroughly taken all of these elements into consideration.


The process of installing the paper holder needs to be faster and easier. The tissue paper holder needs to provide you with all the hardware and instructions for the installation. With these, you will find it simpler to complete the installation.

When you go for the freestanding style of tissue paper holders, you will not need to install it since it doesn’t require installation.

Apart from the above considerations, you may also check out for the longevity, the number of rolls it can accommodate, additional storage space, cost, and warranty of the paper holder.


A warranty ensures the quality of a product. You will see some of the products with life limited warranty, 100 years warranty and in some cases, you will get 45 days money-back guarantee. In the listed tissue paper holders in this review provides the warranty according to their company’s facility.


All the tissue paper holders on the list come at reasonable as well as affordable prices.


Modern Square Base Tissue Holder Stand


The contemporary design is very decorative and it fits all types of the bathroom with a small one. To increase durability, caliber metalwork is used in it. It has resistance against rust and scratching. The base of this holder is strong and makes a stable stand on the ground with the rectangular shape of the base.

It is very much durable. The chrome and brushed brass finish increase its accent. As it is a free-standing tissue paper holder, you don’t have to think about the installation. Again you don’t have to worry about it for 100 years as it provides 100 years warranty.

  • Caliber metalwork enhances the durability
  • Can hold 1 tissue paper roll at a time
  • Freestanding provides easy movement
  • Beautiful design
  • More durable

TomCare Tissue paper Holder


The holder is 4 feet high from the ground. There are 4 raised feet of this holder to make the tissue paper dry, clean, and make the paper holder stable. It is made of high-quality materials. Rustproof and thickened features increase their strengths. It is light enough for easy movement.

There are three parts of this holder that you can easily install. With the 12 month warranty, this product is given 45 days money-back guarantee. It is very much useful for your bathroom and makes your bathroom more decorative.

  • Storage for extra tissue paper rolls and accessories
  • Is not perfect for a small bathroom
  • High-quality sturdy construction
  • Easy to install all the three parts
  • Features freestanding design

Bosszi Wall Mount Tissue paper Holder SUS304


The material used in building the tissue paper holder is a crucial consideration when buying the product. The Bosszi Wall Mount Tissue paper Holder is a durable and elegant paper holder that serves for years. This is because of the SUS304 stainless steel that has been used in the construction. To prevent it from corrosion and rust, it has a brushed aluminum finish. Besides the holder, it also has a top space that you can use for keeping the phone or other items.

It features different styles that will suit any modern bathroom. Apart from this, the paper holder is easy to install. All the mounting hardware plus instruction manual have been included in the package. Lastly, it is a budget-friendly paper holder that will suit your budget.

  • Easy installation
  • none
  • Top storage space
  • Brushed aluminum finish
  • SUS 304 stainless steel construction

Simple Houseware Bathroom Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Storage Holder Stand


The Simple Houseware Bathroom Tissue paper Stand is a high-quality product. It has an attractive design. And it can fit up to 3 large tissue paper rolls for which there is storage in the base.

Since this is a free-standing tissue paper holder, you won’t have to spend money on renovations because of an impressive upgrade from wall-mounted tissue paper holders. It offers stability with a rust-resistant and scratch-resistant construction.

The striking elegant Chrome finish goes up to 23″ in height. The L-shaped arm and the extra storage space boasts of durable metal construction. The functional storage comes in handy for small bathroom designs.

  • Sturdy construction with a strong base.
  • None
  • You can store up to 3 + 1 mega rolls.
  • Ideal for small bathrooms.

KES Self Adhesive Tissue paper Holder Stainless Steel Tissue Paper Roll


The KES Self-Adhesive Tissue paper Holder is one such gem. You don’t have to screw or nail this into the bathroom wall. The self-adhesive 3m tape is strong enough.

It’s the easiest tissue paper holder to use. With a sleek and classy design that demands no manual installations. The self-adhesive tape sticks to standard bathroom tiles. And on other surfaces such as ceramic, glass, and stainless steel.

All you have to do is make sure the adhesive sticks to the wall. Then wait for 24 hours before you put a fresh tissue paper roll through the arm. This ensures that while unrolling the paper, the stand doesn’t come off the wall.

  • Double-side and open swing arm design.
  • You have to wait 24 hours after installing it.
  • It fits all tissue paper sizes.
  • It sticks on all surfaces.

Moen DN8408BN Preston Tissue paper Holder


In the toilet industry, Moen is the King! They have been making and selling quality products for years. They aim to satisfy their customers with a mesmerizing quality. However, this Moen DN8408BN Preston Tissue paper Holder is another example of their outstanding class. It comes with a brushed nickel finish that provides an awesome metallic appearance.

Not only that, but the construction quality is also fantastic and makes it ideal for the long run. The installation system is simple, and it is spot resistant as well. Overall, it is an ideal single-roll tissue paper holder for classy people.

  • Offers easy tissue paper changing facility with open arm design
  • none
  • Unique and elegant design
  • Easy installation system

Delta Faucet 79450-CZ Tissue Holder


Great fashionable Delta accessories to match your other bathroom fixtures perfectly. The pivoting tissue paper holder comes with multiple color combinations as well. It makes the tissue paper roll changing easier and quick.

The superb construction of zinc die casting metal ensures the highest durability as well. Also, there is no hassle for the installation as all the hardware is included in the package with a proper instructions manual.

  • Durable metal construction
  • None
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to install with included hardware

AmazonBasics Free Standing Tissue paper Stand


Offers convenient dispensing of tissue rolls and easy to place in any bathroom. The L-shaped arm holds one roll, and the vertical stand is capable of storing up to 4 extra tissue paper rolls.

Made out of metal and also includes a weighted base to ensure stability. Thus, it has a few amazing qualities such as holding large rolls and storing extra tissue paper for all emergency purposes.

  • Ideal dimensions, great for small bathrooms
  • Available in only one color
  • Can store a lot of extra tissue paper rolls
  • Has a weighted base
  • Metal construction

TQVAI Over the Tank 2 Roll Tissue Holder


The first over the tank tissue paper roll on the list. TQVAI product fits over one side of the tank, which is great for bathrooms with small space available.

Made out of water and rust-proof stainless steel material and requires no tools whatsoever for installation.

  • Well made with a smooth finish
  • Not suitable for curved commode tanks
  • Stores extra tissue paper rolls
  • It May not fit over every tank
  • Great for compact bathrooms
  • Wobbles over the tank
  • Sturdy construction

Nickel Recessed Tissue paper Holder


This six 5/8th of an inch x 6 5/8th of an inch curve to center recessed tissue paper holder comes with a color-matched roller and in a brushed nickel finish.

  • Secure mount and matching roller
  • Available in only one color and finish
  • Dispenses just one roll at a time
  • Recessed, cannot be installed easily
  • High quality
  • Does not store extra tissue papers


To aid in the search for the best tissue paper holders, we have sampled you all the best-selling and top-rated products to choose from. These are high-quality and durable tissue paper holders that will serve for years. They are rust and corrosion-resistant paper holders that will suit use in any modern bathroom. With the different styles and colors available, it is now simpler to get the best paper holder that will suit your bathroom. Moreover, they are also easy to install while some don’t need installation. These are the ideal tissue paper holders designed for you.