Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe


Burglary resistant wall safe with digital Electronic locking system

Motorized locking bolt system will open the door automatically

Designed to be installed between 16″ once wall studs

SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Fireproof Safe


A fireproof safe is UL Classified to endure 1 hour at 1700°F and keep interior temperatures safe

Waterproof safe is ETL Verified for 24 hours of protection in water up to 8 inches deep

Preset dial combination fire safe with a secondary locking key for strong security

Should your fireproof safe be damaged by fire or water, SentrySafe will provide a replacement safe

Viking Security Wall Safe VS-52BLX


Fast access personal safe for home & office defense and protection

Easy to set up & simple to use

Pry-resistant by design, tightly sealed solid steel body gun safe

Modern design,

First Watch – High-Security Steel Wall Safe


HMC High-security tubular locking system

Material: 1.5mm heavy-duty steel

Dimensions: 11.75 x 17.25 x 4 (exterior)

Weight: 4.03lbs

Paragon Lock & Safe 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe


Dimensions: 22 x 16.25 x 4

Weight: 37lbs

Anchor bolts included; runs on AA batteries

10-year warranty

V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage


Powder-coated finish

Pry-resistant clamshell design, 1081 possible access combinations, felt-lined walls

Material: 3/8

AdirOffice Home Safe


Durable and sturdy safe.

Programmable digital access.

Tigerking Digital Security Home Safe


Safe and sturdy

Your special own interior locking box

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe


Includes an electronic keypad along with a backup key

Fire-resistant to up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit

Ruggedly built

SONGMICS 47.3-inch High Wall And Door-Mounted Safe


Sparkle & glitter

Roomy for all your jewelry

Keep it simple

100% satisfaction


Storing money and many other valuables in your home are inevitable. However, you will be faced with so many dangers, ranging from theft, to fire outbreaks and even floods. This is why we advise if you must keep valuables in your house, you should have a wall safe.

In this guide, we will provide you with the best wall safes money can buy. You should read through this guide, you will be enlightened on all you should know about a wall safe.

The Advantages of Wall Safes

If you are looking for a security safe for your home, there are several different types. There are floor safes, which you can bolt to the floor or a wall, there are in-floor safes, and there are wall safes.

Wall safes for the home are often smaller than freestanding floor safes. They must be so that they can fit in the wall of an average home. They also need installation, although installing a wall safe is easy. There are some advantages that wall safes have over other home safes, though. Here are the main advantages of in-wall safes.

  • Take up Less Space

Wall safes are inset into a wall, so they take up a lot less space than a floor safe. A large steel floor safe will take up a lot of space and they don’t look very attractive. You can hide a wall safe behind a picture or some furniture. It won’t take up any floor space at all, and it won’t affect the visual appeal of a room.

  • Easy to Conceal

The most secure safe is one that a burglar can’t find. A wall safe fits flush with the wall, so you can cover it with a picture, or you can hide it behind a bookshelf. Standard floor safes are easy to find. They also make it obvious to a thief that there must something valuable inside.

If a thief can’t see the safe, they won’t even attempt to break into it. That’s one of the reasons why wall safes are so effective.

  • More Secure

Even if a burglar does find a wall safe, it will be bolted to the inside of the wall, so it’s much harder for a burglar to take it away. Thieves might grab a free-standing safe and take it away with them.

A wall safe bolted into the wall is very difficult to remove. It would also make a lot of noise if a burglar attempted to remove it, which is the last thing a thief wants.

  • Convenient to Access

A wall safe is much easier to access than a floor safe. You can fit a wall-mounted safe at eye-level, so you don’t need to bend down to get at the contents of the safe.


Type of protection

Before you select the safe, you should first focus on the kind of protection that you’ll require be it resistance against fire, water, or tampering.

  • Water-Resistant

If your residential area is prone to floods, you should opt for a safe that can float and is also water-resistant.

  • Fire-Resistant

This safe is built to protect the stored items from actual fire and high temperatures. It’s best to check the maximum internal temperature that the safe can withstand.

  • Tamper-Proof

Most safes are designed in a way that it can endure impact or a good amount of force. However, you should check the quality of the deadbolts that have been used.

Types of locks

The kind of locking mechanism and its power source help to access the time, price, and functionality of the safe during a power shortage.

  • Power source

The lock can run on WiFi, batteries, or an AC adapter. If you’re opting for a safe which requires a power source to operate, you should check whether it comes with a backup key or a low battery alert feature.

  • Biometric scanner

It’s one of the most highly secure locks that scans and reads your fingerprint. The lock will open only if the print matches correctly with the fingerprint memory.

  • Electronic Keypad

It uses the PIN-based authentication mode that comes with an electronic keypad.

  • Combination

This is a standard number lock that comes with most safes. And you get to customize your PIN with a combination passcode.

  • Backup Key

Irrespective of the type of lock that your safety features, having a backup key, is essential. Especially in case, the battery dies out, or when there is a power outage.


The size of the safe will help to determine where you can store it, the price tag, and the types of items that it can hold.

  • Portability

If you opt for a lightweight safe, it gets pretty convenient to move it from one place to another. But, there is an equal risk of it being stolen.

  • Budget

The style of lock that you’re opting for, the size of the safe, and the type of protection that it provides will dictate how much money you’ll be spending.

  • Types of contents

You need first to figure out the kind of valuable items that you’ll be storing. This helps you understand how big or small the safe should be.


Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe


This model of Protex PWS-1814E Electronic safe box is easy to use. Expect to save money by not re-plastering the walls because the package comes with a flange. You will need side studs that can hold the safe, but a stud-finder works perfectly.

When mounting a 28-lbs product with dimensions of 3.9 x 14 x 18.1 inches, make a small square space on the wall and expand accordingly. Then, outline the rectangular safe box and drill pilot holes for attachment. You will be impressed with the quality of the steel frame of the Protex on this PWS-1814E wall-safe model.

  • Extra battery life, and LED light inside the safe
  • Keypad sensitivity issue.
  • A design that allows you to reset the combination (4-digit code) easily
  • Automatic spring-loaded door and interior with a double-compartment

SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Fireproof Safe


This SentrySafe SFW123DSB safe model has 4 units (1 inch) of big live-locking bolts.

These sturdy pieces of hardware and the safe’s pry-resistant hinge bar are superior designs. When submerged at a depth of 8 inches, water can’t seep into this safe box within 24 hours of a flood. However, this SentrySafe safe has been verified to offer 1-hour protection during a fire.

With this wall safe box, you can safeguard documents, files, and valuables for many generations. Its dial combination locks are easy to use, and this 86 lbs product is surefire protection against any method of forced entry.

  • Anti-rust steel construction and reinforced door design
  • This SentrySafe model doesn’t have a digital keypad design that’s simpler to use than dial combinations
  • Dual-lock system (Four Live-locking bolts, and Preset dial combination)
  • 1-hour heat resistance at a maximum temperature of 1700°F (ETL Verified)

Viking Security Wall Safe VS-52BLX


The Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX model offers high-tech security features and LED-lit lush interior.

You will enjoy much value for the money spent because the reader can scan and memorize at least 32 fingerprints of different people. This smart feature of retaining memory doesn’t depend on batteries.

For this price, you don’t see many laser-cut body steel safe boxes with three adjustable shelves. However, this VS-52BLX wall safe box has two sturdy steel locks with an impressive thickness of 20 mm.

Don’t worry about avoiding the mistakes of not locking the 5-mm door properly. The door alerts you with a (programmable) high-pitch warning beep if it’s unlocked for over a minute. You can sleep well believing that your valuables are secured with an automatic deadbolt locking mechanism.

  • The fingerprint reader is fast. It works with a reliable optical sensor (500 DPI) and smart keypad with an LCD screen
  • The battery technology of this VS-52BLX model is poor because the batteries die quickly.
  • Its locking system shuts down after 5 and 10 incorrect attempts of passcodes and fingerprints respectively.
  • Anchor bolts for four pre-drilled holes
  • Anti-pry construction

First Watch – High-Security Steel Wall Safe


This next safe is more of built-in wall jewelry safe than a larger, shelved safe. The First Watch – High-Security Steel Wall Safe is a small wall safe that’s easy to conceal behind mirrors, picture frames, inside closets, etc., and takes on a less obvious appearance than other safes. The unit is comprised of 1.5mm heavy-duty steel and is very lightweight compared to other safes on the market at roughly four pounds.

  • Super-lightweight makes this safe simpler to install
  • Some consumers find that the safe can be easily broken into
  • Easily concealed behind a mirror, picture frame, or inside a closet
  • The compact size makes it easily concealable and it’s designed to fit between wall studs

Paragon Lock & Safe 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe


The Paragon Lock & Safe 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe is another wall-mounted safe that comes with an electronic lock with a buzzer. As with all Paragon models reviewed thus far, the steel of this is safe is 1/8″ thick and the unit is heavy-duty, weighing in at 37 pounds. It also comes with a 10-year warranty that is seemingly the standard from Paragon models.

  • Comes with a 10-year warranty so the unit is guaranteed for at least that period of time
  • A segment of consumers has received a defective safe upon delivery
  • The locking mechanism is smaller and creates more interior space
  • Anchor bolts and AA batteries included

V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage


This safe is designed so that the border sits flush on the wall and the safe door sits slightly recessed in the wall. This safe doesn’t need any batteries as its locking mechanism is totally mechanical; this mechanism supports the possibility of 1081 access combinations. Fortunately, the locking mechanism doesn’t protrude into the interior space at all.

  • A felt-lined interior protects your jewelry and other valuables while being stored
  • none
  • The compact size makes it easily concealable and the locking mechanism is completely integrated into the door without imposing on interior storage space

AdirOffice Home Safe


AdirOffice comes with three different security safe options that differ based on their size and color. It’s spacious enough to store your jewelry, documents, and money. It has a simple number lock mechanism. And it also includes two emergency keys making it convenient to open the safe if in case you forget the PIN.

The feature that makes this safe stand out amongst the rest is the built-in digital screen. This display has three different signals that show whether the safe is locked, unlocked, or has a low battery. And if we leave the safe unlocked, it sounds like a warning alarm which is a bonus to ensure better safety.

  • Provides you with three different options for size and color
  • It’s not resistant to either water or fire
  • Equipped with excellent safety features
  • Has programmable digital access
  • Includes two override keys

Tigerking Digital Security Home Safe


This digital security safe by Tigerking features an LED screen that allows for a programmable guest and master code. It makes for an ideal choice if you’ve got a large number of belongings to keep safe. For a dual layer of protection, it offers code and key settings.

The feature of an interior lockbox provides additional security to some of the items that we want to keep aside from the main shelves. After checking out several other safes, we found this feature to be the main highlight for this product apart from its brilliant quality. It has an accessible design that makes it easy to use this safe.

  • Has a tamper alarm
  • Not fireproof
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Equipped with digital and manual locking

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe


Amazon’s home safe comes in three different sizes so you can select one according to the things that you plan to store. It comes with steel construction and a scratch-proof carpeted floor. And for the locking mechanism, uses programmable digital access along with two override keys in case of an emergency.

  • Durable design that uses both key and smart lock features
  • Apart from not coming with a 9V battery, this AazonBasics wall safe’s fire-resistance (UL-tested) level is only for 20 minutes at 1200-Fahrenheit heat.
  • Built-in (four) big 0.75-inch bolts for reliable protection
  • User-friendly and smart electronic keypad design

SONGMICS 47.3-inch High Wall And Door-Mounted Safe


This SONGMICS model gives you the opportunity of installing a well-constructed safe and cabinet for jewelry.

Your long search to store jewelry with an electronic cabinet has paid off with this wall-mounted design from SONGMICS. Organizing your accessories will be easy because this product has mirrored doors, hooks, and two drawers.

A super-coated MDF frame with an off-white finish gives a sense of modern construction. Its interior comes with decorative elements like luxury Velvet lining, 6 LED (blue) lights, and glass sheets.

  • The design allows a full profile view of your possessions
  • While this safe provides better performance, a damp indoor environment can affect the quality of its materials.
  • It’s a lightweight (21.9 lbs) cabinet with a space-saving design.
  • Sorts jewelry with 5 shelves, 48 studded holes for earrings, 32 hooks for necklaces, 90 slots, a bracelet rod, and ring cushion.


When you lose relevant documents and other possessions, there is a lot of time and effort that you need to invest in replacing these lost items. Why not just take a preventive measure by spending a little time finding a quality safe that protects your jewelry, cash, USB drives, gadgets, etc.

It also keeps you at ease without the fear of theft, damage, or loss. Moreover, the benefits of a safe clearly outweigh the arduous process of replacement. Therefore, you should carefully rule out the pros and cons to make an informed decision. Now that we’ve come to the end of our guide, we hope that it has helped you find the safe that suits your needs.